The building trades program has started its residential carpentry course this fall learning about some of the basic design, measurements, cuts, and assembly needed to construct picnic tables. They will be advancing their knowledge of basic carpentry by moving on to chicken coops, before tackling building a shed from the ground up. The goal is to expose students to such building concepts as framing, flooring, doorway and window trim, roof rafters, and shingling all within the context of putting a yard shed together.  

In order to support the program in its cost of building materials, the school will be raffling off a completed chicken coop. Tickets will be available starting the week of November 2nd for $5.00 each and will be sold out of the district and main offices of the high school, as well as by members of the building trades course. The drawing will be held on Thursday, November 19th. Be sure to get your tickets early! A chicken coop would be a great gift for someone this holiday season who aspires to have access to their own, homegrown eggs.

GCSD has been working hard to find our students hands-on, real-world opportunities to apply their classroom learning. We are excited to welcome our newest student intern, Kael Eldred. Kael is currently a junior at Groton Jr-Sr High and is in his first year of the Communications and Media Arts STEAM program. During non-COVID times, Kael would normally be involved in activities like school sports, French club, Student Council, Honor Society, and Ski club. So on the bright side, the timing of COVID has allowed him the time in his schedule to start working. Kael will be interning mostly in the area of marketing. After high school, Kael plans to go to college for Sports Management and Marketing so he is hoping to build a strong knowledge base and skill set that will help him prepare for a successful future!

Under the federal pandemic stimulus, all children who received free or reduced-priced meals are eligible to receive SNAP benefits to offset the cost of meals during the school shutdown in the spring. As a community eligible school, this makes ALL Groton students eligible for these funds. Families already receiving benefits had these funds placed on their SNAP cards this summer. If your family does not usually receive any government benefits, you will receive a card in the mail from the Tompkins County Department of Social Services. The cards have $420 of SNAP benefits for each child enrolled in Groton schools last spring. This money can not be returned to the federal government and is wasted if not used or thrown out by accident. If your family does not feel like they can use these funds, perhaps you could use this as a learning experience for your child to help the local food pantry or struggling neighbor. The school district does not have any further information about the distribution of the cards and questions should be directed to the Tompkins County Department of Social Services.
Halloween Highlights
COVID Gifts - Feedback Loops for Students
At GES we believe the core of teaching and learning is the interactions of students and teachers in the presence of content. As a result of the smaller groups sizes we have due to COVID safety measures, we have an opportunity to provide additional targeted feedback to each student about their acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be a powerful problem solver! Teachers are focused on providing each learner with targeted conversations to recover "lost ground" from last spring and achieve accelerated growth this year. GES staff are truly turning lemons into lemonade!
Supporting the Cause
On Friday, October 16th, students and staff at the JSHS went "Pink Crazy" in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Cops, Kids & Toys
During these hard times, many of us are looking for some help with the holiday season that is rapidly approaching. If you are not applying for assistance to other organizations, then Cops, Kids and Toys may be able to help. Click on the button below for more information and the application. Application deadline is November 22, 2020.
When we talk about getting kids having fun to trick them into learning, pumpkins are the perfect example. Did you think that the darker and more lines a pumpkin has, the more seeds it will have? Students at GES conducted a variety of pumpkin experiments that involved measuring and weighing their pumpkins to collect and compare data. They dug deeper, literally, into the guts of the pumpkin to count and compare seeds to answer the question above. They also planted the seeds, some using the pumpkins as the planters to see what they might grow. As if it couldn't get any better, they also made predictions about what would happen if they mixed vinegar, baking soda, soap and food coloring inside their pumpkins. They exploded with joy as their pumpkin volcanos erupted!
Sports Conditioning
Students are missing their sports. To fill that void the athletic department has started mini workouts for students to participate in after school. All activities follow strict safety protocols aligned to the NYS Health Department regulations. Each day of the week a different pair of sports-specific training is offered to help get our athletes in condition for when the time comes for sports to start again. Monday is football and soccer, Tuesday is volleyball and x-country, Wednesday is girls basketball and girls modified sports and Thursday is boys basketball and boys modified sports. Workouts are done in a station format and may include anything from jumping rope, to ladder drills, to sprints. Students that are interested in participating should see Athletic Director, Mr Triolo.
The Groton JSHS PTO is selling yard signs to show our school spirit and cheer on our community. Get your sign today and support our hard working students and staff. Signs are $5 and can be purchased at the main office or by contacting Brandi Buggs at
Check out the Virtual Fall Fundraiser sponsored by the ES PTO. Packets went home with students (but reminder: students must register and sell online). Orders will be shipped directly to the customers, and prizes will be shipped directly to the students. Virtual catalogs are attached to this email for viewing. Please register at: using the School ID: MF1192032
Right in line with the first snow fall...if you would like to donate any gently used winter gear please drop items off in the foyer of the elementary school.
Pick up dates start Monday, Nov. 9-13 (except Nov. 11 - Veterans Day).
(607) 898-5301