Fall Programming is Here!
River Region Fall Family Day will take place on October 9th, in Wetumpka. This event is free for families thanks to the River Region Lions Clubs! Activities include canoeing, archery, ropes, and more!

Pensacola Fall Family Event is taking place on October 16th. This free event will feature a presentation from My IEP Advocate, Amy Lorten, food, games, and a bonfire.

Fall Family Camp will take place October 22-24, at Camp ASCCA. This popular program is filling up quick! Families will have the chance to connect, share, and learn from T1D medical specialists. Kids make T1D friends of all ages and parents have focused information sessions including workshops, speakers & panel discussions.

To view all of our upcoming events and to register visit campsealeharris.org
Volunteer Spotlight
Dr. Anne-Marie Kaulfers
Dr. Kaulfers is a Pediatric Endocrinologist at USA Health. Dr. Kaulfers has volunteered for Camp Seale Harris since 2013, making sure your Type 1 camper is taken care of.
She is an amazing and compassionate doctor and a wonderful mentor to the medical students at camp. Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Kaulfers!

When asked about Camp Seale Harris, Dr. Kaulfers says, "it is a very hard job to care for a child with diabetes and camp gives the family a break and a breather to know that they are okay."
American Diabetes Month is Coming!
November is American Diabetes Month! Follow along with all of our content on our Social Media Channels, use the Camp Seale Harris Facebook Profile Frame, and wear blue on November 14th for World Diabetes Day! If you plan on sharing on your personal social media channels, join us in using #CSHDiabetesMonth!

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