Here's our schedule for 2017 for you to print off and keep
Calendar of Events for 2017
February 1-5
Usui Master Intensive One   
For masters wishing to deepen their understanding of the practice that they are teaching as well as the practice of Hawayo Takata. Russian interpretation included.
Phyllis Furumoto & Paul Mitchell
Green Valley, AZ
Organizer: Joyce Winough
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February 18 
Local Communities/Global Community
Register to attend in person or virtually and join a conversation of students from around the world and experience global community!
Phyllis Furumoto
San Francisco CA 
Organizer:  Christopher Tellez San Francisco
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Organizer:  Rachel Goldberg Virtual
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Feb 28-Mar 6  
Personal Development with the Game of Transformation 
One more space in this group coming together to exploring the Self through playing the Game and the inspiration of Reiki.  English.  No interpretation provided.
Phyllis Furumoto 
Green Valley AZ USA  
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March 24-26
AMFR Meeting, France 
Paul Mitchell 
Mar. 27 - Apr. 2
The Way to Harmony
Through basic Aikido techniques that mirror the complexity of human interaction, we heighten our ability to be in relationship with ourselves and others more softly, compassionately, and powerfully.
Paul Mitchell
Organizer: Jean Francois Roussot
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April 7-13  
The Way to Harmony
Through basic Aikido techniques that mirror the complexity of human interaction, we heighten our ability to be in relationship with ourselves and others more softly, compassionately, and powerfully.
Paul Mitchell
Organizer: Vrinda Anjali
Paul Mitchell Demonstrates Aikido
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April 18-24  
The Way to Harmony
Paul Mitchell
Wettenbostel, Germany
Organizer: Irene Gelmi
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April 30 - May 7     
The Reiki Alliance Gathering
The Annual reunion for the  organization for masters of Usui Shiki Ryoho honoring the lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, and Furumoto.
Sofia, Bulgaria
Paul Mitchell attending
2015 OGM Retreat
May 16-21
Preparation and Initiation of Masters  of Usui Shiki Ryoho
For those Masters wishing to have guidance and encouragement about the path of initiating masters.  This seminar includes preparation stages of a master candidate, the timing of initiation, and the training process of teaching.   
Phyllis Furumoto         Green Valley AZ
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June 6 - 11  
Masters Intensive Usui III  
For Masters wishing go on a vision quest into the realm of Usui Shiki Ryoho as a Spiritual Practice, how this impacts masters of the practice and the way the system is seen in the world.  
Spokane WA USA     
Paul Mitchell and Phyllis Furumoto 
Organizer:  Kandy Brandt
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June  22 - 25
Global Reiki Webinar Gathering:  We are Sacred Earth
" I have a dream of having an International Reiki Festival where participants can share their passions that have been ignited by Reiki"  Rachel Goldberg
Romara Lodge Watervliet Michigan
Phyllis Furumoto and Rachel Goldberg
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August 16-20
OGM Retreat 2017
A time for students of all initiation levels to gather and form the Office of the Grand Master for 3.5 days.  In the past we have used Kenyon Ranch, a beloved venue.  This year we are moving the Retreat into Oracle AZ where the altitude gives us more relief from the heat of the August days while allowing the great monsoons to sweep across the skies and over magnificent rock formations.  Join us in this lovely venue this year.  Close to Tucson.
COD Ranch    Oracle AZ
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October 6-13
November 14-21
The Essence of our Practice
Mikao Usui was born, raised, and lived during the time when Japan was finding its place in a world made smaller by sailing ships.  The nature of the times and his own brilliance of character, created the moment in which the energy of Reiki was received.  Through him, the practice of Reiki developed.  To walk the streets of Kyoto, to visit the Palaces of the Emperors and the Tokogawa, to touch the art forms of tea ceremony, artisans, and gardens is to experience on a cellular level the essential nature of our practice.  
English Speakers only
Kyoto Japan
Phyllis Furumoto
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Webinars for 2017
Please check on the facebook page Global Reiki Webinars for registration links including possible changes in topics, time and date.
Local Communities/Global Community 
Saturday February 18
9:30-3:30 PST    2 -3 hour sessions                      
F rom San Francisco CA

Folk Art to Professional Practice of Reiki     
Saturday/Sunday  February 25/26 
9:00-11:30 am & 12:30-3:00 pm  MST 
both days 
F rom Arizona
Time-Space, Our 4th dimension in Reiki
Saturday March 25 
7:00 pm GMT
London, UK

Global Community making a difference!  
Tuesday May 23
3:00pm MST  
From Arizona
Global Community Gathering: We are Sacred Earth
Thursday-Sunday  June 22-25

Ronora Lodge  Watervliet Michigan 
Conversation about the Reconciliation Video 
Tuesday July 11 
07:00 am MST                                        
From Arizona                       
Being in a Reiki Business  
Saturday August 26
8:00 am - 3:00 pm  MST  
From Arizona
What is Lineage? 
Tuesday October 3
9:00 am JST 
Please check your date and time zone!
From Japan
Phyllis Furumoto with Hyakuten Inamoto 
Saturday November 11   
9:00 am JST
Please check your date and time zone!                          
From Japan
The Future of Reiki: Conversations with participants 
11:00 noon MST 
Saturday December 30
From Arizona