ODFL March 2020 Newsletter
2019 was our best year ever , but 2020 has started even busier!  

So, here’s a new-style RAPID FIRE newsletter to give you a quick peek at just some of what is going on. It’s all to the good.  
Wacky fundraising in San Diego!

This is Mr. Schultz, principal at Del Norte High School in San Diego. He let students tape him to a wall of the school during lunch, as part of their fundraising to build a new ODFL classroom in Zambia . This is serious school spirit. Thank you, Nighthawks!
New GEP Sewing Center in Uganda?

Until yesterday, we were scheduled to go to Uganda to open a new Girls’ Equality Project sewing center. But the government closed the country due to Coronavirus. We will reschedule and keep you apprised. 
Third New Science Lab in Nepal

We will soon begin work on our third science lab in Nepal, at the Sunaula Secondary School. The labs raise the educational trajectories for thousands of students. The picture shows students in a science lab we completed last year, at Setidevi School. 
140th Latrine in Indonesia  

We just began Phase V of a project to get E.coli out of the water supply in Ban on the island of Bali in Indonesia.  This will bring to 140 the number of units we’ve built. See a latrine from the previous phase. ODFL provides the materials. East Bali Poverty Project provides the oversight. Locals do the work.
Our 15th Classroom in Nicaragua
That is the old classroom in the village of La Pitilla in Nicaragua. The new one, just started, is funded by students at Gahr, Harbor, Katella, Magnolia, Santa Cruz, and Soquel High Schools in California.  Thank you, students!
New Girls' Latrines in Kenya
The girls at the school had the ratty latrines. The other picture shows the progress as of earlier this week on new ones. By next week, the girls will have modern ones equal to the boys’. This was funded by a handful of high school girls in California who wanted their Kenyan sisters to have a dignified facility.
Finished Work on Playground in Tanzania
This is one of our favorite projects ever. The playground serves 483 children who had never had swings or teeter-totters or slides or climbing structures before. The 20-second video s hows their riotous exuberance. It cost $1 per child per year .  Is that worth it so children can play? Watch the video.
Our 14th Birthing Center in Nepal

We just completed our 14th birthing center in Nepal, at Charambi. According to the Nepal Ministry of Health, the centers reduce the number of mothers dying in childbirth by 90%, and babies dying by 95%.  
We've distributed 3,000 GEP kits since Jan 1  
Since January 1, we have distributed 3,000 of our Girls’ Equality Project kits in Kenya and Nepal. They cost $5 to make but are distributed free to the girls. When cared for, they last three years. Is it worth $1.67 per year so an adolescent girl can stay in school? We think it is. 
Final Word
This is how we change the world. Not metaphorically, not rhetorically, but literally. Small-scale, inexpensive, high-impact projects that dramatically improve life chances for people in developing countries. We've completed 132 of them , in 16 of the poorest countries in the world.

And on the home-side, an easy, fun way to work with others to experience the nobility in altruism, and the efficacy in collective action. 

It works.  

If you, your family, your school, your workgroup, your company, your church, your civic club, your town, or any other group want to change the world, we will help you . The model is what you see here: tangible projects, shared investing, and dramatic impact. 

You can make any sized donation you want to, to the project of your choice, on our website. And you can follow your project's progress once it has begun. Or, if you'd like, we can work with you to design a custom project just for your group. Contact info@odfl.org .

We always  talk about changing the world. Well, we  can . So, now,  will we?  

One Dollar For Life