Dear Cienega Families,
Welcome back from fall break!  I hope all of you had time to relax, "catch your breath" and connect with family and friends.
As we begin the 2 nd quarter of the year, please remember to monitor your student's grades and overall progress this upcoming quarter. At the high school level, grades and credits are final at the end of each semester in December & in May. Students must pass their classes to earn credits in order to complete graduation requirements and earn a high school diploma. Additionally, please keep track of student absences. Excessive absences may result in earning "No Credit" for that specific class. Below is our attendance policy, which is stated in our student handbook.
Absence Policy : Each semester, if a student reaches 9 absences in one class, it will result in "No Credit".  If you have circumstances out of your control and reach 9 absences, please appeal absences through your counselor in order to earn credit. Their offices are located in our Education Center and Library.
It is Federal Impact Aid survey time again.  Surveys will be available on Oct 16 th .  For your convenience, you will have the opportunity to complete the form online. You will receive an email from us on Oct 16 th reminding you to log in to your PowerSchool account and to complete the survey for each of your students.  If you choose to complete a paper copy, you can print blank forms from the district website on or after October 17 th .   We are asking that all forms (online or paper copy) be completed and returned before Friday, October 25 th .  English classes are competing for an Eegee's party, please get the surveys done as soon as possible.  The first class to return all forms completed properly (online or paper copy) will be the winner. In the past, Cienega has received over $20,000 from the federal government for the completion of these forms. We use these funds for tutoring and other support for our students. Your timely participation is greatly appreciated.
I hope that you and your family have a great second quarter and please do not hesitate to reach out to the Cienega administration team, counselors or teachers if you need assistance with any concerns or questions.
We are Bobcat Nation and we are proud to serve you and your family.

Kim Middleton

For 12 years Cienega Boys Golf has trained in San Diego over the Fall Break. The players have the opportunity to play 7 Rounds of golf over 5 Days. The team is fortunate enough to stay and play on NAS Coronado. Team dinners and an abundance of play have been beneficial for past and present team members. This year our overall San Diego Champion was Daniel Henely -14 over 6 rounds Runner - up was last years Champion Diego Guerrero -2. Both Juniors, will be going for a repeat in next years trip - has never been a repeat champion. In addition Daniel Henely shot a course record 64 on Sea n Air Golf Course. 

Anyone interested in  Cienega Boys Golf should contact

We thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know them a little better. 

Johanna Urquijo- Athletic Trainer 

Where were you born? Phoenix, Arizona 
Where did you go to college?  Northern Arizona University 
What is your favorite movie? Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
What is your favorite TV show?  Meat Eater
What is your favorite sports team?  Dallas Cowboys
What's your favorite restaurant in Tucson?  Guadalajara
What was/is your favorite vacation?  Hawaii this past summer
What is your favorite quote?  "The woman I was yesterday introduced me to the woman I am today; which makes me very excited about meeting the woman I will become tomorrow."
What is your favorite thing about Cienega?   I get to work with amazing students

Tammla Price- English Teacher 

Where were you born? Columbia, South Carolina 
Where did you go to college? University of SC (undergrad) Troy University (Masters)
What is your favorite movie?  Silence of the Lambs
What is your favorite TV show? hmmm... hard to say - I love all the old shows - Black & White movies- ID Crime shows. 
What is your favorite sports team? SC Gamecocks!!! SEC Football!!
What's your favorite restaurant in Tucson? Don't have one YET.
What was/is your favorite vacation? Toss up - Australia vs. Czech Republic vs. Amsterdam
What is your favorite quote? "and this too shall pass..."
What is your favorite thing about Cienega? My students!! My English classes are 'da bomb'
Lisa Scott- Instructional Support Teacher 

Where were you born?  I'm an Arizona Native. Born in Mesa, AZ.
Where did you go to college? Degrees from Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona.
What is your favorite movie? Love Actually 
What is your favorite TV show? Downton Abbey
What is your favorite sports team? Arizona Diamondbacks
What's your favorite restaurant in Tucson? Cafe Poca Cosa or Reilly Pizza
What was/is your favorite vacation? Anywhere with a beach! 
What is your favorite quote? "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela
What is your favorite thing about Cienega? The culture of this campus is so great! I also love seeing my former students on campus.

Class of 2020: Ticket to Your Future
As the second quarter begins, many exciting things begin to happen in the senior year. Students are receiving their college acceptance letters and are seeing their hard work has paid off with their school and scholarship offers from colleges and universities around the country. When students bring in their acceptance letter, they receive a free "College Bound" T-Shirt that we request they wear proudly every Wednesday to show their Commitment to Graduate to their future has paid off.
  • All seniors should be completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form if you are college bound, even if you don't believe you will qualify. Most schools require the FAFSA to be completed if you are getting awarded some type of aid from their school. Click here for a FAFSA Completion Guide 2020 worksheet to assist you in this process.
  • Start applying to colleges and universities NOW! The Arizona universities have a revolving admissions process (first in, first processed). Right now, a decision is made in about 4 - 6 weeks. Additionally, the student will be notified if a merit based scholarship has been awarded. This helps plan for added savings if needed or for finding additional scholarships.
  • College Representatives are now on campus regularly. Have students stop by the Counseling Hub or check their Schoology calendar for a schedule of dates.
  • College night is Tuesday, October 22nd at the Tucson Convention Center from 6:30 - 9:00 P.M. Parking is free. Hundreds of colleges from across the country will be available for questions.
  • Fall Testing Deadlines for SAT and ACT:
    • All seniors attending a 4 year College or University must take the SAT OR ACT. It is strongly recommended to take it this fall if a student has not already done so.
    • Test Prep is available on the Testing Link of the Counselor website.
Web Address:
December 14
November 08
December 7
November 8
  •  Scholarship opportunities are listed and updated on the Cienega Website on the "Counselor Page." View the site often for regular updates.
  • Any student taking online classes other than VDLP, MUST complete the course and deliver a transcript to the registrar prior to May 1st. Failure to do so will result in possibly not participating in the graduation ceremonies.
  • The deadline to order Cap and Gown and Announcements from Jostens is on November 15th. Go to to order.
Class of 2021: Assess the Possibilities
  • College night is Tuesday, October 22nd at the Tucson Convention Center from 6:30 - 9:00 P.M. Parking is free. Hundreds of colleges from across the country will be available for questions.
  • Update your portfolio on
  • Utilize test prep to prepare you for the PSAT, SAT and Act this year.
Class of 2022: Focus on the Goal
  • College night is Tuesday, October 22nd at the Tucson Convention Center from 6:30 - 9:00 P.M. Parking is free. Hundreds of colleges from across the country will be available for questions.
  • Update your portfolio on
  • Stay active in clubs or sports and start seeking out leadership roles.
Class of 2023: Make a Commitment to Graduate
  • College night is Tuesday, October 22nd at the Tucson Convention Center from 6:30 - 9:00 P.M. Parking is free. Hundreds of colleges from across the country will be available for questions.
  • Focus on your academics and give forth the effort to excel in every class.

The deadline to pay for AP exams is November 13 th ! All students taking the AP exam, must log on to their MyAP account and register for the test through College board  AND also pay $94.00 in the bookstore. Any tests ordered after this date will incur a $40.00 late fee per exam.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports 

CHS include Phat Cat Cards Bobcats can earn for excellent behavior shown on campus. The cards can be used to enter a Phat Cat drawing, choosing a "copper" or "navy" prize, for free entry to a CHS athletic or fine arts event, for one free CHS lunch, or to leave 15 minutes early to lunch on a Tuesday. (teacher discretion). 

Students of Science raised $211.00 in September for Hurricane Dorian relief.  Money was donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief.  In the photo:  Mrs. Erickson,  Ava Villalobos Chismar, Mary Drake,  Eddie Van Horne and  Dr. Rathman.


WHO?   Bobcat Scholars, Sophomores, Juniors
WHEN?   SATURDAY, October 19th from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
WHAT?   A practice exam for the SAT college entrance exam
HOW? Register by bringing $21 (tax credit) to the Cienega Bookstore 
QUESTIONS?   Contact Brittany Matsushino
Lisa Scott ( or 879-2807)

Linked below, please find the revised schedule for the free tutoring that we have available on our campus.  On this document you will find times, locations and teachers that are available for Math and English tutoring.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Lisa Scott, Instructional Support Teacher, at (520) 879-1807.

Register now for the ACT Prep courses here at Cienega.  All Juniors will take a test this Spring at no cost. However, if students would like an additional opportunity to test, the remaining fall exams are October 26th and December 14th. This will help them prepare!
For only $35, your child can attend three prep courses. Students can make their payment in the bookstore and then come see Mrs. Scott in the 500 building to reserve their spot! 

If you took an AZMerit test on Cienega's campus during the Spring of 2019, and earned a score of Proficient and/or Highly Proficient in English or math, you will be eligible to be exempt from your English and/or math Fall Semester Final Exam.
Remember, in order to qualify for the exemption, you have to do 3 things:
1. Earn at least an 80% in your current English and/or math class
2. Have 7 or fewer absences in your English and/or math class
3. Earned the Proficient or Highly Proficient score with Cienega the previous year on your AZMerit test(s)


Support for First-Generation College Students
You may have heard the term "first-generation college student" before and wondered what it means. Some colleges define it as a student whose parents have never attended college. However, most colleges define the term as a student whose parents have not completed a four-year degree. For many first-generation students going to college is a milestone and accomplishment for everyone in the household. Those students can be a source of pride for their family, but being the first to get a higher education can also come with unique challenges. The primary challenge is that they cannot benefit from knowledge gained from their parents' college-going experience. Even well-meaning, supportive first-generation families may not be equipped to share wisdom on how to navigate a campus, or locate and complete the forms needed for various on-campus activities. For students who grew up with parents who have been to college, applying to college and the entire college experience can be easier because they may receive valuable firsthand advice at home.
Problems that may be unique to the first-generation college student may include experiencing difficulty learning about the college environment, experiencing pressures from home, or experiencing emotional struggles and loneliness. Fortunately, many colleges now recognize the obstacles faced by many first-generation students, so they provide a variety of programs to help these students succeed. They recognize that being 
a good high school student and knowing about college is different from being at college. Some campuses provide specialized student unions or other communities for students to connect with each other and receive services that support their college success. They may provide opportunities to attend school events that enable first-generation students to meet alumni who have similar backgrounds and receive advice about degrees, careers and financial aid. Some programs provide each student with a mentor. Mentors may be a faculty member, student or staff member, who can help the student navigate the campus and college life. Other programs host networking socials and study sessions or receptions where students can meet leaders at the school and find answers to their questions about higher education. Some of the colleges that offer first-generation programs are: Columbia  College, Harvard College, Brown University, Chapman University, Clemson University, University of Chicago, University of Iowa, University of Southern California and the University of Washington.
Several states offer scholarships for first-generation college students and Arizona is a participating state.The Dorrance Scholarship for first-generation students is a need-based award providing financial and academic support for Arizona high school graduates pursuing an undergraduate degree at one of Arizona's public universities. The award is renewable for a total of eight semesters (four years) of funding. Scholarships are renewed based on academic standing, participation in program events and activities and community service projects.
Eligible applicants meet all of the following criteria:
  • Seniors in good standing who will graduate from an accredited
    Arizona high school and enter the university as a college freshman
  • Arizona resident
  • First generation to attend college (neither parent/step-parent, living or
    deceased, or legal guardian holds a four-year degree from any country)
  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA (weighted or unweighted)
  • Minimum combined SAT score of 1110 OR composite ACT score
    of 22 (excluding writing score in both instances)
  • Admitted to one of Arizona's three residential public universities
    (Arizona State University-Tempe, Northern Arizona University-
    Flagstaff, University of Arizona-Tucson)
  • Demonstrated financial need (
  • Demonstrated leadership and volunteer service
  • Agree to participate in all aspects of the scholarship program (See Program at a Glance) ...MUST be able to travel internationally
  • Signed Scholar Participation Agreement
  • Reside on campus freshman and sophomore year
  • Successfully complete the Dorrance Summer Bridge Program in Flagstaff, AZ, TBD
You can learn more about the Dorrance Scholarship here:
The Dorrance Scholarship application opened on September 1 and the deadline for completing phase 1 of the application is February 7, 2020 at 4:59 PM.
If you would like to know more about other resources for first-generation college students, please consult the following websites.
I'm First
First in the Family
Big Future
Dainah l. Graham M.S., M.Ed.
College and Career Counselor, Bobcat Scholar Academy 


NJROTC Cadets showed patriotism and respect when they presented the Colors at September 11 rememberance events held at Acacia Elementary, Cienega HS, Empire HS and Andrada HS.    

NJROTC Cadets competed at the Rio Rico HS JROTC Orienteering Meet held at Pena Blanca Lake on Saturday 17 Sept 2019.  53 JROTC Orienteering teams from Buena HS, Tombstone HS, Rio Rico HS, Sahuarita HS and Cienega HS participated.  Cadet Kaitlynn Zimmerman and Cadet Zoe Shepherd from Cienega placed 2nd.  
On Saturday 28 Sept 2019 our NJROTC Marksmanship Teams competed at the Sahuarita NJROTC Rifle Match. JROTC Marksmanship Teams from Sahaurita, Cienega, Flowing Wells, Tombstone and Apache Junction competed. Cienega Team 1 placed 1st and are now eligible to compete in the NJROTC Area 11 Marksmanship Championship which will be held later in the year in San Diego.  

On October 3, 4 and 5, NJROTC Cadets from Cienega, Andrada and Empire assisted the Pima County Sheriff's Department and Rincon Valley Fire Department with their active threat training which was held at Old Vail Middle School.  Each day 12 NJROTC Cadets acted as injured persons in various scenarios designed to help firefighters prepare for triage situations and movement of patients.

"Detail-oriented" and "perfectionist" are other ways of describing
someone who cares deeply about the small things and about getting things exactly right, every time.

Volunteers and Volunteer Coaches...please remember to complete a new volunteer application or renew/update your current application once, every school year, AFTER July 1st at
Please contact me with any questions or concerns, and to sign up for any on-going volunteer opportunities. This way you'll be invited to be our guest at the Vail Pride Day 20th Celebration Volunteer Thank You Luncheon in February 2019 at the Pima County Fairgrounds. 

~ Future Bobcat Volunteer Opportunities ~  
December 18th  Holiday Soup & Chili Luncheon  
Volunteers wanted and donations needed of soups/chili's, 
drinks, desserts, etc... (Sign-up links coming in November). 

January 29, 2020   College & Career Fair Day  
7:30am - 1:30pm 
CHS Aux Gym 

Amy Burton 
Volunteer Coordinator 
CatFRAT Liaison


          HOMECOMING 2019


Thank you parents and  community
 for your support. We truly appreciate your involvement! 

Cienega High School


10/12-Homecoming Dance

10/14-10/15 Senior Pictures 

10/16- Federal Impact Aid Forms 

10/16 -Senior Picture Makeups

10/24 & 10/26- 
Drama Production

10/30- STUCO Haunted House 

11/6 -Half Day for Students

11/11-  Veterans  Day 
No School 

11/19- CatFRAT Meeting

11/25- Band & Orchestra Concert 

11/27, 11/28 & 11/29- Thanksgiving Break 
No School




Cienega High School
Vision Statement
Cienega High School creates an educational environment utilizing partnerships among community, parents, and staff to assist students in maximizing their academic potential and promoting life-long learning.
Front Office - 879-2800     Attendance -  879-2803   
Bookstore - 879-2824 
Registrar - 879-2812

Health Office - 879-2810

Front Office/200 House   
Kim Middleton
Secretary - Chris Rich 

300 House
Assistant Principal
Dean Nourse

Secretary - Gianni Wanaka 

400 House/Athletics    
Assistant Principal 
Kelly Hadden
At hletic Director - Whitney Holland - 879-1813            
Secretary -  Sandi Morrison

500 House 
Assistant Principal 
Stephanie Magnuson
Secretary - Cassandra Bahrychuk 879-2874

600 House 
Special Education Secretary Patty McKnight 879-1804

700 Education Center/ Counseling Hub
Eric Boxley- 879-2854
Rebecca Carrier- 879-2854
Colette Alvardo- 879-2904
Sylvia Lewandowski- 
Sheri Mitzel- 879-2868
John Tritz- 879-1843
Daniah Graham- 879-2819
Bobcat Scholar Academy

Communications Coordinator:
Juanita Mari- 879-2815   
CHS website:                 


Aramark Food Services: 

District Office - 879-2000
Transportation - 879-2475

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Job Openings

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The Vail School District is looking for dynamic, energetic and positive staff members. Please click on the link below for the job descriptions, qualifications, salary guide, and the application process.


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