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Issue 2 December 3, 2015
OEM Reverse Engineering Success for G&W
G&W, a major retailer of clothes recycling bins, has awarded SIGMA OEM a contract to manufacture clothes collection bins for distribution to G&W customers throughout the U.S. G&W tasked SIGMA OEM with reverse engineering its previous bin to improve on its design and reduce the costs of manufacture and shipping.  To do so, SIGMA engineers deconstructed the existing product and rebuilt a new steel-fabricated design.

Tom Whittington, Sales Manager SIGMA OEM describes the project:   "We took the bin apart, completely measured all components and developed a new design using Solidworks Software. We used the sheet metal process to form and weld a new sample.  Pre-galvanized steel was specified to increase its design life, as the previous product was susceptible to rusting."  (Read more)
Jeremy Allen Joins SIGMA OEM Team
SIGMA OEM has appointed Jeremy Allen as its Southwest Regional Sales Manager.  Jeremy has a long history in the OEM business; he started in 2007 as a Plant Manager for DR Central, Inc. working with SIGMA products. During his career, Jeremy developed expertise in all facets of OEM business including product development, engineering, vendor relations, manufacturing international sourcing, and materials handling.  As a result, joining SIGMA OEM in 2015 was a natural progression for him. Contact Jeremy by cell (713) 298-6448 or by email at or
Gear Quality Numbers: How to Convert International Standards
SIGMA OEM can manufacture and supply high quality gears up to Q-number AGMA 14/DIN 3/ISO 3 for a variety of customer applications.
In the global marketplace, the Q-number standards vary from country to country. The Q-number, also known as Gear Quality Number or Gear Quality Grade, measures the geometric accuracy level of teeth on a gear. But when you travel from the US to Germany, for example, a completely different scale is used for this important metric.
In the USA, AGMA (American Gear Manufacturer's Association ), sets the Q-number standards, while Japan uses the metrics set forth by JGMA (Japanese Gear Manufacturers Association ). The ISO (International Organization for Standardization provides standards for 162 countries, and Germany continues to employ the DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung These varying standards can lead to confusion in international transactions.
(Read more)
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