Every now and then, on very special days at Oak Forest, Bobby the Bobcat, our school mascot, can be seen walking through the halls or greeting Bobcats as they enter the school building.

Bobby is great at giving high fives, hugs, and waving at our students, but is quite shy and can rarely be heard speaking. This means our students have lots of questions for Bobby and have asked the newsletter team to find out more about our favorite school mascot. 

William from Mz. Blanco’s class wants to know what is Bobby’s favorite food.
I love vegetables and smoothies - particularly ingredients from the OFE gardens and preparing them in the cafeteria! I have to stay healthy to keep my energy up and move as fast as a bobcat!

Brock from Mrs. Llamo’s class is curious about what Bobby’s favorite subject is.
My favorite subject is Reading. I love to listen to or read a good story - in class, after school in the library with Mr. Poppy and in the Art studio with Tunechi, and at home with my parents! 

Evan from Mrs. Hanson’s class would like to know if Bobby has any babies or kids.
I don't have any furry bobcat babies, but I take my job very seriously and I watch over all the OFE Bobcats! You never know when I spot someone modeling our EMPOWER values - I may even tell Mr. Casler! 

Does your student have a question for Bobby? Ask it! Email newsletter@oakforestpta.com