Dear Taxpayer:

On November 1 of this year, the City will launch its new tax filing and payment website: the Philadelphia Tax Center. The site will change the way you file and pay the School Income Tax (SIT) electronically. Today, we are sharing information to help you feel ready, and links to get started.

The SIT deadline is months away, but we recommend you take three actions next week:

  1. Visit the Philadelphia Tax Center: We hope you like what you discover! Bookmark this new web address.
  2. Ensure your mailing address with the Department of Revenue is up to date. To switch over to the new site, we mail you a physical letter with a verification code. Need to update your address? Use this form: Unsure what we have on file? Call (215) 686-6600.
  3. Create a username and password, and request your verification letter. It may take 5-10 business days to receive the letter, but this one-time process helps us keep your personal and tax information safe.

If you have time, we suggest reading this online guide: You will learn about several important changes and find video tutorials. We will add content to the guide before November 1, and after, but you can sign up to get email updates directly in your inbox.

If you choose to file your SIT electronically in April, you will do so on the Philadelphia Tax Center. We are confident it will be an improved experience. Should you run into any difficulties, we will work with you to resolve them.

Thank you,

The Philadelphia Department of Revenue
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