September 2021
In 2021 we celebrate the 69th year of the Ocean County Soil Conservation District. We remain committed to building and sustaining a conservation legacy by working with our partners and constituents to conserve, protect and restore our soil, water and natural resources by providing technical assistance, implementing restoration projects, and most importantly through education.
Managing Stormwater
A Look at Stormwater Basin Management Practices
Stormwater Flow Management

To reduce the potential negative effects of land development on stormwater flow rates leaving a site, The New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual (BMP manual) has been developed. The BMP manual provides guidance to address the standards in the Stormwater Management rules. Stormwater management basins like this one are installed to control stormwater runoff before it leaves a site (Photo by Luis Almeyda, Inspector I, OCSCD)
Stormwater Management Basins

Stormwater management basins capture, store and provide a controlled release of runoff from developed areas. This is a photo taken of a stormwater basin at the rough grading stage. The Ocean County Soil Conservation District reviews engineers' plans for stormwater management and inspects basins to verify proper installation, as per the NJ Standards for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (SESC). Connect to this DOA webpage that discusses the SESC Act and learn more about the District's role in reviewing, certifying, and inspecting projects. (Photo by Luis Almeyda, Inspector I, OCSCD)
Scour Hole

This is an image of a scour hole. The rip rap (rock) at the end of the concrete spillway is designed and installed to prevent erosion at the point of discharge from a stormwater management basin. Conduit Outlet Protection is one of the 32 design chapters within the NJ Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Standards implemented by the Ocean County Soil Conservation District to safeguard New Jersey’s natural resources. (Photo courtesy of OCSCD)
Tour des Farms
Get to Know Your Farmer and Know Your Food
South Jersey Resource Conservation & Development Council, Cape Atlantic SCD, Camden SCD, Burlington SCD and Ocean County Soil Conservation District invite you to participate in their annual South Jersey Tour des Farms on Saturday, September 11. Get to "Know Your Farmer and Know Your Food". Ride your bicycle through some of New Jersey's most beautiful farmland. Explore the diversity of Jersey's agricultural production, including cranberries, vegetables, orchards, nurseries and organic farms. Shop for local produce along the way. Enjoy the scenery as you pedal through farmland preserved forever through the Burlington County Farmland Preservation Program. For more information visit the SJRC&D website. (Photo: courtesy of SJRC&D) 
Jersey-Friendly by Design
Join us for our Jersey-Friendly Yards summer webinar series
Our July-September webinar series, "Jersey-Friendly by Design", will teach you how to use landscape design principles to plan gardens that are both wildlife-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. All programs take place on the second Tuesday of the month, July, August and September, at 7:00pm. Free! Registration required - click each program link below.
September 14, 2021
Presented by Becky Laboy, M.Ed., Education Outreach Specialist, Ocean County Soil Conservation District
Designing a successful Jersey-Friendly garden begins with an understanding of the basic elements that support plant growth – soil, water and light. Knowing these conditions in your yard will help guide your species selection and your overall garden design. Becky will provide you with information, tools and resources to assess these conditions in your yard, offer suggestions for appropriate plant species selection, and share ways to design your garden based on the soil, water and light conditions in your yard. (Photo: Jersey-Friendly Garden, by Becky Laboy)
In case you missed our July webinar, click to view a recording of Designing Gardens to Support the Native Web of Life, presented by Bruce Crawford, State Program Leader for Home and Public Horticulture, NJ Agricultural Experiment Station. Password: Design#1  (Photo: Helianthus angustifolium, by Bruce Crawford)
In case you missed our August webinar, click to view a recording of Designing and Planting with Native Plants: Creating a Native Habitat
Presented by Elaine Silverstein, Horticulturist. Password: Design#2 (Photo: Monarda sp., Oenothera sp., Asclepius sp., by Elaine Silverstein)
Jersey-Friendly Yards Outreach Programs

Winter Gardens for Wildlife
October 18 at 7 pm & November 4 at 6pm

Join us for this free webinar, hosted in October by the Brick MUA, and hosted in November by the Ocean County Library. Asters and Goldenrod signal the end of the growing season and remind us that it's time to prepare our Jersey-Friendly garden for winter. Learn how to maintain a winter garden that is attractive to gardeners and appealing to wildlife. Presented by Becky Laboy, M.Ed., Education Outreach Specialist, OCSCD. Registration is required. To register for the October webinar, please email Shari Kondrup. To register for the November webinar, please visit the Ocean County Library Calendar of Events, and navigate to the Winter Gardens for Wildlife program listed under November 4; then click the link to register. For questions about registering for this webinar through the Ocean County Library, please contact Nadja Acevedo-Miller, (732) 349-6200 x5111. (Photo of Winter Garden by Becky Laboy)
Host Your Own Jersey-Friendly Yards Webinar
Calling all Green Teams, Environmental Commissions and Garden Clubs! Is your "Green Group" interested in hosting a Jersey-Friendly Yards webinar for your constituents? We'll provide a free 1 hour webinar discussing the importance of landscaping for a healthy environment. We'll start by introducing the tools and resources on the Jersey-Friendly Yards website, explain how to get your soil tested, introduce water conservation practices, suggest appropriate native plants, and offer ways to attract and support pollinators and wildlife. Contact Karen Walzer and Becky Laboy to schedule a program.
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For more information about education programs, events and projects pertaining to soil, water, native gardening and natural resource conservation, please contact Becky Laboy, M.Ed., Education Outreach Specialist, Ocean County Soil Conservation District: