Dear FACCNE Members and Friends,

This October kicked off with another successful edition of the Annual Life Sciences Panorama in a hybrid format which was well received by our audience. Once again, we'd like to thank all our amazing speakers who made this high-quality event possible, our sponsors and our dedicated LSP committee for their involvement in this 2021 edition. Special thanks are to be addressed to the French-American Biotech Springboard (FABS) and Ipsen for their incredible support to our digital conference and networking event. A replay and a wrap-up of the Life Sciences Panorama will be soon available on FACCNE's website and social media.

The rest of the month and November also promise to be filled with more insightful programs and in-person networking opportunities offered by FACCNE and its network. Save the dates! An events round-up with more detailed information will be sent out soon.

Finally, the fall is the time of the year when FACCNE is looking for applications from French and American Leaders to join our Board of Directors in early 2022. We'll be welcoming applications until November 24th. Please email your candidacy to if you'd like to be considered.

Ludivine Wolczik, Executive Director