*Friday, October 19 th Teacher Work Day/Student Holiday
*Friday, November 2 nd No School/UF Homecoming
*Monday, November 12 th Veteran’s Day/Student Holiday
*Mon.-Fri, November 19 th -23 rd Thanksgiving Holiday/No school
Popcorn school fundraiser
October 1 st -October 12 th
      On October 1 st , the Preschool Team (a group of parents that help and support our teachers), will send home Little Lamb’s Gourmet Popcorn catalogs to raise money for our school! Last year we raised enough money to help pay for our teacher Christmas party and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. We hope to have the orders back to you by Thanksgiving. There will be instructions attached to the catalogs. Thank you for your help with our only fundraiser of the year. If you have any questions, please stop by the office and see Rachel. Happy selling.
HERO OF THE MONTH —Global Mixed Martial Arts Academy
October 17 th   9:30-10:30
      Global MMA Academy is Gainesville’s boutique martial arts training facility and wellness center. With more than 20 years of history serving north central Florida, Global MMA offers training and enrichment programs for every single member of the family. Carly Barnes Dodd will present a self-control lesson from their Kinder Kicks curriculum. Kinder Kicks is a one-of-a-kind martial arts and leadership program for youth ages 4 and under. Kinder Kicks combines functional movement with character-based stories and learning times. If you are interested in enrolling your child in Kinder Kicks, Global MMA Academy is offering a special discount on classes for Stepping Stones parents! More on Kinder Kicks can be found on their website. Yeah! Our heroes!
 Raising future heroes
     This month’s character trait is “self-control.” In the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, he uses self-control to resist the devil three times. Talk about how even though Jesus was tired and hungry, he still did the right thing . Learning about what self-control is gives your child the language to talk about whether he/she was “doing the right thing even though he/she didn’t feel like it.” Then you can talk about using self-control to make good choices.
Wednesday & Thursday, October 24 th & 25 th
      Califf Photography will be at Stepping Stones Preschool on Wednesday and Thursday to take individual student pictures. Each child will be photographed and then proof sheets with order forms will be sent home. Califf Photography has assured us the pictures will be delivered before Christmas. Yeah! Say cheese!

9:15am Tabitha         
9:35am Nadia
10am Monica
10:20am Caren
10:40 am Deana
11am Hofstetter
9:15am Tabitha               
9:35am Marlie
10am Heather
10:20am Smith
10:40am Woodend
October 26 th Showtimes 10 and 10:45am
      Jane Kitson, aka Mother Goose, is passionate about sharing songs and fingerplays in a personable and entertaining manner. Her presentations are innovative, fast paced, and fun. Children will be engaged throughout the program and wiggles are a must! If your child does not attend school on this day, you and your child are welcome to attend this holiday program.
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 30 th and 31 st  
9:15 am          
     Our annual Fall Festival parade will be held at 9:15 am on these two dates. We ask that children come dressed in costume for the parade. We invite those parents, who can stay, to watch the parade and then join in helping us change children into their school clothing. Your child’s classroom teacher will notify you of the day their class is participating in the parade. 
     This section of our newsletter is for friendly reminders and miscellaneous school information.
*Scholastic Book Orders are not only great fun to encourage reading, but Scholastic Books help our school in other ways. We receive points for the books ordered and can purchase various school supplies for our teachers and birthday and Christmas gifts for our students.
*We recommend shorts under dresses for our little girls.
*Please make a conscientious effort to jot down the correct time your child attends school and Enrichment by signing in and out daily. Thank you.
* When you are gone- parents, when you are traveling (with or without your children) please be sure that you inform teachers of the dates and of the adult that will be in charge and their contact information.
*Character Traits are taught monthly along with an easy Bible verse to memorize. At Stepping Stones we educate the “whole child” and feel that character is developed at an early age. Our character traits for September and October are as follows:
     September—Friendship—“ A friend loves at all times.” Prov. 17:17
      October—Self Control —“Even a child is known by his actions.”
      Prov. 20:11
Wednesday, October 10 th   9:30 am
      In recognition of Fire Safety Month, firemen will be arriving on the scene with their big red truck and gear. The City of Gainesville provides a wonderful instructional program for children of all ages.  All children are welcome to attend with their parents, even if they are not scheduled for school on that day.  Just check with the teacher ahead of time to learn when their class age group is attending the presentation.
Parent’s Night Out
October 12th –
5:30-8:30 pm
Kids will enjoy a pizza dinner, fall themed crafts, outdoor play and more! The cost is $12 per child or a $30 family cap. Register HERE! by Oct. 10th. Contact Virginia at if you have any questions.
Thursday, November 1st 10:00am
Wear orange and blue
      In celebration of UF Homecoming, we have invited Professor Franklin Percival for a special presentation with interesting facts about alligators. He will also be bringing “live” baby gators! All children are welcome to attend with their parents, even if they are not scheduled for school on that day. Please have your children wear orange and blue this day as we celebrate homecoming.
     You may have noticed some new faces around our school. I am happy to introduce our new assistants Jenna Hunnicutt, Sheila Traynor, Myrna Najera, and Debbie Grambling. We also are delighted to welcome back Debbie Holway who is substituting for Mallory Davis on maternity leave. Please give them a warm Stepping Stones welcome!

      Our Afternoon Enrichment program is off to a great start under the direction of Andrea Agnew. Children are busy using the sensory table, flannel storyboard cut-outs, puppets, and singing songs as we focus on nursery rhymes, fire safety, and fall crafts. On Wednesdays, we offer the older children sports club, which they absolutely love! Just for fun, we have planned an awesome “Mad Scientist” (Ms. Hofstetter) presentation. Children will be applying both science and math to predict outcomes using pumpkins and dry ice. A special thanks to the wonderful afternoon crew! Bravo!
     Hurricane season is still upon us. A good “rule of thumb” is if Alachua County schools are closed, our school will also be closed. Please be assured that proper safety procedures will always be followed.

     Please remember to clearly label all of your child’s belongings. With 160 little children, it’s impossible to remember each child’s backpack, lunch box, extra clothing, and whatever else you may want returned. Whew! Thanks for your help!
    A special thanks to the following friends who have helped in a BIG way! Bless your hearts!
*Jeremiah— Our power washing pro—plus a zillion other things! Thank you!
*Justin, Marcus, and Mr. T —Best custodians worldwide. Bless you!
*Susan Kovi— Thanks for being attentive to all our “issues.” You’re doing a great job!
*Franny Long —It wasn’t even Cinco de Mayo and we still got taco salad. Whoo Hoo!
*Naomi Edmunds, Amanda Lutz, Lindsay Hickman, Amy Dumas, Bina Patel, Katie Beland, Franny Long —You created great excitement among the staff with breakfast. Sweet!
*Emily Kaufman —Cookie Monster! “Me want cookies!” Thanks!
*Luis Tulla —Bring us all the things you no longer want. (Boat?) We love the swing and slide! Wheee!
*Sambasivereddy Kuppasani —You quickly learned the way to our hearts! The donuts were delicious! Yum!
*Laura Macgregor - squishy playdough and slime are our favorites.
*Nouvelle Gonzalo —The sippy cups and paper towels will come in handy. Yikes!
*Sandi Brown —You are so thoughtful and generous! Above and beyond! Thanks for your kind heart.
To all the parents who have brought in gift cards for Walgreens—We appreciate your donation.
*To all the parents who have brought in extra supplies— You’re the BEST! We feel so fortunate to have you at our school! High five!
Oct. 29th, 3:30-6:30
Mark your calendar for our annual Trinity’s Fall Harvest and Trunk & Treat. We are requesting candy from Stepping Stones families; just one bag from each family will make a huge impact! Place in the bucket outside the CMT office, room 108.