February 2017
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Kris Buffington, MSW, LISW
Keynote Speaker

Kris Buffington is a clinical social worker with specialized experience in clinical practice in the treatment of traumatic stress and working with youth, adults, families, and professionals involved in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental health systems.  She is an affiliate member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and an experienced trainer in trauma-informed care cross systems and evidence-based trauma focused treatment. 

Her keynote presentation,  Enriching the Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Classroom with the Practice of Dignity, Hope, & Collaboration  is designed to inform and inspire the practice of creating safety, empowerment, and trauma-informed classroom environments in the child welfare training program.

Ms. Buffington will present an afternoon workshop, Infusing Trauma-Informed Care throughout the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. The session will provide review and discussion of core principles in trauma-informed care and explore and practice collaborative strategies to integrate these principals into a variety of child welfare curriculum.

Afternoon Workshops
Infusing Trauma-Informed Care throughout the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program - Kris Buffington

This workshop session will provide review and discussion of core principles in trauma-informed care and explore and practice collaborative strategies to integrate these principals into a variety of child welfare curriculum.

From Knowledge to Skill Development -  Nan Beeler

Knowledge without corresponding skill development is of little use. Are you interested in learning more about workshop design for  skill development? This workshop will review the latest research findings about what works, and what doesn't (and you'll be surprised by some of the findings!); the types of strategies best suited for participants, whether they are novice or experienced learners; and the best sequence for transfer of learning and skill development. Come with a workshop idea in mind - we will apply these concepts to your workshop.

How Will It Make Me Feel About Myself? Ethical Decision-Making for Training Professionals - Sally Fitch

There is considerable discussion and general agreement about what it means to be an ethical child welfare practitioner. But, what does it mean to be an ethical trainer of those practitioners? This session will provide participants a hands-on opportunity to explore ethical standards for training professionals, explore case examples that help you apply those standards and use Blanchard's and Peale's three questions for ethical decision making when things, "just aren't clear."

Trauma-Informed Care with Older Victims of Abuse and Neglect - Sylvia Pla-Raith

The Administration for Community Living recently drafted the Voluntary Consensus Guidelines for Adult Protective Services *(ACL, 2015) which includes a reference for the integration of trauma-informed approaches into a multi-disciplinary system that serves older adults and adults with disabilities.  The need to address trauma is increasingly viewed as an important component of effective victims' service delivery for victims across the life development, understanding behaviors and function. This workshop will focus on the impact of trauma on older adults. This workshop will offer an introduction to what it is all about, and offer some resources and preliminary steps to evaluate if your system is ready to become trauma-informed.

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Interesting Articles

AddressingAddressing Well-Being in the Training Room and Beyond
Kelley Gruber

When Beth Ann approached me about writing an article on trauma and well-being for the Common Ground, I said, sure, but it will probably be pretty short.  I'll just add a bunch of links to resources.  Well, as most of you know, trauma is my passion, so I am not sure why I ever thought I could be brief.  What resulted is a three part article.  Read the whole thing, or read just the part that seems most applicable to your needs. I hope you find the information helpful and it inspires you to attend our 2017 Trainer Conference in April.  As always, please share your thoughts about this article with me and others. ~ Kelley ~

  Developing Workshop Objectives

Nan Beeler
Workshop objectives are descriptive statements of what learners will be able to do on their jobs as a result of the learning intervention.  They are written in behavioral/performance terms, even when the skill to be developed is a thinking, rather than a behavioral skill. 

Why does the OCWTP place so much importance on writing workshop objectives? 

Because, if written correctly they:
  • Inform potential workshop participants, and their supervisors about the workshop's impact on participants' skill and knowledge development.
  • Inform transfer of learning conversations between participants and their supervisors. 
  • Inform the development of workshop-specific participant evaluations for standardized workshops.
The process of developing objectives helps you clarify the scope and depth of your workshops and identify the kinds of application and skill development activities to include in workshops.  That is, you design workshop activities for participants to practice the skills described in the objectives.

Click on the link below tor a tip sheet on writing objectives .... 

Trainer Tips 

Download the newest version of the 
Learning Outline and Review Form
Last year the OCWTP revised the Learning Outline and Review Form. In addition we also developed a guide to help trainers fill out the form. Please click the links below to check them both out! Please use this version of the outline form when you create a new outline.

Foster Care Alumni Corner 

What is Bridges????

On June 13, 2016, Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 50 into law to extend the age of foster care support services to 21. This extension of benefits will enable foster youth to make a better transition to independence and adulthood. Interested youth will emancipate from the county-administered foster care system and voluntarily enroll in the state-administered program.  They can receive supportive services up to age 21 as long as they meet program requirements.

The Office of Families and Children (OFC) was tasked with the responsibility of interpreting the law and launching this new initiative. An advisory group, comprised of a multiplicity of stakeholders, was formed.  After careful consideration, the group named the program, "Bridges".  The name was selected to convey that the program is not an extension of foster care, but a program that "bridges" foster care and self-sufficiency. The name highlights the work of a very engaged group of advisory members with well-established goals and objectives. Colleen Tucker-Buck and Arlene Samuel Jones (an OCWTP alumni trainer) co-chair this group.

A component of the bill includes training.  OCWTP and OFC are collaborating to implement training and prepare trainers (including alumni of the foster care system) for this new initiative by the scheduled program roll-out on January 1, 2018.

Meet Newly Approved
 OCWTP Trainers 

Stepanie Blaine
Kinship Caseworker 
Athens County Children Services

  • Stephanie is developing a human trafficking workshop

Nikaeda Griffie
Supervisor-Adoption and Permanency Planning
Summit County Children Services 

  • Nikaeda is in the process of becoming certified to train Cultural Issues in Permanency Planning (201-A-8-S)
From Around the OCWTP
The Latest News, Updates, and Announcements 

            RTC News From Around Ohio 

Southeast Ohio Regional Training Center 

Prior to the holidays, SEORTC staff enjoyed a wonderful holiday brunch followed by team building exercises in the afternoon.  We discussed SEORTC goals for the coming year. 

We held 5 workshops during the holiday weeks with good attendance.  Three of the five offerings were combined caregiver/staff workshops.  We receive great feedback on combined classes in our region.  Scheduling combined classes around the winter holidays has become a tradition at SEORTC!

SEORTC is pleased to partner with ECORTC for a second year on their annual Leadership Conference.  The conference is scheduled for March 22, 23 and 24, 2017 at the Carlisle Inn, Sugarcreek, Ohio. 

SEORTC hosted our quarterly Directors' Meeting, Foster Care Specialists' Meeting, and Supervisors' Networking Meeting on January 23 & 24.  Our special thanks to Kari Akins, OCWTP trainer and coach, for her participation in our supervisors' meeting.  Kari shared information and resources regarding Fairfield County's caseworker in training program.

Central Ohio Regional Training Center

Vicky Rhoads, former training liaison and Leadership Manager, has returned to Franklin County as the agency's Director of the Leadership Program.  Vicky will be involved with supervisory initiatives of CORTC.  She brings considerable experience from PCSA management, university instruction and private sector development.

Angie Rogers, Foster Parent Training Coordinator at CORTC, retired after 35 years of service.  Angie was a strong advocate for foster parents, from her early positions in casework to her role as a training liaison and coordinator.  She was celebrated by agency and community partners at a retirement event on January 19.  Angie will be greatly missed!

Northeast Ohio Regional Training Center

The NEORTC 10th Annual Foster Parent Conference is scheduled for May 4-6. Please click on the link below for the brochure.
Resources for OCWTP Trainers 

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Upcoming OCWTP Learning Activities for Trainers 

So You Want to be a Trainer 

May 22, 2017 - CORTC
Stand Up and Take Charge of the  Learning Environment    

April 18-19, 2017 - CORTC

June 6-7, 2017 - CORTC

June 15-16, 2017 - NWORTC

Curriculum Development
March 29-30, 2017 - CORTC

May 4-5, 2017 - CORTC

Diversity Training of Trainers 
March 24, 2017 - CORTC
CAPMIS Concepts Training of Trainers
April 25, 2017 - NEORTC
July 11, 2017 - CORTC
September 21, 2017 - SWORTC
December 4, 2017 - CORTC

Strengthening Presentation Design to Enhance Learning - (7pm-9pm)

Learning Lab - 7pm-9pm

May 16, 2017 - Online via Go to Training

May 23, 2017 - Online via  Go to Training

2017 OCWTP Trainer Conference 
April 10, 2017 - Crowne Plaza

For more information or to register please contact  Debra Sparrow .