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MAY 2019
10 Years! How Time Flies
by Marilyn Crawford, OCLS Executive Director 2009-2016

It seems like only yesterday that I accepted the opportunity to establish the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS). It was a tremendous opportunity to work with the talented, interesting and dedicated individuals in the college libraries, and proved to be challenging and ultimately very rewarding experience.
Established in February 2009 by the College Committee of Presidents (COP), OCLS was incorporated in July 2009, hired its first employee in October and was in full operation by February 2010. It was a whirlwind year as we built our team of library professionals and technical specialists and worked closely with HLLR (now College Libraries Ontario), to define and transition key services, and select third-party service providers.
The OCLS team in December 2011
The expertise, support and guidance offered by the college library leadership, and the co-operation of the college library staff in implementing and adjusting to the changes introduced by OCLS was crucial to OCLS's success. There were so many individuals and committees involved in those early days, but I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the invaluable support and guidance of the College Presidents and Vice Presidents who served on the inaugural OCLS Board of Directors, the expertise and guidance offered by Colleges Ontario staff and consultants, the assistance provided by Centennial College for the transition of services, and the ongoing support from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
When I retired in 2016, I was fortunate to leave OCLS to the leadership of the new Executive Director Virginia Roy, and her dedicated, accomplished and collegial OCLS team. It is gratifying to see that OCLS and the college libraries continue to benefit by building on the foundations of collaboration, service excellence, innovation, and responsiveness to the ever-changing post-secondary education environment.
Congratulations to OCLS and the college libraries for celebrating ten years of partnership and collaboration. I look forward to hearing about your achievements for the next ten!
Tanis Fink awarded OCULA Lifetime Achievement Award
by Joy Muller, Seneca College

On January 31st at the OLA Super Conference 2019, college and university librarians and staff came togeth er to honour Tanis Fink, Library Director at Seneca College, and the recipient of the Ontario College and University Library Association (OCULA) Lifetime Achievement Award.
Tanis is an outstanding administrator who has demonstrated collaboration, innovation, professionalism and heart in all aspects of her 37-year career. As past President of OLA, current Chair of College Libraries Ontario (CLO), volunteer and fund raiser, Tanis has led many provincial strategic initiatives. By focusing on goals of partnership, efficiency and emerging trends in post-secondary education, Tanis highlights that optimal user services, access to resources; multidisciplinary support and multifaceted spaces are essential components of academic libraries.
Under Tanis' direction, creative provincial initiatives such as VAL (Virtual Academic Librarian), precursor to
askON and most recently, The Learning Portal , were developed. Through her ongoing commitment to development and training, Tanis has established a highly skilled team who integrate innovative technologies into the delivery of library programs and services. As past Chair of the OLA mentoring committee, Tanis has guided and supported many young library professionals. Tanis has subsidized a student to attend OLA and regularly allows students to visit, shadow and interview her staff.
Tanis' activism for inspired library spaces has resulted in numerous best practices. Seneca's Information Commons at the Seneca@York campus was the first of its kind for Ontario Colleges, in the 1990's, linking tutoring services, libraries and technology access for faculty and students within one facility. The newest Seneca library , which opened in 2018 at King Campus' Magna Hall, reflects Tanis' current vision for teaching, working and learning spaces.
Her annual donations, time commitments and fundraising efforts on behalf of charities such as the CIBC Run for the Cure are examples of her enormous heart, as she is always willing to lend a hand, provide a listening ear or support to whomever or whatever is needed. Tanis is well deserving of the OCULA Lifetime Achievement Award as this award celebrates more than three decades of leadership and achievement for the Ontario College Library community and beyond.
As we were finishing this newsletter, we also learned that Tanis had been awarded this year's Art King Award, through which the Coordinating Committee of Vice-Presidents Students (CCVPS) "recognizes the outstanding contribution and leadership of an individual to students and the field of student services in the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology". Congratulations one more time!
Update from the CLO Metrics & Assessment Committee
by Catherine Davidson, Durham College, committee chair

The Metrics & Assessment Committee has been immersed in moving Phase II of the Metrics Research Project forward. Our focus has been on reviewing and analyzing the CLO (formerly HLLR) statistical survey questions. Part of that work includes surveying CLO Directors to determine their perspectives about what new data should be collected and what questions are no longer relevant. We are also interested in exploring how college libraries might optimize use of survey results. For years, the results of the CLO survey have been available in flat PDF format, making them difficult to query.  
A great deal of work goes into the reporting process at each college library, followed by the compilation of results. The responsibility for collecting and reporting the annual survey data has been shared among the colleges, most recently carried out by Centennial. The value of this work can only be enhanced by making the data more interactive. The ability to generate on-demand reports via software such as Excel or some other data dashboard would enable college libraries to better use the data to support local planning and advocacy efforts.
Last year, Centennial College Libraries retained the services of a consultant, Infotrova, to carry out the analysis and reporting on the 2016-17 survey results. The final report
can be found on the CLO website. Infotrova's work included the creation of an infographic from the 2016-17 data, a retrospective analysis of the previous three years' data and a comparative analysis of key ratios based on variables including college size, geographic location and polytechnic status. Infotrova's report included recommendations for improving the survey and data collection process and a report on data integrity.

Currently, the committee is working closely with CCI Research, who are surveying CLO Directors. They will synthesize the results for the Committee to review. In the meantime, Centennial is gearing up to issue the survey for 2017-18 sometime in May.
Collaborative Library Systems Platform (CLSP) project update
by Marnie Seal, Cambrian and Cynthia Mckeich, Humber, committee co-chairs

The Collaborative Library Systems Platform Committee (CLSP) is leading the investigation into the purchase of a shared Integrated Library System for the college libraries that have expressed interest. The committee was established as a result of the work of the Advancing Colleges Collaborative Excellence in Student Success (ACCESS) project and a recommendation from the SIRSI Consortium Steering Group.  The committee is sponsored by  College Libraries Ontario (CLO) . Work has been divided into three phases:

Phase One involved the creation and issuing of a Request for Information (RFI) on April 15, 2019. Submissions to the RFI are due by May 21, 2019. Once the submissions have been received, the CLSP Committee will use a rubric to review each submission to ensure it meets the qualifications set out in the RFI. The CLSP Committee will then share the submissions with CLO members for their review and information. Working with OCLS, the Committee will then arrange for demos of the systems for colleges that are interested. 
Phase Two of the project will include the development of a Business Case that college libraries can use to advocate with their administration for support of a new system.
In Phase Three, the Committee will be looking for an expression of interest from college libraries that wish to move forward and participate in a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new shared system.
The committee has created a project site with more details , including the list of committee members. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Co-Chairs, Marnie Seal or Cynthia Mckeich .
askON keeps your library open during winter storms 
by Rebecca LaFrance, Services & Support Associate 
Severe weather hit southern Ontario this February and participating askON libraries experienced several weather-related closures. During the worst storm, nine of the twelve askON colleges were closed on short notice. Despite these closures, all askON shifts were covered and the service remained open for our usual hours thanks to the efforts of college library staff across the system who stepped in to provide coverage on behalf of those who were unable to staff. As a result, askON visitors from all partner libraries were able to ask questions and receive research help despite college closures. This is truly a testament to the power of collaboration!

LEAP update
by Siobán Linnen, Virtual Reference and Accessibility Services & Support Associate

Work continues on the Library Eresources Accessibility Project (LEAP), with tool development now under way. The LEAP team issued an RFP in November 2018 and awarded a contract to Ontario web development firm Digital Echidna. Development of the tool's core functionality began in January 2019 and is expected to run until Summer 2019, at which point user testing will be conducted.
The committee structure has been established based on the collaborative project structure of the Learning Portal project. The LEAP Advisory Committee will advise on major decisions and provide project support at the CLO level, the Senior Leads Committee will guide the project and lead the working groups, and College Leads at each college will work with the project team to support local implementation. Over the next several months, the LEAP working groups will develop recommendations for system-wide collaboration and local implementation, develop competency building and training, plan for project assessment, and support user testing.

If you have any questions about LEAP, please contact Siobán or Corinne. For further information, please see the InsideOCULA article The Library eResources Accessibility Project: How we learned to stop worrying and love the AODA and watch Corinne Abba speak about LEAP at the York Accessibility Symposium. Note that the live stream for the full day of speakers is available for those who are interested

New Centennial College Downsview campus
by Rob Makinson, Centennial College

Centennial College recently opened a new campus at Downsview Park in north Toronto. The Aviation & Aerospace programs, formerly located alongside other School of Transportation programs on Ashtonbee Road, now have a purpose-built home in the historic De Havilland building - and with 138,000 square feet, including a hangar large enough to accommodate commercial jets, there is plenty of room to grow.
The Libraries and Learning Centres have expanded to meet the changing needs of these programs as well. The small student population did not warrant a standalone library space, so we share a service point with Enrolment Services, embedding library services in one of the busiest parts of the new campus and reaching users who might never approach a traditional reference desk.
Two full-time library technicians work at Downsview, and our librarian regularly visits to build relationships and promote library services at the new campus. We maintain a small physical collection, but most new purchases are e-books and other online resources to further our commitment to flexible learning. We look forward to seeing what the future holds as Centennial continues to grow!

OCLS Atrium for online collaboration
by Nicole Morgan, eResources Services & Support Associate

Does your cross-institutional group need a platform for online collaboration? OCLS Atrium can help! Atrium is a collection of dedicated workspaces hosted and administered by OCLS for committees, working groups, and other communities of interest in the Ontario college system to share files, track events, manage tasks, publish news, engage in discussions, and more. Atrium workspaces can be private, public, or a mix of both. If you have any questions about Atrium or ideas for new spaces, please contact Nicole Morgan.

Staff profile: Brigitte Balle 

Brigitte Balle joined OCLS as the Office/Admin Manager and Executive Assistant in June 2018. Before coming to OCLS Brigitte worked in cooperative and non profit settings where she shaped her experience in operational management and governance.  In December 2019 Brigitte finished the "Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management Certificate" at Ryerson University, which supplements her "Strategic Leadership" certificate from UoT. Brigitte facilitates the CLO Metrics & Assessment Committee and supports the OCLS Board. In her role as OCLS HR lead, she is reviewing policies and procedures to ensure that they follow the applicable laws and regulations. In her spare time, depending on the season, Brigitte either cross-country skies, hikes the Bruce trail, races on sail boats or is planning her next travel. She has visited 48 countries so far.
Staff profile: Jennifer Mo  
Jennifer has been with OCLS since 2018, having started shortly after graduating from Seneca's Library and Information Technician (LIT) program. During her studies, she volunteered as an askON student operator and did her field placement at OCLS. She worked her way from a contract IT and project support associate to a full-time service and support associate in IT and metadata services. Jennifer also holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree. She previously worked as a secondary school teacher in her home country. Jennifer is detail-oriented, organized, and keen on learning new things. You most likely have met her through our Sirsi Consortium, College Union Catalogue & Collect, and Remote Access services.
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