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DEC 2019
Achieving More, Together: OCLS's Strategic Plan, 2020-2025
by Virginia Roy, Executive Director, OCLS

2019 has been a busy and productive year for OCLS. We began the year by celebrating 10 years of collaboration with and support for Ontario's college libraries (2009-2019), and we ended it with the release of our new Strategic Plan: Achieving More, Together - 2020-25.  There's a pleasing symmetry to this - reflection on the past followed by forward momentum.
In designing our plan, we took time to look back on 10 years of achievements and challenges and to candidly reflect on the things that went well and the things that we wish had gone better.  We considered how our customers, the college libraries and College Libraries Ontario (CLO), have evolved, and the ongoing evolution of their services, initiatives, and needs. We considered our role and how to best achieve our mandate while meeting the needs of our key customers and stakeholders.  
OCLS Strategic Plan 2020-2025: Achieving More, Together

In our new Strategic Plan, we aspire to continue to deliver a thriving set of services that support collaboration while helping the Ontario college libraries realize their strategic priorities and goals for service delivery, efficiency, and student success. We want to be recognized as a vital service provider who responsibly delivers value to the colleges and positively affects student success, while exhibiting the highest stewardship of tax payer dollars.  
Our 2020-2025 vision helps us contribute to and support an equitable and collaborative college library system where each college can deliver quality services and ensure consistent learning opportunities for students, while our mission clearly articulates our focus on leveraging collaborative services and providing expertise to create capacity, efficiency, and cost-savings across the college libraries.  
We know it; the last 10 years have proven it: by working together we can achieve more.
New Library Spaces at St. Lawrence and Seneca
by Leigh Cunningham, St. Lawrence College, and Michelle Gravelle, Seneca College

St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall
St. Lawrence College completed renovations of all three campus libraries in 2019. All libraries received new shelving, flooring, and service desks. New furniture and workstations are in place to support a variety of options for students including comfortable lounge and soft seating, accessible desks, individual carrels, powered tables, and bookable group study rooms.

The Cornwall Library boasts panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River, while the Brockville Library's dramatic transformation came from a newly raised ceiling and added skylight windows. Kingston and Brockville Libraries are both home to Academic Support Centres, now bright, open, and accessible learning spaces for tutoring services. All three libraries are popular student destinations for tutoring, studying, research assistance, group work, and leisure.
Brockville Campus Library

Seneca College, King Campus
In the township of King, Seneca College opened Magna Hall in September 2018. The new academic and athletic building was made possible with funding from the Ontario government and Seneca's Student Federation. The 200,000 square-foot LEED Gold Standard Building is home to the Rudy and Rita Koehler Library. The Koehlers are Seneca's most generous individual donors and have provided close to 500 students with financial assistance.

Designed by Montgomery Sisam Architects, the library serves as the central space on campus for learning and research and features group and independent study spaces, media rooms, the Learning Centre, and a digital literacy lab called the Sandbox. The library has the ability to offer 24/7 access to students and faculty through a uniquely designed folding wall.

Since opening, the library has welcomed more than 65,000 students, making it a vibrant and dynamic academic space.
Rudy and Rita Koehler Library

LEAP Update: Tool Development, Launch, and Implementation
by Corinne Abba, George Brown College, and Siobán Linnen, OCLS, LEAP Project Managers

Remember when 2020 seemed so far away? When LEAP existed as an idea, a hope, a dream? Almost five years ago, the Ontario colleges committed to supporting a crowd-sourced approach to meeting our obligations under the AODA's January 2020 deadline. In 2015 LEAP was born as a CLO research project funded by OCLS to develop workflows and tools that enable library staff to undertake and share accessibility assessments of electronic resources. We've been working towards this goal for many years, but these dreams are becoming a reality and LEAP continues to gain momentum leading up to the launch of the tool and the service.   
In early 2019, the LEAP team engaged an developer to build the LEAP tool and repository, and we're excited to announce that development is complete and the LEAP team is preparing to launch the tool in January 2020. Following launch, the LEAP team has planned an implementation and training phase from January to March 2020 and an official launch of the LEAP service in April 2020. A second phase of development will take place in the final quarter of this fiscal, adding features such as improved navigation and a more robust assessment report.
LEAP Home Screen
Meanwhile, our Working Groups have been hard at work over the past several months, conducting user testing on the LEAP tool and reviewing content, planning communications, developing recommendations for local implementation and shared workflows, and creating training and competency building resources. Following the launch, we will be working on developing metrics to assess the tool as well.
As we work with CLO, OCLS, our Advisory Committee, LEAP College Leads, and the colleges locally, the project team is finalizing best practices for local workflows, including defining assessment priorities and thinking through the distribution of the first phase of assessments for completion. By this time next year, we expect to have 50+ assessments in the LEAP repository!  
With these assessments we will better understand the accessibility features and limitations of our eresources, and we will all be in a position to better address how to mitigate or minimize the impact of these barriers or gaps on our patrons. 
So, stay tuned! There is much more information to follow! In the meantime, if you have any questions about LEAP, please contact Corinne ( or Siobán ( . For further information, please check out the LEAP Project Site.
Save the Date: OCLS College Libraries Breakfast at the OLA Super Conference on January 31, 2020

We welcome all college staff attending the OLA Super Conference this winter to join us on the morning of January 31 for our famous OCLS breakfast. There will be a hot breakfast, coffee, and project updates, and we are working hard to make it as fun and entertaining as it will be informative. If you are planning to attend, don't forget to RSVP by emailing   
Update from the CLO Metrics & Assessment Committee
by Catherine Davidson, Durham College, Committee Chair

The Metrics and Assessment Committee has been working hard since our May update. The Committee's mandate to optimize CLO survey data collection and analysis now centres on engaging with the results of the CCI survey of CLO Directors. That survey, administered in April-May, 2019, asked the Directors to prioritize the existing survey questions and rank their relative importance. CCI produced a rich report of the responses as well as targeted recommendations.
Sample table from the CCI report  
The committee has taken a number of passes through the extensive data, always with an eye to the overarching goal of making the survey simple, streamlined, and relevant. To that end, a number of criteria were applied when considering whether to keep questions (annual or some other frequency), remove, or add questions. These criteria included: easy of reporting, relevance for decision-making, whether the question was likely to change drastically from year to year, and whether a question was of local interest only.
The Committee will submit its recommendations to the CLO Executive and Membership and looks forward to finalizing the question set. Next, attention will turn to the Infotrova recommendations to consider (a) centralization of data collection and analysis and (b) exploration of partnership with OCLS to support centralized data collection and look towards a reporting on-demand service with customizable variables and peer comparisons. This report can be found on the CLO website. 
The Committee has had a number of changes in membership; the current listing can be found on the CLO website.  
Collaborative Library Systems Platform (CLSP) Project Update
by Marnie Seal, Cambrian, and Cynthia Mckeich, Humber, Committee Co-Chairs

The Collaborative Library Systems Platform (CLSP) project continues to make progress. The CLSP committee recently arranged for demonstrations from the vendors who submitted proposals to our RFI. Each vendor provided two two-hour online demos that outlined the benefits and capabilities of their systems. The demos were well attended by many library staff from a large number of college libraries. The CLSP committee will be seeking feedback on the demos in "debrief" sessions that will be arranged for late November and/or early December. Feedback from these sessions will be instrumental as the committee begins to craft a Request for Proposal (RFP). The committee has also begun the creation of a "Business Case" that can be used to advocate for participation in the project. Once the Business Case is complete it will be shared with CLO members to assist them in building a case to participate in a shared library systems platform.
For more information including a list of CLSP committee members, please see the CLSP project site with more details . If you have any questions or concerns please contact Co-Chairs Marnie Seal or Cynthia Mckeich .
Onward and Upward: OCLS Moves, 2019
by Virginia Roy, Executive Director, and Brigitte Balle, Administration & Office Manager

OCLS Staff in the new office before the move 
OCLS has moved into our brand new home at 789 Don Mills Road, Suite 701, in the Foresters Building directly across the street from the Ontario Science Centre. Our new office is smaller, brighter, and more efficient. As many of you already know, one of the catalysts for our move was the migration of our IT infrastructure to hosted services. With a much smaller and lighter server room we could look at spaces in more traditional office towers.  
We are excited to be in our new digs, with incredible views over the Science Centre, Don River Valley Park system, and the distant office towers of downtown Toronto. For our staff who come by public transit, the future LRT Crosstown service is on our doorstep, and we still have easy access to the Don Valley Parkway/Hwy 404. Our new building offers onsite security, a café, a convenience store, and conference facilities where we can book meeting rooms as needed. The OCLS staff looks forward to providing continued high quality services to the college libraries from our new offices. Please come and visit us, we'd love to show you around.  
Staff Profile: Rebecca LaFrance 

Rebecca has been with OCLS since January 2019 and was appointed to the role of Virtual Reference Services and Support Associate this past summer, taking on the coordination and planning of the askON Virtual Reference Service and the ACE service.
Before coming to OCLS, Rebecca worked in local government helping to coordinate services for seniors and families in need in the community. She also participated in the askON Student Operator program. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and is currently working towards her Master of Information in Library and Information Science at the University of Toronto.
Staff Profile: Galina Korosteliov 
Galina joined the OCLS team in May as Programmer Analyst. She holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Moscow State University of Transportation. Prior to joining OCLS she worked for 16 years at Thomson Reuters, where she created programs for data extraction, support, and processing for legal products based on different types of media, such as online HTML5 based documents, DVD ROM, and print books.
Galina is dedicated to process improvement and innovation, applying strong analytical and research skills and using a creative approach to problem solving.
789 Don Mills Rd, Suite 701, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1T5 1-800-268-5560