October 2018
LetterHappy Fall season from the OCWTP!

What a busy time it has been at OCWTP!  

First, we would like to thank you very much for your wonderful response to the CAPMIS TOT requirement. We hope that the experience provided you with valuable understanding and knowledge that will help you to integrate the concepts into the workshops you develop and present. Below are new CAPMIS learning opportunities available to you.

Summer was also busy as two wonderful conferences were planned, the PCSAO Conference and the National Staff Development and Training Association Conference. Both were a great success and we hope you were able to attend them.

Christina Carter developed a new live online TOT session that we encourage you to attend.  Flattening the Forgetting Curve One Space at a Time. In this learning activity you will learn:
  • How memory works
  • How spaced retrieval strengthens memory
  • How to create strong retrieval exercises
  • You will receive tools and templates to start building your own spaced retrieval campaigns
She is offering this learning activity November 28, 2018. Please e-mail Christina Carter at   ccarter@ihs-trainet.com to register.

Finally and very importantly, thank you so much for all the work you do to ensure that our supervisors, caseworkers, and caregivers provide the best possible services to the families of Ohio. We appreciate the time you take to research and develop needed workshops. We also appreciate the work you do to continue develop your skills.

Don't forget to mark April 8, 2019 on your calendar and plan to attend the Trainer Conference!

Beth Ann Rodriguez

ImportantInformationImportant Information
  • It is important to regularly check your personal E-Track calendar. If you see any discrepancies, contact the applicable RTC as soon as possible.
  • OCWTP Trainers are Independent Contractors and have the legal responsibility to abide by all federal copyright federal laws.
  • To avoid infringing on  YouTube 's Terms of Service and facing potential legal consequences, always ask before posting a video you don't own. Following is a helpful link:    Permission to use YouTube video
  • Online Access to Standardized Training Module FilesThe OCWTP is transitioning to a new file-sharing service (Box.com) to provide trainers of standardized modules online access to those modules' materials. This will replace the previous service used, I-Backup. Standardized workshop trainers will receive an email soon with instructions to access and use the new service. Please note that this does not impact OHSTS trainers.

This season brings the potential for great challenges for trainers who have to travel the state! It is a good time for you to review the weather advisory information found in the OCWTP Trainer Handbook starting on page 53. You will also find contact information from each of the RTCs that will be useful to you during this season.

Here is some helpful information from the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness:

Prepare a winter emergency kit for your vehicles. Supplies should include:
  •  At least two blankets or a sleeping bag
  •  Flashlight or battery-powered lantern and extra batteries
  •  Booster (jumper) cables
  •  Emergency flares
  •  Extra clothing, particularly boots, hats and mittens
  •  A steel shovel and rope to use as a lifeline
  •  Bottled water or juice and nonperishable high-energy foods (granola bars, raisins,  nuts, peanut butter or cheese crackers)
  •  First-aid kit and necessary medications
  •  Sand or non-clumping cat litter for tire traction, if your vehicle gets stuck in snow or ice
  •  A cell phone and car charger

Applause and Recognition 

Kudos to Karen Vadino  and Jim White who presented keynote speeches at the NSDTA Conference earlier this month! 

Karen's presentation was All Stressed Up and no Where to Go: Laugh it Off!

Jim's presentation was
The Evolution of Training: We've Come a Long Way Baby...or Have We? A Thirty year perspective.
Welcome New OCWTP Trainer
Michele (Shelly) Bell 
New Albany, Ohio

Shelly Bell received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Ohio State University in 2000. Ms. Bell began working with families and children, including youth in care, beginning in 1999. Currently she is the Family Systems Advocacy/Linking Systems Project Coordinator for the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, providing support around the intersection of domestic violence and child welfare, as well as technical assistance in a new project linking child and youth victims of crime to trauma-informed services.

Shelly will be training Domestic Violence FundamentalsConnect: Supporting Children Exposed to Domestic Violence, and she would eventually like to develop a course on working with children whose parents are incarcerated.


From Around the OCWTP
The Latest News, Updates, and Announcements 



Congratulations Ronna Johnson! On Friday, October 26, 2018, Ronna Johnson was presented the NEORTC Trainer of the Year Award at the 27th Annual NEORTC Staff and Foster Parent Training Liaison Retreat. This year's retreat was attended by 22 county training liaisons, ODJFS, RTC, and IHS staff.  Ronna was voted Trainer of the Year by staff and foster parent training liaisons and this is the second time she has won this award, having first won it in 2013.  During the retreat, they held a liaison meeting, followed by a delicious pot luck lunch and ended the day with a 3-hour training provided by Ronna.  Congratulations Ronna on this well-deserved Award!
NEORTC welcomed Yvonne Edmunds as their new clerical specialist for staff training in September 2018. Yvonne graduated from Garfield High School and attended the university of Akron as an Accounting major. Prior to her transition to the NEORTC, Yvonne supported staff, foster parents, caregivers and children at Summit County Children Services thorough the Permanency Department.   Yvonne is excited to learn more about the NEORTC and to support staff trainers. As you come to NEORTC to train or take a course, please take a moment to say "welcome" to Yvonne!  

Reminder of our Winter Weather policy for trainers. In case of severe winter driving conditions, please call the NEORTC at (330) 379-2003 after 6:30 a.m. to find out if training is canceled. If it is, the message on the recorder will inform you of the cancellation.  If there is no message to that effect, then training will be held that day.  Please inform NEORTC (using the emergency RTC contact list) by 6:30 a.m. the day of the training if you will be unable to present your training due to weather or another emergency. 


Kristin Townsend, who worked as the Foster Parent Training Coordinator for the WORTC from 2003 (when the program began) until August 2018, is no longer working at WORTC. We will miss Kirstin and wish her well as she begins a new journey! 

The WORTC has hired their 2nd Foster Parent Training Coordinator ever, Michael Binder. Michael comes from Greene County Children Services where he has been a caseworker for several years and most recently as their Wendy's Wonderful Kids specialist. Welcome to the OCWTP, Michael! We will have more information about Michael in the next Common Ground!


SEORTC held its 4th Annual Foster Parent Training Blitz October 11, 12, and 13 offering 21 hours of training to caregivers. Our trainers were Anthony President, Betsy Smalley, and Jody Johnston-Pawel.  



Resources for OCWTP Trainers 

  • Templates by 24Slides is a free online library with hundreds of PPT templates, updated weekly. If you just scroll through you can see they have some pretty cool designs. ��
  • There is a helpful Language Guide to use when writing an outline from the Wisconsin Children's Mental Health Collective Impact Partners (CIP)

TrainingOpportunitiesUpcoming OCWTP Learning Opportunities for Trainers  

Pre-TOT (So You Want to be An OCWTP Trainer) 9am-1pm
January 14, 2019
Stand Up and Take Charge of the Learning Environment TOT - 9am-4pm
November 1-2, 2018
Dec 6-7, 2018
Curriculum Development TOT - 9am-4pm
November 7-8, 2018
Addressing Diversity Issues in Your Training TOT
November 15, 2018
February 21, 2019
November 14, 2018
SEORTC (Athens)
December 12, 2018
SWORTC (Clermont)
Flattening the Forgetting Curve One Space at a Time (7-9 pm)

November 28, 2018
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