February 2020
G reetings to All!                                                      

Growth In Winter                            
As a lover of horticulture, I have always been in awe of the growth that plants and trees do underground in the winter. On the surface all looks drab and still, yet in the quiet there is tremendous effort being made to be prepared for being bigger, better, more beautiful. Winter is much the same for me. I'm not a fan of cold, snowy weather. Yet, I decide to live in Ohio so I have had to find ways to make winter more than drudgery.
So, in winter, I focus on learning. I appear still and a bit drab (if I'm honest) on the outside. In the quiet of my home and my office, I am often found exploring, reading, researching, learning in winter. This period of exploration of new ideas prepares me for being bigger, better, more beautiful when I emerge and am able to share all that I uncovered on my learning journey.
As lifelong learners and people who believe in the power of knowledge, we need to make time to explore new ideas, review the latest research on our topic of expertise, challenge ourselves to dig a bit deeper into a topic of interest.  This process makes us better at what we do and more beautiful in the way we can connect to others.
This issue of Common Ground is focused on the skill of facilitation. Information is being provided to start you down a path of exploration, review, learning on the topic. Whether you believe you have much to learn or that you are an expert on the topic, there's something here for you. I will get the opportunity to see you in the Spring at the Trainer Conference. I look forward to seeing you bigger, better, more beautiful!
I hope you enjoy the information and the growth that comes with exploration,
Carol Taylor
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Here is the link to the (39-second) video on accessing the Facilitator Edit Webform in E-Track:

(It will also be posted in the Facilitator section of the E-Track Help Center.)
CarolsResourceCornerCarol's Resource Corne
Part 1 of 3.  I found this podcast oddly intriguing.  It really wasn't new information, yet it made me raise my consciousness to things I have known are important for a long time. When we are more consciously and intentionally using the skills that we know make for better engagement and learning, training is more enjoyable for all involved.  Take 22 minutes out of your day to be reminded of the foundations of great facilitation.
As a data geek, I appreciated some of the statistics that she shared. While I may not take on the Super Woman pose on a daily basis, I do believe that we can behave our way into healthier thoughts which then leads to more healthy behaviors. This too, reminded me to be intentionally aware of body language, mine and other's.

 Book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson

I found this book while on the rabbit trail within the podcast above. I watched a few summary videos then listened to the Audible version. Very interesting concepts in the book.  My personal favorite:  "He who has a why, can bear almost any how."
--Carol Taylor

Thoughts from our Trainers:
For this issue of Common Ground I asked several of our trainers to review the podcast above and to respond to the question "what is one of your rules for facilitation?"  Below are thoughts from your peers...
--Carol Taylor
   "We are not only teaching trainees new content, we are also modeling for them how to treat others. It's a parallel process. We can't stand up speaking about respect, active listening, engaging, and kindness if we aren't modeling those same behaviors as a Trainer. By being patient, answering questions fully and encouraging self-reflection and critical thinking, we are inadvertently showing them exactly how we want them to treat their families and/or staff."
Confidence : 
  "I believe trainers need to present with confidence.  Confidence is conveyed through a multitude of factors.  Appearance: taking command of the room.  Competence: Having a strong content knowledge and familiarity with empirically based research to support your curriculum.  I utilize a lot of citations in the  presentation which builds a lot of credibility to the curriculum." --Brian
  "I often see myself as a cheerleader whose role is not only to create and maintain the energy and focus of  the task at hand, (i.e., keeping everyone engaged and their voices heard), but to build a shared understanding of the content being taught, through  encouragement and non-judgment to achieve the desired goals.  As a facilitator, it's important for me to create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment, where participants can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts/ideas and practicing new skills." --Lois
  "Probably the most important "rule" of facilitation for me is to do my best to connect personally with participants throughout the workshop day. It begins by being present and prepared as early as possible so that I am set and ready to greet and chat with people as they enter the door. I concentrate to remember people's names and other information that they have told me. I try hard to connect and recall things that participants have said in the training day that may link to other sections of the workshop. I feel that when I demonstrate that I truly do care about individuals, their experiences, their knowledge, and their input, that it encourages people to stay engaged and gives me credibility as a facilitator ." --Lynne
  "My rules for facilitating  is to shine;
S- Speak your truth and trust your experience and expertise 
H- Have confidence in your ability as a Trainer
I- Involve everyone and affirm everyone in your workshops 
N- Never stop improving your skills, the road is never ending
E- Expend massive energy to your audience, light up the room and leave them in awe"--Anthony


Working with Resistance in the Training Classroom
The Implicit Bias Workshop
By: Daniel A. Houston

Feature article by Dan Houston with almost 24 years of training experience "bring awareness of how our unconscious mind can limit empathy toward differences . "

 Crowne Plaza Columbus North
6500 Doubletree Avenue, Columbus, OH 43229-1145
Registration information will be available soon

ImportantInformation      Important Information
Governor DeWine Announces Children Services Transformation Advisory Council, Regional Forum
Dan Tierney: 614-644-0957
Jill Del Greco: 614-644-0957

November 4, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio)-Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced the formation of the Children Services Transformation Advisory Council aimed at reviewing the state of Ohio's foster care system and developing recommendations for improving the experience of children and families. The advisory council was created to build on the historic investments included in the State Operating Budget providing more opportunities for families and children.  Click here to view article  
For each Common Ground Issue, the OCWTP is asking a randomly selected Trainer to answer questions about them self in order to "Get to Know You Better."  Take a look, you may find you have something in "Common" with another Trainer.

10 Things About Me - Dawn Alsept

 1.   Favorite Food:

A nything I don't have to cook

 2.  Favorite Restaurant:

 3.  Favorite Movie:
T he Notebook or Peanut Butter Falcon
 4.  Favorite TV Show:
I never watch TV unless I happen to catch a great documentary on PBS.
 5.  Favorite TV show to binge-watch:
I literally binge watch you-tube videos regarding photography and silversmiths, does that count?
 6.  Ideal Travel Spot:
Anywhere I can dip my toes in the Caribbean Ocean.
 7.  If you could have dinner with anyone in the world (living or deceased) who would that be;
Abraham Lincoln
 8.  Favorite Fun Thing to Do:
I have way too many hobbies: Photography is my latest venture, writing, and silversmithing.
 9.  What do you enjoy most about training? 
Sharing my knowledge to help attendees grow in their professional roles.
10.  Most memorable training experience?  
Hmmm...Maybe the class where I only had 1 attendee, we made it fun!

Welcome New OCWTP Trainers

Sabrina Pittman

Ms. Pittman was introduced and trained on personality management in October of 2012. She has since trained hundreds of individuals as it relates to personality, with the majority of them being clients in inpatient rehabilitation centers for those suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Since 2016 Ms. Pittman has been teaching and researching the effects that  drugs and alcohol have on the personality, as well as how to help those individuals recover and manage their behaviors based on their personality types .

Melissa Flick 

Ms. Flick, LISW-S, received her Masters of Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2012. Ms. Flick has worked in all aspects of public child welfare since 1992.  Currently she is the Children Services Administrator for South Central Ohio Job and Family Services, providing oversight to children and adult protective services for Ross, Hocking and Vinton counties

Tijana  Coso

Tijana Coso received her Master's of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences from The University of Akron in 2004. She is passionate about helping others create a life with less stress, high productivity, and greater resiliency by using a powerful evidence-based mind/body technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in her trainings. Currently, Tijana  offers national live experiential professional development programs, continuing education and corporate retreats using EFT. In addition, she also specializes by offering her EFT expertise to assist with trauma informed care, secondary trauma, unconscious bias and with those battling addiction.

           Margaret "Peggy" Smith Replogle

Attorney Margaret Smith Replogle ("Peggy") has practiced law since 1998. She has over 20 years' experience in child welfare law, juvenile law, family law, and criminal defense.  Her experience in domestic relations began in 1994 as an enforcement specialist for the Fairfield County Child Support Enforcement Agency. In 1996, while attending the evening program at Capital University School of Law, she left her position with the Fairfield County Child Support Enforcement Agency when she accepted a position as a law clerk with the Fairfield County Prosecuting Attorney's office. From there, she accepted a position with a general practice law firm in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Capital Law School in May 1998 and was admitted to practice law by the Ohio Supreme Court in November, 1998. Peggy was admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in 1999 and the United States Supreme Court in 2006. She moved from Columbus and the majority of her career was spent in her home town in Lancaster, Ohio. She eventually moved her office to Pickerington, Ohio, where she resides with her Husband Andy, children Andrew and Hazel, and  two rambunctious Boston Terriers, Archie & Snickers.  

Tim Merle

Mr. Merle, LISW-S, received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Wright State University in 1991 and his Master of Social Work from Ohio State University in 2001.  Mr. Merle has worked in ongoing, intake and screening with Richland County Children Services (1993-2008) and Franklin County Children Services where he has been employed since 2009.  Currently, he is a screening supervisor, providing direction for crisis intervention, assessing risk to children and families and processing screening decisions.

Paula Walters 

Paula Walters is the Founder and President of Standing Courageous, Inc. In her role, Paula has developed and leads the team that provides education and awareness about domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. In 2020, Standing Courageous is expanding it's mission to include survivor services.  Drawing on her experience as a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence with strangulation and sexual assault,   Paula specializes in educating about the psychology of an abuser and victim, the impacts of abuse, and the role individuals have in stopping the cycle of violence and aiding in a victims recovery.
Paula has been in the fire service and EMS since 1999.  She became a Paramedic in 2003 after attending The Medical College of Ohio where she received the Clinical Excellence Award.  She became and EMS instructor in 2009.  Paula has worked in Ohio, North Carolina and Louisiana as a Paramedic in variety of EMS and public service capacities.
Paula experienced a traumatic brain injury from being abused that was misdiagnosed for over a decade. She has had a long journey to finally being properly diagnosed. That journey included giving up being a first responder which she loves so much. She is passionate about using her life experiences to inspire others to triumph over trauma and tragedy.
She enjoys painting, poetry, and writing and is currently working on a book of her life, tentatively to be published late 2020. Residing in Toledo, Ohio, Paula enjoys volunteering in many aspects in her community helping others triumph over trauma. She can be contacted via email at paula@paulawalters.org .

From Around the OCWTP, ODJFS and IHS
The Latest News, Updates, and Announcements 

Applause and Recognition 
Ken Lawson receiving
 his award.

C ongratulations to trainer Ken Lawson, who received a Distinguished Service Award at the Ohio Attorney General Law Enforcement Conference, October 8-9, 2019.  The conference's theme was Protecting the Unprotected,  reflecting efforts to keep Ohioans and their communities safe.


Chelza Tyma Pic
  Welcome to SEORTC Chelza Tyma

SEORTC welcomes Chelza Tyma! Chelza is our part-time secretary, who started at SEORTC in November 2019.  Please Join us in welcoming Chelza!


Information for trainers who are training in the Western Region at the Montgomery County agency:

Please be advised that you (and all others) are now being required to go through a metal detector, that is located at the Visitation entrance, which is left of the main doors. This process will take a while to complete, so please give yourself extra time since they will go through your equipment bags, belongings, and etc. You will then be escorted to the front desk to sign-in before being allowed to go to the training room. Please allow for a few more minutes so you will be there by the required 8:30 before a 9:00 training day. Thank you!

Betsy Keefer Smalley pictured here in pants and Sara Vargas in the stripe dress. 

IHS sent Betsy Kefer Smalley to Brazil to present two day conferences and to do a 3-day workshop for about 70 social workers on permanency and adoption.  The hostess/host were Sara Vargas and her husband Rodrigo.  Those of you who were involved in the study tour last December will have meet Sara. 

Welcome to IHS Susan Yingling

We are excited to announce Susan Yinglin g has re-joined the IHS team to assist with various projects.  She is a n on-profit, administrative and marketing professional with over 30 years of expertise and a bachelor's degree in marketing and communications from Franklin University.  She will be working on various projects and we look forward to benefiting from her skills.  Please join us in welcoming back Susan!

Welcome to IHS Janie Rhoads

Please join us in welcoming Janie Rhoads to the IHS team. Janie joined IHS full time in December 2019 as an addition to the Casework Practice Team.  Janie began her child welfare career in 1987, gaining experience as a PCSA caseworker working in a sexual abuse unit then as supervisor over ongoing, foster care, adoption and family preservation.  Janie also has experience in the mental health field.   She left the PCSA position in 2001 and founded New Horizon which is a therapeutic foster care and adoption agency with a focus on permanency.  That same year Janie became an OCWTP trainer.  She began training with a focus on Caseworker Core and has added CAPMIS to her list of expertise.  Janie has received two OCWTP awards: 2004 Rising Star Award and 2016 Linda Pope Award.  Janie continues to be one of the CAPMIS "point people" in the state. Her focus at IHS between now and June 2020 will remain Caseworker Core and CAPMIS.  Janie's true passion is working with trainers and is excited to be working with this team of professionals. We at IHS are looking forward to the many benefits that Janie will add to our team.  Welcome Janie!  

Welcome to IHS Mike Nowlin

Mike Nowlin joined the IHS team as Director of Operations in January.  He will be working with the managers on OCWTP, and Mike will help Ron Hughes and Judy Rycus on various administrative and coordination duties for both international and policy center work of IHS.  He is highly competent system thinker and deeply committed to continuous quality improvement.  Mike joins us after 25 years of serving in the mental health, child welfare and international development sectors and he is a great addition to our team. Please join us in welcoming Mike!


It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of Beth Ann Rodriguez on Thursday, February 20, 2020.
Beth Ann managed the trainer development department at IHS for almost 15 years.  She implemented a number of innovative processes that raised system standards while still maintaining the flexibility to provide individualized support to trainers.  Beth Ann was a model of integrity and humility and a master at bringing diverse groups to middle ground.
Beth Ann, with the support of Tammy and a close circle of family and friends, lived her last months in laughter and celebration as she dealt with her health issues.
  She was a beloved member of IHS and the OCWTP and she will be deeply missed.

A memorial for Beth Ann will be held in Columbus in March.  As soon as we have additional information, we will share it with you.
Resources for OCWTP Trainers 


This season brings the potential for great challenges for trainers who have to travel the state! It is a good time for you to review the weather advisory information found in the OCWTP Trainer Handbook starting on page 53. You will also find contact information from each of the RTCs that will be useful to you during this season.

Here is some helpful information from the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness:

Prepare a winter emergency kit for your vehicles. Supplies should include:
* At least two blankets or a sleeping bag * Flashlight or battery-powered lantern and extra batteries * Booster (jumper) cables * Emergency flares * Extra clothing, particularly boots, hats and mittens * A steel shovel and rope to use as a lifeline * Bottled water or juice and nonperishable high-energy foods (granola bars, raisins, nuts, peanut butter or cheese crackers) * First-aid kit and necessary medications * Sand or non-clumping cat litter for tire traction, if your vehicle gets stuck in snow or ice * A cell phone and car charger.  

In case of inclement weather, please look at the www.OCWTP.net website. At the bottom of the website, you will see For Trainees section, a link for weather alerts for announcement of cancelled training.

TrainingOpportunitiesUpcoming OCWTP Learning Opportunities for Trainers  

TOT (So You Want to be An OCWTP Trainer) 9am - 1pm
May 18, 2020
Jodie Hembree
NEORTC (Summit)
June 2, 2020
Lois Tyler
Stand Up and Take Charge of the Learning Environment TOT - 9am-4pm
March 10-11, 2020
Lynne Anderson
May 19-20, 2020
Lynne Anderson
Curriculum Development TOT - 9am - 4pm
May 27-28, 2020
Pam Reid
Addressing Diversity Issues in Your Training TOT 9am - 4pm
March 27, 2020
Leslie Ahmadi
NEORTC (Summit)
June 5, 2020
Leslie Ahmadi
CAPMIS Concepts TOT 9am - 4pm
March 12, 2020
Dorothy Striker
NEORTC (Summit)
June 12, 2020
Dorothy Striker
Strengthening Presentation Design to Enhance Learning 7pm-9pm
March 11, 2020
Christina Carter
June 10, 2020
Christina Carter
Learning Lab-Strengthening Presentation Design 7pm-9pm
March 18, 2020
Christina Carter
June 17, 2020
Christina Carter

For more information or to register please contact  Dawn Morgan
at dmorgan@ihs-trainet.com or  614-233-2214