My name is Amilia and I’m going to be in the 8 th grade at Euclid Central Middle School. I’ve been in ODA for two years and I’m currently in my 3 rd week of summer camp. 

I love ODA Summer Camp! Last week, I was in Songwriting Camp and it was perfect for me because I want to be a singer when I grow up. In this camp, we went to the Tri-C Digital Arts Recording Studio and I learned how to write and produce a song. I wrote about how I was feeling and I learned that I could express myself through song. This camp is important to me because it taught me to give and receive constructive criticism.

Last week, I was in Cosplay Camp with Miss Jenn. I loved this camp because I learned about costume and prop design. I even created a costume of one of my favorite anime characters. I’ve always liked to dress up in costumes because my family loves Halloween.