Volume 4 ~ Issue 15; Release: October 15, 2019

The Blessing of the Animals at San Luis Rey
The blessing of the animals at San Luis Rey was well attended. The two blessings were set in a day of festivities. There were two long lines of animals and their pet lovers at each event. Fr. Vince, Fr. Stephen, Br. Pat, Br. Tito and Fr. Anthony did the honors.

A quick summary of the pets: Many dogs (over 100), 4 cats, 3 mice, 2 hamsters, 4 turtles, 4 birds, 2 pythons (one about 4 ft long the other about 8 ft long), an iguana and a dragon. There were also a few blessings of pet ashes. Noah would be proud and so would St. Francis. The pet owners were grateful and hopefully they will be back next year.
photos: Br. Bradley Tuel, OFM
A Reflection from the Office of Mission Integration

Is Bill Gates’ Daughter a Franciscan?

Netflix is currently airing a three-part series on Bill Gates. It provides a great glimpse into a complicated man, his personal journey and his impact on society. At one point in the show, Bill describes becoming aware of the horrible physical, economic and social consequences polio has on the people who contract it. Though polio has been largely eliminated in the west, it is still prevalent in many parts of the world. Reflecting on this, he decides that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whose slogan is “All Lives Are Equal. We are impatient optimists working to reduce inequality,” will focus its resources on eradicating polio.... READ MORE
Congratulations to Our Jubilarians

Congratulations to our jubilarians this month:
  • On November 6th Father Peter A. Verheggen, OFM, celebrates his 70th Ordination Anniversary.
Luât Nguyen              10/5
Daniel Barica             10/5
Gerard Saunders      10/8
Garret Edmunds        10/16
John Hardin               10/17
Eric Pilarcik                10/19
Javier Alvarez            10/25
David Buer                 10/25
Javier Reyes              10/25
Jorge Hernandez      10/29
Anthony Garibaldi     11/1
Robert Brady              11/4
Peter Verheggen      11/5
Ryan Thornton           11/7
James Lockman        11/8
Richard Mcmanus     11/10
Micah Muhlen            11/12
Edward Fronske        11/15
Finian Mcginn            11/18
Didacus Clavel          11/19
William Haney           11/22
Mateo Guerrero         11/24
Andrew Dineger        11/28
Angelo Cardinalli      11/29

Francisco Alejo             10-4
Daniel Lackie               10-10
Edward Sarrazin           10-13
Gerard Saunders         10-16
Ignatius Degroot          10-17
Alfonso Vasquez          10-31
Martin Ibarra                11-3
Charles Talley              11-4
Melvin Jurisich              11-5
Didacus Clavel             11-7
Jeffrey Macnab            11-8
Ryan Thornton             11-8
Leo Gonzales              11-10
Leo Sprietsma              11-15
Michael Lomas             11-22
Edward Fronske           11-29
Andrew Dineger           11-30
Andres Rivero              11-30

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