February 2018
Greetings Trainers!

The Trainer Conference Committee is working hard to plan a great conference this year!  Please plan to come early and network with other trainers during continental breakfast time (between 8 AM and 9 AM). 

We have made some changes to the schedule in order to include one hour workshops in the morning. We will focus on learning activities that will help boost your workshops. Are you familiar with microlearning? Come learn about it and how it can enhance learning in the training environment.

The conference will also give you the opportunity to meet RTC staff and provide them with information about workshops you offer and expertise you might have that might meet priority learning needs of the system.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

I look forward to seeing you on April 9th!

Beth Ann Rodriguez

OCWTP Copyright Policy

The Trainer Development Work Team is updating the copyright policy. In March we will be presenting the updates to the OCWTP Steering Committee for approval. We will send out information to you about changes to the policy real soon. Please be on the look out for the information.
New ODJFS Program

ODJFS' new program, Bridges, launched on February 1st!  Bridges is a voluntary program available to young adults who aged out of Ohio's foster care system and who meet eligibility criteria. The program provides guidance and support as they transition to adulthood. 
The young adults who enter the program will work with Bridges liaisons, who are employed by members of the  Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio , the agency awarded the Bridges grant.  The Collaborative is a non-profit organization that includes OACCA member organizations and United Health Care. 
ODJFS is the administrator of Bridges and has assigned policy developers to each of the five Bridges regions to provide guidance and grant oversight. 
PCSAs have a limited but important role in the success of Bridges:
  • Workers are required to inform emancipating young adults about the Bridges program 180 days prior to emancipation.
  • If the young adult is interested, the worker will make a referral to Bridges and participate in a "warm handoff" with the Bridges liaison.
  • If the young adult is not interested or does not meet eligibility requirements, the PCSA will continue to provide post emancipation services.

Caseworker Core Re-Order
To strengthen the progressive development of skill sets of new staff, the Casework Practice Work Team is recommending slight changes to the sequencing of Caseworker Core. Due to risk and safety assessment requiring workers to identify child vulnerabilities, and risk assessment requiring workers to identify any problems in children's development or functioning, we have decided understanding of child development (core 7) should occur prior to assessing children (core 4). Further, we determined legal training (core 3) should be last in the series. By doing so, workers will have learned about all major aspects of a child welfare case, from intake through placement and reunification. We thought it would be beneficial for workers to have this content before learning about the court processes corresponding to those various aspects of child welfare cases.
The new order of Caseworker Core workshops will be:
First: CW1
 Family-Centered Approach to Child Protective Services
Second: CW2
Engaging Families in Family-Centered Child Protective Services

Learning Lab - Engagement Skills  
Third: CW7
 Child Development: Implications for Family-Centered Child Protective...   
Fourth: CW4
Assessment and Safety Planning in Family-Centered Child Protective Services 

SACWIS Learning Lab
Assessing Safety and Controlling Safety Threats 

SACWIS Learning Lab
Assessing Family Strengths, Needs and Risk of Future...
Fifth: CW5 Gathering Facts in Family-Centered Child Protective Services  

CW5  Learning Lab Assessment Skills for Gathering Facts in Child...  
Sixth: CW6
Service Planning and Delivery in Family-Centered Child Protective Services

SACWIS Learning Lab: Service Planning          
Seventh: CW8
Separation, Placement, and Reunification in Family-Centered Child... 
Eighth: CW3
Legal Aspects of Family-Centered Child Protective Services

Applause and Recognition 

Congratulations to OCWTP Trainer Dr. Georgette Constantinou on her retirement as Administrative Director of the Division of Pediatric Psychiatry and Psychology at Akron Children's Hospital where she was employed for 40 years. According to a recent Akron Beacon Journal article announcing Dr. Constantinou's retirement, long time community advocate, lawyer, and deputy mayor of Akron Dave  Liebeth  says "For many people, she has been the single most important person in the arena of advocating for children's mental health. She was active in coordinating work among county advocates and agencies and their work with neglected and abused children". One thing to note that despite all the programs and services that Dr. Constantinou was involved in developing and managing, her  main focus  remained on families and children, including making sure that a mental health therapist worked at every Akron Children's Hospital primary-care office to make it easy for families to get easy access to integrated care. Dr. Constantinou has been a trainer for the OCWTP for nearly 30 years and many child welfare professionals have benefited from her vast knowledge and expertise in the areas of child development and children's mental health.   

From Around the OCWTP
The Latest News, Updates, and Announcements 

          RTC News From Around Ohio 


  • Congratulations China Darrington!  China has been assigned as the Project Coordinator for the Summit County Opiate Task Force.  She will be the point person for a lot of great things going on in Summit County to combat this epidemic.
  • Important: The NASW Code of Ethics has been updated as of August 1, 2017 and went into effect January 1, 2018.  Below is a link to the new Code of Ethics and the second link indicates what was updated.



Greene County Children Services sprung a leak in their roof in early January and the WORTC was there to the rescue! Eleven of the 12 modules for their first PRESERVICE of 2018 were moved 10 miles west to the RTC while the repairs were made to the agency. We would like to thank trainer Maggie Lupton for her flexibility with location and schedule during this soggy crisis. 

  • ECORTC Staff would like to thank Mr. Raymond Lloyd for responding to our last minute request to host a Preservice round in Monroe County, Ohio. Thanks Mr. Lloyd for coming to the rescue of our Foster Parents in East Central Ohio and helping make these sessions a reality!
  • Also, to all trainers who train for us, we feature your very own TRAINER PARKING SPACE at our main training facility at Guernsey County Children Services. We hope this allows you easy unpacking and set up and loading. 
  • In Calendar Year 2017, our RTC provided 413 sessions of training and trained over 5199 staff and caregivers in ECORTC; and we hosted 136 sessions of Adult Protective Services training with 1782 people trained in NEOHSTS!
  • Finally, please note, many of our local hotels will match the state rate for lodging if you ask and mention you are training for Children Services. As far as location we are located on 1 hour 15 minutes from East Columbus, and only 1 hour 45 minutes from Akron. ECORTC is only 10 minutes from the Salt Fork State Park, the largest State Park in Ohio, featuring a recreational lake with over 72 miles of shoreline. The lodge at Salt Fork is excellent and they have a state of the art campground for anyone with a mobile camper.

Resources for OCWTP Trainers 

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Upcoming OCWTP Learning Opportunities for Trainers 

(TOT 6 Hr) Addressing Diversity Issues in Your Training 
May 3, 2018
August 23, 2018
November 1, 2018
(TOT 12 Hr) Stand Up and Take Charge of the Learning Environment 
April 18-19, 2018
June 6-7, 2018 
(TOT 12 Hr) Curriculum Development
March 28-29, 2018
May 10-11, 2018 (NEORTC)
May 22-23, 2018
Strengthening Presentation Design to Enhance Learning
 (online 7- 9 pm)
May 8, 2018; Learning Lab - May 15, 2018
For more information or to register please contact  Debra Sparrow .
The National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA) 30th  Annual Education Conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio  September 30 - October 3, 2018!

The OCWTP is leading the local conference planning committee and we are very excited about the conference! It is a great opportunity to attend a national conference without the high expense of travel. Please plan to attend the conference! 

We are looking for people who would like to volunteer during the conference, please contact Debra Sparrow if you are interested.

Trainers who would like to submit workshop proposals,please see the information below:

The NSDTA Executive Advisory Council is now accepting workshop proposals for its 30th  Annual Education Conference, September 30 - October 3, 2018, in Columbus, OH. This is your opportunity to shape the content for this premier event for professionals involved in human services training, staff and organizational development/effectiveness.

Submissions are due no later than Friday, March 23rd.