ODFL March 2019 Newsletter
Yes, you CAN change the world, for as little as one dollar. ODFL has built 108 small-scale infrastructure projects in the developing world. They  dramatically improve life chances for hundreds of thousands of the poorest people on earth. Go to  odfl.org , pick a project with which  you would like to help, make any sized donation, and watch the world get better. We guarantee, it is the funnest thing you will ever do.
Is This The Most Generous Town in America?
If there is a “Most Generous Town in America” it must surely be Brevard, NC. The 7,000-person town in the Smoky Mountains just raised $6,000, one dollar at a time, to build a Birthing Center in Nepal. See the following story.

The town’s mayor, Jimmy Harris, said it all: “No matter how poor you are, if you live in America you are rich, and we’re actually bigger when we help others.”  

The town’s newspaper had an article about it.  R ead the Transylvania Times article here .    
New Birthing Center Completed in Nepal

With our partner in Nepal, One Heart Worldwide, we have just completed a new Birthing Center, in Memeng. These centers reduce the number of women dying in childbirth by more than 90%, and the number of babies dying by more than 95%.

This Birthing Center was funded by the generous donations of the people of Brevard, NC, above. It is the 14 th such center ODFL has helped One Heart Worldwide build in Nepal. 
We’ve Started on the Ngungu Classroom in Kenya!
We just began construction on a new classroom at the Ngungu school in Kirinyaga, Kenya. The work is organized by our Kenyan partner, Kiini Sustainable Initiative.
This summer, high school students from California will travel to Kenya to help finish the building of the new classroom. This will be ODFL’s 6 th classroom in Kenya.
ODFL Commemorated International Women’s Day
We commemorated International Women's Day by releasing a video about our Girls’ Equality Project.  GEP provides thousands of girls in Africa and Asia with washable sanitary pads so they can stay in school. It is utterly life-changing.

The video played on 3 continents and got a  stunning reception. It’s only one minute long, and is so moving! We hope you will watch it:
Social Media
In our February newsletter, we wrote that the number of Page Likes for our Facebook page had QUADRUPLED over the prior 3 months, to 6,000. 

Well, it has QUINTUPLED since then, in only  one month, to over 30,000! Something exciting is going on here. If you haven’t done so, please Like our page and invite your friends to do so as well. To follow our work in 13 countries, click  here.
Final Word

If you wanted to change the world, how would you do it?  

You’d probably want to have a lot of people make small contributions to help.  You’d want it to be easy, and rewarding.  You’d want to show them the direct impact of  their  efforts, and how they  made the world a better place. 
But most of all, you’d want it to be FUN! 
THAT  is ODFL. It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it’s fun. And  it’s working .  
Catherine Chapman from Brevard, North Carolina said it all: “This is the funnest thing I’ve ever done!” 
Daryl Elkins said it another way, “This is the greatest return on investment of anything I’ve ever done.”
If you want more meaning, or more fun in YOUR life, give it a try. What do you have to lose? A dollar? Go to  odfl.org  and get started. 
One Dollar For Life