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Issue 5 April 2016
Reader Survey Results 
Thank you to all the customers who took part in our reader survey. The majority of our customers like to read about their peers' experiences, and asked for us to continue profiling our OEM projects, while a number of you singled out our technical insights and suggested future topics. As a thank you for responding, three lucky customers have been randomly selected to receive a gift from SIGMA OEM:

Congratulations to Thomas Mendoza, who wins the HEXA tablet and Kenny Smith & Akash Chand who each receive a coveted OEM polo shirt.

Michael Weller, General Manager, SIGMA OEM
The Role of Coordinate Measurement Machines in Accommodating Large Sized Parts     
Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) are indispensable tools for ensuring the dimensional accuracy of precision manufactured products.  While most manufacturers and metrology service providers are able to accommodate small and medium sized parts, very few have the CMM capability for the larger sized parts required by a number of our customers working in the new energy, water and wastewater, or the steel industries.  OEM products on this scale are often made overseas, because of the high capital investment needed to procure and maintain CMMs capable of measuring large sized parts.  This distance has time and cost implications for customers, many of whom require the production of the housing of a product overseas, but will then ship the product to the U.S. for final assembly and finishing.  An error at any stage in this process will have disastrous commercial consequences.

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Risk Mitigation: Michael Weller, General Manager, SIGMA OEM Shares his First-hand Experience 
Cost management is often the key driver for companies considering partnering with an OEM supplier such as SIGMA OEM. The most critical factors in the cost management equation are the soft costs, which are by definition unpredictable and prone to fluctuations. For this reason, many of our OEM customers find SIGMA OEM's Risk Mitigation proposition compelling. SIGMA OEM and our suppliers assume and manage the many variables in the sourcing and manufacturing process, essentially insulating the customer from routine fluctuations that can affect costs.   
According to research among our customer base, the potential risks that keep people awake at night are as follows:
  • Quality concerns
  • Currency volatility
  • Cost of raw materials
  • Trans-ocean freight and import issues
  • Management of remote supplier relationships and communications.
When looking to select a global OEM partner, customers are advised to understand the top three reasons why an OEM enterprise can fail (read more...)  
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