Volume 4 ~ Issue 17; Release: December 18, 2019
Sam Nasada's Ordination
It was with great joy we celebrated Sam Nasada's ordination to the priesthood this month.  The Bishop of Phoenix, Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, ordained Brother Sam at The Conventual Church of Our Lady of the Angels at the Franciscan Renewal Center on December 3rd, 2019. Brother Rufino Zaragoza was the liturgist friar. 

We join Brother Sam and his family in prayers of thanksgiving for his priestly vocation.
Visiting Friars
Four friars from Laudato Si Fraternity in San Juan Bautista participated in the Diocese of Monterey annual gathering of religious with Bishop Danny Garcia.
Friars Coast to Coast

Fr. Jack Clark Robinson from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Province has written a book about the history of OFM Franciscan Friars from the west to east coast of the USA.

The book is available here.
Feast of the Lady of Guadalupe

On a cold drizzling day outside the Provincial office, St. Elizabeth's parish in Oakland held its annual celebrations for the feast day of the Lady of Guadalupe. The festival ran from the evening of December 11th and well into the evening of the 12th. Parishioners and visitors filed through the doors to attend one of the many (very packed) masses, laying roses at the shrine to Mother Mary.

The city closed off the street in from the of the church to vehicular traffic. Vendors put in a marathon 24-hour showing, filled the air with the aromas of tacos, tamales, pupusas, corn, and other delicious foods. Mariachi bands played throughout the day and Concheros dancers entertained the crowd well into the night.

A Reflection from the Office of Mission Integration

How To Sell A Car, Franciscan-style

Did you know that it was during St Francis’ life, spurred by the growth of the merchant class, that money first became widely used in Italy? In the midst of this growth of commerce, the friars developed a deep understanding of how economics affects people and communities. Coupling their observations and theology, the Franciscan developed an economic vision that prioritized relationships. They believe that buying and selling shouldn’t be about self-interest or maximizing profits, but about maximizing relationships, strengthening community ties, building mutual trust, expressing generosity, creating reasonable profits and focusing on the common good... READ MORE

  • Congratulations to our Br. Nevin Ford, OFM on his 65th anniversary of priesthood ordination.
  • Congratulations to Fathers Ray Bucher, Ignatius DeGroot, Michael Guinan on their 55th anniversary of priesthood ordination.
  • Congratulations to Fr. Oscar Mendez, OFM on his 30th anniversary of priesthood ordination.
  • Congratulation to Fr. Charles Talley on his 20th anniversary of priesthood ordination.

Dec. 18 - Andres Rivero
Dec. 20 - Regan Chapman
Dec. 21 - Hajime Okuhara
Dec. 25 - Stephen Kain
Dec. 26 - Nicholas Ronalter
Dec. 27 - Juan-Jose Jauregui
Jan. 4- Christopher Best
Jan. 5 - Sebastian Sandoval-Ballester
Jan. 10 - David Cobian
Jan 13 - Cristobal Raul Diaz
Dec. 10 - Brian Trawick
Dec. 11 - Arturo Noyes
Dec. 12 - Finian Mcginn
Dec. 15 - Arturo Lopez
Dec. 21 - Thomas Herbst
Dec. 26 - Stephen Kain
Dec. 26 - Stephen Barnufsky
Dec. 26 - Stephen Gillis
Dec. 27 - Oscar Mendez-Guzman
Dec. 27 - John Summers
Dec. 27 - Luât (John) Nguyen
Dec. 29 - David Paz
Dec. 29 - David Buer
Dec. 29 - David Gaa
Dec. 29 - David Cobian

Christmas Day
December 25

New Years Day
January 1

US6 R&R Provincials Meeting
New York, NY
January 6-8

Definitorium Meeting
Malibu, CA
January 13-17

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