Volume 108 | January 2022
OGA Newsletter
The Office of Global Activities (OGA) is dedicated to connecting MSW students to international social work opportunities through fundingspecial programs, academic resources, internationalized curriculum, and arranging faculty and student exchanges at partner institutions.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 17, 2022)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the third Monday of January each year. The holiday honors the life and achievements of American civil rights activist, Martin Luther King, Jr. The holiday is also recognized as a "national day of service," in which students and workers who are given the day off are encouraged to be of service within their communities. Please see the "Announcements" section below for MLK Day-related events on campus.
Spotlight: School of Social Work Grants
School of Social Work Grants
Congratulations to Dr. Ashley Cureton, who received a grant from the Council on Social Work Education's Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice to support the implementation of global and intercultural curricular resources in her social work course(s).

If you would also like to receive a global social work-related grant, the Office of Global Activities (OGA) offers event grants to students who would like to propose and plan an event with a global theme.

Two grants worth up to $125 are available this semester. Student events that have been proposed and funded in the past include showing a documentary with a global focus, hosting a discussion on a global topic, or organizing a panel of social workers who work (or have done work) abroad. Events are not limited to these categories and we encourage students to get creative and propose something new.

The OGA Event Grants are given on a rolling basis. However, applications for the winter semester must be received before the end of the day on March 11, 2022, and at least 14 days prior to the event date proposed.
RSC Public Seminar Series 2022 - Immigration Controls, Captivity and Reproductive Injustice in Britain (Click here to RSVP)
Date: Wednesday, January 19 from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
Brief Description: Join Dr. Monish Bhatia (Birkbeck University of London) as they discuss their paper on how race, gender, class, sexuality, marital, and migration status intersect to oppress, control, and discipline poor and illegalised single migrant mothers and pregnant individuals from the Global South. Drawing upon evidence from three ethnographic studies conducted over a ten-year period, the article sheds light on the predicaments of women excluded from the welfare safety-net, who were flying under the radar due to the fear of deportation.
Date: Friday, January 21 from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Brief Description: Join this roundtable discussion moderated by Dr. Alyssa Paredes. Featured panelists include Dr. Leah Zani, anthropologist, author, and poet; Mr. Von Hernandez, Global Coordinator, Break Free From Plastic (BFFP); and Dr. David R. Biggs, Professor, History, University of California Riverside.
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT
Brief Description: Based on the struggle of young people in Goma (Northeastern Congo) against the prevailing Western reporting about war and misery, Stop Filming Us investigates how these Western stereotypes are the result of a skewed balance of power. Stop Filming Us creates a cinematic dialogue between Western perceptions and the Congolese experience of reality. Virtual viewing followed by a panel.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Events
To celebrate his life and legacy, please consider attending some of the below events in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision. For all U-M MLK Symposium events, see here.
Date: Monday, January 17 at 10:00 AM EDT
Brief Description: Noted journalists and commentators Maria Hinojosa and Rashad Richey will co-headline U-M’s annual MLK Symposium Memorial Keynote Lecture. The discussion will focus on the symposium’s theme, “This is America," and explore defining America through the lens of social justice.
Date: Monday, January 17 from 12:00 - 1:30 PM EDT
Brief Description: The MLK Health Sciences Committee invites you to attend the 32nd Annual MLK Health Sciences Lecture. The MLK Health Sciences Lecture is sponsored by the University of Michigan – School of Dentistry; School of Kinesiology; Michigan Medicine / Medical School / Office for Health Equity & Inclusion; Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research; School of Nursing; College of Pharmacy; School of Public Health; and the School of Social Work.
Date: Tuesday, January 18 from 1:00 - 1:30 PM EDT
Brief Description: This is the second in a two-part event “The Built Environment of our Cities and Communities and Social Justice in America.” Part of the ISR 2022 Symposium in honor of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For information on part one, a film screening of “Urbanized,” click here. Panelists include: Lydia Wileden, Doctoral Student in Sociology and Public Policy; Alex Murphy, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Charles Williams Doctoral Student in Social Work and Sociology, Pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit and Michigan Chair of the National Action Network; Kristin Seefeldt, Associate Professor of Social Work and Associate Director of Poverty Solutions.
Date: Monday, January 17 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Brief Description: After the death of George Floyd, practitioners of traditional Asian medicine began to examine some of the racist biases that affected their own field. It quickly became apparent that the contributions of Black communities to both the practice and popularization of Asian medicine were missing from the histories that most practitioners know. Yi-Li Wu, associate professor of history and women's and gender studies and faculty associate at LRCCS, will discuss the role that the Black Panther Party and the Black Acupuncturist Association have played in bringing alternative Asian medical treatments to the United States. She will also discuss the process of self-reflection and study that led the journal, Asian Medicine, to critique its own racialized dynamics and commit to producing a special issue on this subject.
Date: Monday, January 31 from 4:15 - 5:45 PM EDT
Brief Description: Some argue that the age of human rights is over. Yet that is hyperbole. It is clear, however, that for its many successes, the human rights corpus has met with many failures. It began as part of the colonial project of Empire, wittingly and unwittingly. Its deficits include its cultural illegitimacy in many places around the world, including the West; its inability to address economic privation; the movement's impotence as material for liberating the globe of racism and related inequities, especially for peoples of Black African descent; and its glaring normative incompleteness. Are these problems fatal to the future of human rights movement? Is it doomed to go the way of previous dominant ideologies? Where can it go from here to achieve its fundamental and still critical purposes?
Date: Wednesday, February 2 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM EDT
Brief Description: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children presents: Global public health inequalities caused by race, socioeconomic class, and gender that have existed prior to the global pandemic have now become compounded. For instance, many of the lower economic class citizens in the USA have been struggling for access to adequate healthcare prior to the pandemic, and now they struggle even more as unemployment numbers have increased. This indicates that pre-existing socioeconomic disparities have seen a rise in inequity, and such kind of effect is seen across many other types of pre-existing disparities in healthcare across the globe.

This event will take place in person at Mason Hall (Room 3330) located at 419 S State St.
Date: Thursday, February 17 from 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Brief Description: The 2022 MLK Health Sciences Committee presents an Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion on racial and ethnic disparities in pain management. The panelists will discuss their experiences with this issue and will share their insights regarding potential solutions. This Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion is sponsored by the MLK Health Sciences Committee – representing the University of Michigan – School of Dentistry; School of Kinesiology; Michigan Medicine / Medical School / Office for Health Equity & Inclusion; Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research; School of Nursing; College of Pharmacy; School of Public Health; and the School of Social Work.
Date: March 21 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT (tentatively in person) and March 22 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM EDT (virtual)
Brief Description: The MLK Health Sciences Committee invites you to join them for discussions on selected topics from Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet Washington. We will plan to discuss select chapters (8, 11, 13) that focus on clinical studies involving African American children as well as current studies involving citizens from African countries. This book dialogue is sponsored by the MLK Health Sciences Committee – representing the University of Michigan – School of Dentistry; School of Kinesiology; Michigan Medicine / Medical School / Office for Health Equity & Inclusion; Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research; School of Nursing; College of Pharmacy*; School of Public Health; and the School of Social Work.
Professional Opportunities
Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Brief Description: The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy (Ford School) is seeking an Interpreter to assist with interpretation/translation for a graduate-level travel course to Puerto Rico. The Interpreter will travel to Puerto Rico from February 26 to March 6, 2022, providing in-country interpretation support to student and faculty travelers. The main task will be providing Spanish-language interpretation support during meetings with policy stakeholders. Please contact srangel@umich.edu with any questions.
Application Deadline: Friday, January 21, 2022
Brief Description: Facilitating a virtual conversation circle gives you a chance to meet new people from around the world, learn about other cultures, and build a more inclusive, globally-oriented campus culture. Each circle consists of up to five participants and is led by a volunteer facilitator. Participants meet via an online platform to talk about any topic of interest, play games, and share pictures and videos. No previous experience is necessary. All new facilitators will receive an orientation to the program and training on how to facilitate conversation circles virtually.
Application Deadline: Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Brief Description: The International Institute Student Fellowships (IISF) are designed to support University of Michigan students, regardless of citizenship, who are enrolled in a degree program and wish to participate in internships or conduct research abroad.  
Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 (Rolling admission)
Brief Description: The Ottawa Internship Program is designed to provide a first-hand learning experience in Canadian government through placement with a Member of Parliament or Senator in the capital of Canada. Students will work in a parliamentarian's office for a period of five weeks. This program is open to graduate and undergraduate students from all majors and all colleges at U-M.
Application Deadline: N/A
Brief Description: The International Rescue Committee is seeking a Program Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for an Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) program, Switchboard. Switchboard is a one-stop resource hub for refugee service providers in the United States. The Program Officer, M&E will be responsible for maintaining and updating the project M&E plan, conducting ongoing M&E, coordinating needs assessments and evaluations, supporting training and technical assistance on M&E topics, and providing M&E support to the Research, Analysis, and Learning Team. This staff person may be located anywhere in the United States.
Grant Opportunities
Deadline: Tuesday, February 15 by 11:59 PM EDT
Brief DescriptionThe LACS Tinker Field Research Grants support master’s, doctoral, and professional school students conducting preliminary or pre-dissertation fieldwork in Latin America. Research projects must be conducted in the Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America and trips must last a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four months. Awards, up to $2,500, are made based on the quality of the proposal and the academic progress of the applicant. Funds cover international airfare, in-country transportation, and some field-related expenses.
Deadline: Tuesday, February 15 by 11:59 PM EDT
Brief Description: The ASC awards student grants (up to $3,000) toward research projects or internships in or on Africa. ASC is committed to supporting students at all levels and in all fields, regardless of citizenship, to undertake research, internships, or other training activities in or on Africa. Projects may be for any length of time, with a project start date between May 1 in the calendar year the application is submitted and April 30 of the following year. In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, travel to the continent may or may not be feasible. Alternative approaches such as virtual internships are welcomed.
Deadline: Monday, February 21 by 11:59 PM EDT
Brief Description: Awards will vary in amount based on proposal merit, budget, and need. Applications must meet one of two criteria:

  1. Conduct student-designed research that is tied to degree requirements and focused on issues of importance to women
  2. Travel abroad for students in public health, environmental health, or another health-related field (including but not limited to, nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, environmental health, and public health)

Most CEW+ Fellowships range between $2,000 and $5,000. CEW+ Fellowships are not intended to support travel for conference attendance and presentations.
Deadline: Monday, March 1 at 11:59 PM EDT
Brief DescriptionFor graduate students working on Thailand, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies is accepting proposals for conference travel support funds, research fellowships, and internship support. 
Preference will be given to those who have not received funding in the past and who enroll in Thai language courses at U-M.
Deadline: Rolling
Brief Description: The International Center offers a grant opportunity to help student organizations and University departments recognize the diversity of the U-M international student population through special events and programming. Organizations and departments should apply at least 14 days in advance of their event (the earlier, the better). Grants amounts will vary based on the submitted budget and the availability of funds.
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