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for 2018
Paul's Sabbatical Year

Last year I realized that 2018 would be my 40 th year practicing Reiki. I've decided to take this year as a sabbatical from my usual work in the Reiki community. 
I have carried around in my mind a list of things that I've always wanted to do or explore, but  never seemed to have the time or money to do them.  I've decided it's time. I want and need to create the space to see if these plans really have energy for me.  Here is what my list looks like:  meet and get to know my half-brother who lives in California; spend time with my daughter from a previous relationship; volunteer in another country with the intention of getting to know people who do not live in the western middle-class world that defines my concept of a happy, abundant life; write a book exploring the promise and potential of daily Reiki practice.
I'm not making these ideas into a checklist. I want to stay open to where the energy leads. I want to be disciplined and use my time well.  I am also clear that I am not abandoning Susan and her mom; I need to be present to my family .
Traditionally, I believe, a sabbatical can be a year of study.   I want to study James Fowler's book, Stages of Faith. I'm intrigued by his delineation of stages of faith development. 
I have been puzzled by the apparent gap between our professed spiritual and religious values and the choices we make that do not seem aligned with them.  I hope to see if a key to understanding this gap is in understanding stages of faith and spiritual development.  I'm fascinated by the possibility of spiritual teachers consciously teaching to different levels of development and more importantly, systematically encouraging and supporting movement to the next stages.  I feel drawn in by these questions and can't wait to see if the energy stays compelling.
On the one hand I see this quest as totally beyond my capacity, and at the same time I feel my whole life in Reiki has been preparing me for this work. 
I am not disappearing from the community this year.  I will be at the 2018 Reiki Alliance conference and participate in online meetings as I am able. My intention is to take time to listen deeply to what Reiki is calling me to.  I know I am not alone in this and am grateful for the support I feel.

December 6-10 2017 in Salem Oregon USA
The Universe is conspiring for our own Good

Paul Mitchell and Laurence Fontaine invite you to join them as they take a journey into the spiritual teachings of Reiki.  

A wonderful way to begin the holiday season of family, connection and gratitude.  

Be with Paul as he begins his sabbatical year! 

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Joyce Winough
January 12-16
Building Peace, Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth
Re iki Home  in collaboration with 
Initiatives of Change  and 
Creators of Peace , and the 
Trinidad & Tobago Indigenous People  is hosting a conference in Trinidad and Tobago. 
  The goal is to bring together people who are making a difference around the world to facilitate an exchange of ideas, to showcase good practices globally and locally, and to build on positive trends.
Port of Spain Trinidad 
A presenter:  Phyllis Furumoto

March 7-11
Usui Master Intensive One   
For masters wishing to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the practice that has passed through the spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Furumoto. 
Facilitated by Phyllis Furumoto 
Corby England
Organizer: Jill Mason
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May 1-7
The Reiki Alliance Gathering
The annual gathering of The Reiki Alliance, an organization for the masters of Usui  Shiki Ryoho held this year near Toronto Ontario Canada.  Both Paul Mitchell and Phyllis Furumoto will be attending this gathering.

Organizer:  The Reiki Alliance

Usui Masters' Intensive Usui II
Place and date to be announced.  
Registration:  Joyce Winough
October 2-7
OGM Retreat in Spain
A time for students of all initiation levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho to gather and be the Office of the Grand Master.  We ask you to come to work for the system and clarity of our practice.  
We are meeting for a second time at the Convento near Madrid Spain.  
Attending:  Phyllis Furumoto 
Organizer:  Renate Heimann,  Rita Freyeisen
Registration:  to be announced

November 2-3-4
3 Days in New York City!
Friday, November 2
for masters and students of John Gray
Brian Brunius, a master of the John Gray lineage, feels called to create a bridge for students and masters of this lineage and Phyllis Furumoto.  Though John and Phyllis had a personal connection, their styles and priorities were different.  This is a time for reconciliation which means there is no right or wrong.  Brian is offering a time for connection.  

Saturday, December 3
for Reiki masters of all lineages and forms of Reiki practice
Theme:  Teaching Reiki as a Spiritual Practice:  Some of the themes to be explored are:  What is a spiritual practice?  Why is Reiki practice considered to be a spiritual practice?  What are some of the differences of emphasis that have been noticed?  How does this affect the teaching and the reception of the teaching by the student?  

Sunday, December 4
for all Reiki students, including masters, of all lineages and forms of practice
Theme:  Becoming a world citizen through Reiki Practice
What does it mean to be a world citizen?  How effective is "sending Reiki" and what effect are we hoping for?  Does this  reconcile our need to help others?  Is there a difference of being spiritually connected and physically present?  

As the site of one of the "source" events that drew people together from all over the world and created change in our view point of  being world 
citizens, New York City has experience to share and the people living in this shift have something to add to the conversation that is unique.  

Reiki practice brings us first to ourselves as a healing art.  The next stage of development is to look out and join community  and at the present, 
our community is the world.  

Registration and information:  Brian Brunius
One Spirit Learning Alliance NYC
Registration:  to be announced

Webinars for 2018
Please check on the facebook page Global Reiki Webinars for our schedule in 2018.  This is not available at the moment.  
Thanks for your input into the themes to be offered and for your support of our webinar program.