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MARCH 2018
Material ConneXion Library at Sheridan College  
By Patricia Buckley, Gouthami Vigneswaran, and Shelley Woods 

Student touching materials at the Connexion Library

Wild silk cocoons stitched together by hand, rugs made from discarded fishing nets, and wood veneer from sustainable forests - these are some of the products at Sheridan College's Material ConneXion Library: the first Material ConneXion Library in Canada.
Material from the Connexion collection
Celebrated world-wide in the design community for its ability to search out innovative materials and future material trends, Material ConneXion has libraries around the world in cities such as New York and Milan. An extensive database of the materials in their collection allows for further research on the physical samples displayed in their libraries.
Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) Liaison Librarian Shelley Woods researched and promoted Material ConneXion to Library Director, Joan Sweeney Marsh, and FAAD. "It was clear to us ... that a library promoting innovation, creativity and interdisciplinary learning would be a natural fit for Sheridan," Shelley recalls.
A natural fit - yes. But fitting a large physical collection into Sheridan's three existing library spaces was a challenge. However, with a new building under construction at Mississauga's Hazel McCallion Campus, the Director of Library and Learning Services Joan Sweeney Marsh secured a room and created a beautifully designed library for the new collection, embedding it in the Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Decoration, and Visual Merchandising programs.
Stacks_ table_ and chairs from the Connexion Library

When the building opened, The Material Girlz team (yes, with a z, please) comprising Shelley Woods, Gouthami Vigneswaran (Faculty of Applied Science and Technology Liaison Librarian), and Patricia Buckley (Special Collections Librarian) worked hard to unpack the collection, promote it, and integrate it into the curriculum. With the collection now at 1,500 materials we're happy to hear students tell us "This place is the bomb!"
Library Leaders Summit 2018 
The 2018 Library Leaders Summit will take place on June 4th and 5th this year. Library Directors will gather at the offices of Colleges Ontario with OCLS staff for collaborative strategic planning. The first Library Leaders Summit was held in 2016 and the outcome was the identification of priority research projects. This second Summit will be about how HLLR and OCLS can work smarter together on these projects and future initiatives. This year's objective will be to design a Collaborative Initiatives Framework (CIF), which will help structure and focus collaborative committee work.
askON Turns Ten 
By Siobán Linnen, Services and Support Associate
askON 10 year special edition logo
This past February marked the 10 th anniversary of the askON Virtual Reference, which launched in 2008 as one of the first collaborative chat-based reference services for Ontario libraries. Over the past ten years the service has evolved from a cross-sector partnership into a dedicated college library service led by the askON Steering Committee, with 11 partner libraries who contribute funds and staff time, gaining in return a full schedule of virtual reference service for their college library.

Today the service reaches more college library visitors than ever before thanks to service enhancements that have made askON a more visible, more accessible, and more approachable service, including the transition to an improved platform and the launch of askON text in 2015, and the adoption of proactive chat in 2016. Traffic to the service has increased by over 200% in three years with the number of reference questions keeping pace (65% of chats in 2016). Annual evaluations continue to show that askON staff provide exceptional service, and visitors consistently report high levels of satisfaction with the service (98% satisfaction in 2016).
Visitors use the service for many reasons, but convenience tops the list. Many visitors report that asking for help online makes sense for them because they are searching for online resources (35% in 2017) or researching off campus (50%). Others simply prefer online services (40%), while some visitors have shared that online services are a more comfortable way for them to ask for help due to anxiety, language barriers, or disabilities.

The service owes its success to the skilled team of college askON staff, the strategic direction of the askON Steering Committee, and the dedication of participating libraries who have made askON the thriving service that it is today.

OER Toolkit to Launch in April  
By Coralee Leroux, Electronic Resources and Services Coordinator

OER Toolkit Logo
This April the new Ontario College Libraries' OER Toolkit will be available within the Learning Portal. The toolkit provides a one-stop guide to open educational resources for college faculty and library staff. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the toolkit repurposes and remixes high-quality open content, while providing original content addressing topics unique to the Ontario colleges.
The development of the OER Toolkit has been led by the OER committee, while the building of the toolkit has been contracted to the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) with assistance from the Learning Portal team. Over the course of the last year, ISKME and the OER committee have worked together to define the scope of the toolkit, gather existing content and build new content, and review and assess that content. Once the committee was satisfied with the content collected, adapted, and developed for each module, ISKME worked with Anabella Arcaya at Algonquin College to build the content into the Learning Portal.

OER Toolkit modules

The result is a visually engaging toolkit, with resources in different formats to engage a variety of learning styles. The toolkit is broken up into 8 modules: About OER, Teaching, Curating, Creating, Licensing, Collaborating, Advocacy, and Sustainability.
The OER Committee, ISKME, and the Learning Portal team are putting the finishing touches on the toolkit and preparing for the April launch. As part of the launch, communications materials will be developed to help the college libraries roll out the toolkit to faculty and library staff.
For more information, please contact Trish Weigel-Green or Coralee Leroux. Members of the OER Committee can be found on the OCLS website.

One Cool Thing 
By Karla Van Kessel, Vice Chair of HLLR

_It Happened in a Library_

To celebrate our individual college library successes, Karla Van Kessel, Vice Chair of HLLR put out a call for all colleges to submit "one cool thing" that happened in the past year. T
opics ranged from new positions in the library, renovation projects, unique events, and new types of services.  The content was organized into a poster and presentation which were displayed at the most recent HLLR membership meeting at Colleges Ontario on January 30th. The content sparked many conversations and was a fun way to showcase the incredible work done in college libraries.  
Voilà in the wake of AMICUS
By Nicole Morgan, eResources Services and Support Associate
As you may know, the Canadian National Catalogue AMICUS was effectively retired last summer. AMICUS still exists and is being updated with Library and Archives Canada (LAC)'s own records, but updates from most other Canadian libraries are no longer being processed. To replace it, LAC engaged OCLC to create a new national union catalogue called Voilà, which launched last month. You can read about Voilà on LAC's website.
Voil_ logo
Voilà is not a standalone product. It is a subset of WorldCat - a specialized interface for viewing WorldCat records associated with holdings data from Canadian libraries. Just as it is with WorldCat, web-based searching of Voilà is free. The URL for the Voilà interface is
In order to download MARC records, however, a subscription with OCLC is required. Current subscribers (of either CatExpress  or the complete    Cataloguing and Metadata service) can access the records in Voilà just as they can the other records in WorldCat. The launch of Voilà does not represent any change in workflow or otherwise in regards to the use of these subscription services.
Colleges wishing to contribute their holdings to Voilà require an OCLC membership as well. All holdings data from Canadian Libraries is automatically added to Voilà when it is added to WorldCat. OCLC membership is included with a subscription to the complete Cataloguing and Metadata service. Non-subscribing colleges are also eligible for membership under OCLS's consortial OCLC LTS contract.
If you have any questions about the OCLC LTS contract, please contact Coralee. If you have any questions about OCLC's subscription services, please contact Nicole, or contact OCLC directly. 
Staff Profile: Tina Chang 
Profile picture of Tina Chang
Tina Chang joined OCLS as Finance and Administration Clerk in March 2014. Over time, Tina took on more tasks and responsibilities and became OCLS's Finance Associate in January 2017. Tina holds a Master of Business Administration degree from McMaster University, with accounting and financial services specialization. She also had experience working in the public relations industry. Tina has solid knowledge of accounting principles and financial reporting with keen attention to detail. She also brings her strong communications, time management skills, and organizational skills to OCLS. Tina strives to take initiatives in her daily work to advance finance office efficiencies and to optimize processes. Tina has a passion for travel and food in her spare time. She loves to explore the world and to learn about different cultures.
Staff Profile: Nicole Morgan
Profile picture of Nicole Morgan
Nicole has been with OCLS since 2013, having started shortly after graduating from Seneca's LITA program for which she was also awarded the Governor General's Academic Medal. Before coming to OCLS, Nicole interned in OCAD U's Learning Zone library, and worked in college classrooms across Toronto as part of the notetaking service coordinated by George Brown's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services department. Nicole works primarily in our eResources Management service, although she is also involved in our website and helps out now and again with Remote Access (RA). If you've ever asked OCLS for a quote or a new subscription, then you have probably met Nicole! She is also one of the faces behind your Deposit Account documents, licence agreements, and renewal negotiations.
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