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OCTOBER 2010 E-News October 22, 2010

From the Desk of the President

Hello NCECA members,

It has been a very busy year for NCECA, and much is going to happen soon for our benefit.

We are within days of signing a contract with our new Executive Director. He comes with tremendous experience with ceramics and NCECA, and both the Board and the staff are excited to have him fill this role for us. I will be introducing him as our new ED in Santa Fe next week during the opening of the Critical Santa Fe Symposium. For those of you unable to attend the symposium you'll just have to wait for the press release once he starts in early November.

You all know about next year's conference in Tampa/St. Pete. Like all conferences it will have its own special character, but I wanted to highlight one new development. Our co-liaisons have invested a great deal of time and energy into bringing K-12 teachers and students into the mix. Many of the local school districts are involved in special ceramics programming surrounding the conference, but also we have been promoting attendance for teachers and students at an unprecedented rate. The level of excitement and support reported to me are very high!

Our Fall Board Meeting is in Seattle, WA this year. The Board always meets in upcoming locations to help lay the groundwork for successful conferences. Since we have never been in Seattle and we have such good connections there with our Co-liaisons the preliminary plans are really engaging and provocative. I think great things are ahead for our upcoming conferences.

I find that as I write these letters I feel like a bit of a cheerleader. I'm reminded of my sister-in-law who doesn't like newsy holiday letters because they only write about the good stuff. Well, let me say this. When I started my presidency I told the staff and the Board that my mantra was "Low Drama". NCECA has had its share of drama since April, but it has all been low. When we've gone to put out fires, they've generally been small and there have been many willing to help in the work.

I want to thank the Board and staff for being such a big part of our progress this year.

Keith J. Williams
NCECA President

CRITICAL Santa Fe - October 27-30, 2010

Interested in art criticism? Check out this unique symposium opportunity offered by NCECA!!
See the link below for the most up-to-date schedule!
There are a few spaces still

CRITICAL Santa Fe details

2011 Exhibitor Packet - NOW available!!!
Deadline for 1st round of Space assignments - November 15, 2010

The 2011 Exhibitor packet has been posted on the NCECA website!!!!! Look for updated Membership benefits, Exhibit Hall details, and the 2011 Space Request Form.

If you have any questions, please contact

Link to 2011 Exhibitor Packet

Student-led Programming Opportunity
Call for Proposals - Deadline November 17, 2010

NCECA is pleased to announce the creation of a room dedicated to programming by, for and about students. This is YOUR chance to make a difference, address issues that concern students and present at a national conference. Students at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate and post-baccs are encouraged to apply!

The Student-led Programming Thread has been created in response to numerous requests for more programming that addresses the concerns of students on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to:
Career building for students; how to price your work; how to develop a professional-quality resume; how to approach a gallery; how to build a customer base; how to choose and enter juried shows...

Proposals related to the Conference Theme of "Tidal Forces: The Next Wave" will receive preference. Proposal descriptions should be 300-400 words.

2011 Student-led Programming details and Online Submittal form

Call for Proposals - Deadline November 17, 2010

NCECA 2011 - Tidal Forces: The Next Wave will examine and expose the unbroken arc spanning our deepest traditions and the most contemporary emerging work. A tidal wave can work to teardown walls between old and new, while unearthing what is hidden beneath the surface. We intend to help artists look beyond what is conventional while remembering the roots of this powerful and multi-faceted art form. The 2011 conference will both celebrate the new works being created while also examining the power of traditional art."

NCECA is seeking a diverse group of leaders from its membership that will appeal to our conference attendees. Students (Undergraduate, Post-Bac, Graduate), Studio Artists, Educators (K-12, Community College, University), Gallerists, Curators, etc. are all encouraged to apply!

Topical Discussions/NCECA Connections details and Online form

2011 Project Space: MIGRATION
Call for Proposals - Deadline December 7, 2010

NCECA'S Projects Space: Migration presents the opportunity for ten invited or selected artists to create a site specific installation or performance related work in a 10x20 foot space in the EXPO Hall at the 45th Annual Conference in Tampa, FL.

Artists are asked to interpret the theme "migration," broadly posed as the movement of things - and bodies - not just of people, but of water, and earth, like the water that moves clay from its primary source to its secondary source, or their piece can be specifically related to the NEA grant NCECA received to consider how, for the people of Tampa Bay, migration often refers to the microcosm of immigrant experience they have come to embody and symbolize, and although the world today is nothing less than a global village Tampa is special in its experience with a certain type of immigration common to American culture, but very specific to this location.

Artists will have Tuesday, March 29 to install their materials and begin their piece and will be the featured guests at a reception that evening. The projects will be ongoing throughout the conference ending at 5:00 pm on Friday afternoon. Artists will de-install and clean their spaces from 5:00 - 9:00 pm on Friday evening.

Submission requirements are available now... Start your Project Space proposal now!
The ONLINE Submittal form is scheduled to be "live" November 1.

Project Space: MIGRATION details

Call for Proposals - Deadline November 30, 2010


Seattle, as well as the entire Puget Sound region, is located in a unique geographical position; on the EDGE of the country and on the EDGE of the Pacific Rim. From this location ON THE EDGE, quite naturally, we have a broad perspective on objects, places and issues, and see great distances. We thrive on the intersection of old and new worlds. And we respect distant and historic cultures; Asian, Pacific, and all of our neighbors in North America. Most of all we appreciate how they have influenced our contemporary ceramic practices.

Through creative stretching, we also visit the EDGE of our imagination and appreciate the artistic use of clay in dynamic new ways. Even EDGY ways - often on the EDGE - sometimes with rough EDGES.

We invite NCECA members to make proposals for exhibitions that interact with our EDGES and your EDGES. Collaborative energy, inspirational concepts, splendid objects, elegant ideas and especially new work will provide that extra EDGE as we review the proposals.
Deadline November 30, 2010

2012 CIE Proposals details and Online submittal form

NCECA 2016 - 50th Anniversary!!!
Member feedback requested by December 20, 2010

NCECA's 50th presents a unique opportunity to investigate the present, reflect on the past and anticipate the future of ceramic art. This golden anniversary offers a moment in time to reflect on enduring accomplishments, investigate the meaning of the present, and imagine the challenges and possibilities of the future of ceramic art and education. Our goal is to identify a location that maximizes our organizational assets and rallies current and potential membership to participate in and contribute to a conference and surrounding events, programs and exhibitions that explore and expose creative and educational practice, research, innovation and achievement in ceramics.

Your ideas may help expand our thinking about the important decision of selecting a conference site as NCECA celebrates its past and looks forward to a future of inspiration and discovery. Please share your thoughts on where you'd like to see the NCECA conference held in 2016 by sending an email to by December 20, 2010.

50th Anniversary Feedback details

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