June 2016
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TC2016Continuing Our Journey from 
the Trainer Conference!

by Stacey Saunders-Adams
The OCWTP expects all caseworker learning activities to include application to child welfare specific to CAPMIS concepts and Ohio Child Welfare best practice. 

The trainer conference was one of many opportunities to partner with us in this journey. 
If you joined us at the 2016 Trainer Conference, Thank You for attending!  If not, here is your opportunity to join us in our journey to promote Critical Thinking in Child Welfare Case Process in Ohio!
Helpful Resources
Many helpful resources about Case Process and Critical Thinking were shared at the Trainer Conference!   We want all of you to have access to these helpful materials! Click the links below to access those materials.
An Added Focus: 
CAPMIS and Critical Thinking  
Follow the links below to learn how OCWTP trainers use or plan to use information from the conference in their workshops:
Seeking volunteers!
Would you like help integrating CAPMIS concepts into your workshop outlines? We'd love to work with you to help you do this!  Email us at CAPMIS@ihs-trainet.com if you are interested!
Save-the-dateMark Your Calendar!

Join us at t he 2017  OCWTP Trainer Conference!  

  April 10, 2017

by  Dale H. Curry
The Regional Training Director begins the session by saying "I have the pleasure of introducing our first trainer. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with more than 20 years of public child welfare experience and a national expert on today's topic."

However, the trainer is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 19 years of experience working with children, adults, and families in an out-patient community mental health setting and less than one year of public child welfare experience.  Not wanting to "correct" the Regional Training Director in front of the group nor adversely affect her credibility with the group, the trainer does not clarify her credentials and the session begins ethically compromised.  Read more

Unsafe_sleepUnsafe Sleep Environments and 
Child Protective Services

by  James Marlow 
There are many child maltreatment risk factors that caseworkers in Child Protection Services (CPS) encounter. But it may be surprising to realize that the greatest risk related to preventable deaths in children between 29 days and one year of life (the "post-neonatal" period) is an "unsafe sleep environment." It may be difficult, however, to determine how caseworkers will take this important risk factor into account when formulating their assessments and intervention plans. Read more

FC_Alumni_CornerFoster Care Alumni Corner 

Congratulations to Adrian McLemore!

by  Charlotte Osterman  

Congratulations to Adrian McLemore who completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wright State University in April, 2016.

Adrian's twelve-year journey to earn his degree began in the fall of 2004. After emancipating from foster care, he said, "I went to college because I needed a place to stay." It was not an easy ride. There were academic roadblocks and family challenges along the way.
At one point on his journey, Adrian took custody of his young niece and nephew, determined not to see another generation of McLemores grow up in the child welfare system.

Through much perseverance and support from many mentors and friends, Adrian joined the ranks of the less than two percent of foster youth who enroll in college and complete a degree.

Local government officials in Montgomery County were among several groups, organizations and individuals Adrian thanked for helping bring him to the finish line ( click here to watch the video) He intends to devote his life to public service.
Adrian is a trainer for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. He hopes his academic accomplishment will better enhance his message to caseworkers, supervisors, and administrators about the needs of children and youth in care.
HB 50 Passed by Ohio Legislature

The Ohio Fostering Connections Act, HB 50, extending support to foster youth through age 21, passed the Ohio Senate with a unanimous vote of 33-0 on May 25, 2016. Trainers who train caseworkers and foster caregivers can learn more about this new legislation by following this link .  

RecognitionApplause and Recognition 

Congratulations to Sister Madeleine Rybicki, 
2016 NEORTC Trainer of the Year!

The Northeast Ohio Regional Training Center is pleased to announce Sister Madeleine Rybicki as NEORTC Trainer of the Year for 2016. Sister Madeleine began training over 25 years ago, before E-Track and the use of PowerPoint computer programs. This is the second time she has received this honor. The first was in 1990.

Sister Madeleine is an international trainer in the field of children and youth care and has her master's degree in Child Development from the University of Pittsburgh. She is on staff with Holy Family Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a multi-disciplinary agency specializing in therapeutic care of abused and neglected children and families in crisis. Read more 
Online Webinar with Tanisha Knighton

One of OCWTP's own, Tanisha Knighton, presented a national webinar entitled, Child Protective Services and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Cases, through the National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) in Huntsville, AL. that is now available as a recording.  Check it out on NCAC's Online Training page

Please email dlimes@ihs-trainet.com if you would like to share your success stories with your fellow trainers. 

New_TrainersMeet Newly Approved
 OCWTP Trainers 

Erica Sabados

Special Projects Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services 

  • Caseworker Core Modules

Arlene Samuel Jones

Owner/Operator, Arise Consultation & Training, LLC 

  • PRT workshops
  • Lifelong Connections: Permanency for Older Youth
  • Building Partnerships: Providing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth in Care 
  • Positive Youth Development: The Vital Link 
  • Engaging Youth in Transition Planning 
  • Normalcy and the Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard
Seanine Cook

Emancipation Worker, Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services 

  • Adolescent Development and Culture

Jami Eklund

Quality Assurance Specialist, Safe Kids Child Passenger Safety Certification Program

  • An Overview of Child Passenger Safety: Modeling and Instructing Safe Transportation Practices to Birth Parents and Caregivers

RTC-NEWSFrom Around the OCWTP
The Latest News, Updates, and Announcements 

               RTC News From Around Ohio 

ResourcesResources for OCWTP Trainers 

Check out the resources tagged  NEW!  to see what's been added this month.

Click here to access  Resources for OCWTP Trainers

The Book Nook 
Design for How People Learn

by Laura Hughes

You may not be a learning nerd like me, but Design for How People  Learn (2nd ed.)  by Julie Dirksen will grab your attention the minute you open the book. Who knew reading about learning design could be a page-turner? Through the use of stick figures, graphics, metaphors, and stories, Dirksen turns this sometimes dull subject into...dare I say it...fun. Most importantly, you walk away with concrete strategies to enhance your skills as a trainer, your workshops, and the learner's ability to gain new knowledge and skill.   Read more

to-do-listTrainer To-Do List 

Do We Have a Current Trainer Biography for You?

We are working on updating OCWTP trainer biographies. You trainer bio is entered in E-Track and used to advertise learnings. If you haven't recently updated your bio, please follow the link to share information related to your education, licenses held and professional experience. Thank you in advance! 

Your Input Is Needed!

Please share your feedback and ideas about topics for future   issues of Common Ground by following  this link  

TOTUpcoming OCWTP Learning Opportunities for Trainers 

So You Want to be a Trainer 

September 9, 2016 - IHS
January 23, 2017 - CORTC
Stand Up and Take Charge of the  Learning Environment    

August 29-30, 2016 - CORTC
October 26-27, 2016 - CORTC
December 1-2, 2016 - CORTC

Curriculum Development
August 16-17, 2016 - ODJFS
(4020 E. 5th Ave.  Columbus)
November 29-30, 2016 - NEORTC

Strengthening Presentation Design to Enhance Learning 
(7 pm - 9pm)

August 16 & 23, 2016, 2016 -   
Go to Training
November 8 & 15, 2016 
Go to Training

Culture and Diversity Training of Trainers 
Self-directed process with an OCWTP staff member

2016 OCWTP Trainer Conference 
April 10, 2017  

For more information or to register please contact  Debra Sparrow .
Opportunities to Learn More
CAPMIS Concepts:Training of Trainers

Offered multiple times at multiple RTCs. Check E-track for sessions near you!

This workshop will introduce OCWTP trainers to Ohio's assessment and service planning model, the Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model-Interim Solution (CAPMIS). Trainers will be provided an overview of concepts specific to assessing safety, strengths and needs, risk, and reunification readiness, and how these assessments guide safety planning, service provision, and case planning. 

This workshop is CSWMFT Board approved for Social Work and Counselor CEUs.

E-Track Learning Number: 660-14-S

CAPMIS Assessing Safety

Offered multiple times at multiple RTCs. Check E-track for sessions near you!

During this 6-hour learning activity, participants will strengthen their skills in assessing safety of children using the CAPMIS framework. Participants will thoroughly examine the fundamental components of assessing safety - safety factors, child vulnerability, and adult protective capacities - and will explore how a thorough assessment of safety is critical throughout the life of a case. 
This workshop is CSWMFT Board approved for Social Work and Counselor CEUs .

E-Track Learning Number: 114-11-CPM-S
CAPMIS Safety Planning

Offered multiple times at multiple RTCs. Check E-track for sessions near you!

During this 6-hour learning activity, participants will develop a thorough understanding of how safety plans should be used to keep children safe. Participants will review each of the components of an effective safety plan. Topics addressed in this workshop include:  
    • The link between safety assessment and safety planning
    • Different types of safety plans, and how to determine the appropriate safety response
    • How to assess responsible persons included in safety plans
    • Safety plan monitoring requirements
This workshop is CSWMFT Board approved for Social Work and Counselor CEUs.

E-Track Learning Number:  114-9-CPM-S
C APMIS Strengths and Needs Risk Assessment

Offered multiple times at multiple RTCs. Check E-track for sessions near you!

The CAPMIS Strengths and Needs Risk Assessment workshop is a six-hour session. In this workshop, participants will develop a detailed understanding of how the assessment of families' strengths and needs informs service provision and case planning.
Participants will learn how to distinguish risk contributors - from non-risk contributors through proper application of the clinical assessment - and how to identify and utilize family strengths to reduce the likelihood of future maltreatment.
This workshop is CSWMFT Board approved for Social Work and Counselor CEUs.

E-Track Learning Number: 114-13-CPM-S