JULY 2023
OCPF Updates

  • We're in the final stages of developing our online treasurer training program, a new application for teaching individuals the law. We'll let you know when it's time to use it. State law requires treasurers to periodically complete online campaign finance training.

  • We're collecting 2023 city candidate lists throughout July and August, with help from municipal election officials. We use the lists to make sure that everyone who should be organized with OCPF is organized. Click here for a complete list of newly organized candidates.

  • House and Senate deposit reports are due by July 20 for deposits made from April through June.

  • GAS: Don't use the committee debit card at a gas station to fill a vehicle. Instead, track miles driven for a political purpose and pay the owner of the vehicle at the IRS mileage rate on a monthly basis.

  • FOOD: When buying food, provide a detailed purpose for the expenditure and remember the "for." Examples:
"Dinner for door to door volunteers"
"Coffee and doughnuts for sign-holding volunteers"
"Lunch for school committee policy development meeting"

  • ATMs: Don't use the committee debit card to get cash from an ATM (or cash back from a store purchase).

  • TRAVEL: Detailed purpose information is required for travel expenditures. Not acceptable: "Detroit." Acceptable: "Flight to Detroit for national mayors conference."

  • CLOTHING: Candidates may not, generally, purchase clothing.

  • CHARITY: Donations to charitable organizations are, generally, permitted. Guidance.

The following list is a summary of agency actions issued recently by OCPF. Click the "agency actions" button below to view the full documents.

Matthew Sheehan, Dedham: Did not comply (disclosure); 6/21/2023. Expenditures made outside the depository reporting system.

Angelina Camacho, Boston: Did not comply (disclosure); 6/29/2023. The committee failed to e-file deposit reports to disclose contributor information in a timely manner in 2021 and 2022.

Jeffrey Morneau, East Longmeadow: Did not comply (disclosure, excess contributions); 6/29/2023. The committee failed to e-file deposit reports to disclose contributor information in a timely manner in 2022. The committee accepted excess cash contributions, an excess treasurer's check contribution, and an excess contribution from a candidate's committee.

Jodi Walorz-Killefer, Braintree: Did not comply (disclosure); 6/29/2023. The committee did not disclose in-kind contributions, expenditures made and liabilities incurred in a timely manner.

Sandy Zamor Calixte, Boston: Did not comply (reporting); 6/29/2023. The committee failed to clarify the vendor and purpose information for a $26,078 expenditure in a timely manner. The committee clarified the expenditure for printing and mailing.

Guidance letters answer questions generally not relating to an issue previously addressed in an advisory opinion, memo or interpretative bulletin.

GL-23-01: The use of public property for political purposes.
Note: The pre-preliminary report is only filed by candidates who submit campaign finance reports to their local election officials, such as school committee candidates, and only if a candidate's name appears on the preliminary ballot.

All candidates for mayor, as well as city council candidates in cities with populations of 65,000 or more, file with OCPF and do not file pre-preliminary reports.

Click here to calculate the reporting dates and due dates, if your city's preliminary is not listed above.
OCPF focuses on an educational theme each month.
For the month of July, we'll focus on
spending campaign funds, legally.

Type "Spend2023" into the search engine at www.ocpf.us for resources, and check out our social media pages.