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Two Weeks Remain to Apply for Work Force Support Grant

The June 17, 2022, deadline to apply for the Work Force Support Grant is fast approaching. Providers who meet the eligibility guidelines can apply for funds to support expenses related to staff recruitment and retention costs. Learn more.

Clarification for Child Care Providers who close for summer  
  • For providers who close for the summer months, such as school-age only providers, their employees who meet all staff eligibility criteria at the time of application submission and will return to work in the fall, are eligible to receive the Staff Retention funds through the Work Force Support Grant.
  • These employees should be included on the application submitted to the ELRC.
  • Any provider who did not include these employees on their original application to the ELRC can resubmit the application with these employees added. 
June 30 Deadline for Child Care Technology Access Award

June 30, 2022, is the deadline for child care providers to submit an application for the the Child Care Technology Access Award for the purchase of certain identified tools aimed at increasing technology access and supporting business practices and enhance classroom activities. The Child Care Technology Access Award will allow eligible DHS certified child care providers to choose technology tools from the pre-determined list. Learn more.
June PA Early Ed News

An inside look at Pennsylvania's early childhood education system with important information for those invested in early childhood education is now available in the June edition of the PA Early Ed NewsClick here to subscribe.
ARPA Reporting Tip

Providers: Before submitting your ARPA Reporting in the PD Registry, please make sure you are entering all reporting amounts and care level capacity. Once you submit, you cannot make changes. Do not click “Yes,” in the below screenshot until you are sure you have entered your care level capacity and your reporting amounts to complete your reporting.

For more information, visit the ARPA Stabilization Grant page.