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A Walk Through the 
Four Aspects & Nine Elements of Usui Shiki Ryoho
February 6-8 ~ Mexico

October 16-18 ~ Perth, Australia

Paul Mitchell "This workshop focuses on what makes our practice of Reiki our practice - the Four Aspects and Nine Elements.  By becoming more familiar with and at home in the structure of our practice, we can more consciously live and receive the nourishment, healing, and blessings of Reiki in our lives." Paul Mitchell

Mexico Workshop information and to register, 
Perth, Australia Workshop information contact: Roger Weston at
Illuminating the Path: Our Spiritual Life in Reiki
Paul Mitchell
Laurence Fontaine
February 10-15

On our journey, we'll use

Reiki, explore the stages of spiritual development, meditate and do breath work. We will explore our vision with Constellations.  

These practices strengthen our understanding and clarity, illuminating the path of our spiritual lives.     


For information and to register, click here.

In this issue you will find information and links to the events offered through the Office of Grand Master (OGM) by Phyllis Furumoto and Paul Mitchell.

Highlights in This Issue

Paul will be in Australia in October and November. He will also attend the ARC International Reiki Conference in Sydney. Watch your emails for other events as they are scheduled.

In October, Phyllis is leading three week-long tours to Kyoto, Japan as a way to experience on a cellular level the essential nature of our practice. Each tour is limited to 12 people
Masters' Intensive: Usui One
February 18-22             Arizona, USA

Phyllis Furumoto & Paul Mitchell

A Master Intensive for all masters of Reiki who wish to become acquainted with or go deeper into the practice of Reiki as Hawayo Takata presented it to her circle of 22 masters. This is not a training but an opportunity to connect to the basic teachings of Reiki.  

For information and to register,click here.
Succession Workshops
Feb. 25 - March 1          Arizona, USA
March 25-29                  Germany  

Preparing the Master Community

Phyllis Furumoto, Paul Mitchell, and Ben Haggard will serve as facilitators and resources for the group of masters and second degree students exploring the function of the Spiritual Lineage and the concept of Succession in this practice.  

Arizona Workshop information and to register, click here.

Germany Workshop information and to register, click here.   
Master Candidate/Master Retreat
May 20-14  Oregon

A very intense 4 days with Paul and Phyllis will bring Master Candidates in Usui Shiki Ryoho the depth and richness of their combined years of practice, individual work, and their passionate commitment to this practice.  


Masters who accompany their Master Candidates will be supported in their relationships with these students.

For information and to register: click here.
The Reiki Alliance Annual Gathering
hands and world

May 3-10     Oregon

Both Phyllis and Paul will attend the gathering.
OGM Retreat
Kenyon Ranch casita and trees
August 16-29 Arizona USA

The OGM Retreat is an opportunity for students of Usui Shiki Ryoho to sit in circle and discuss the issues that arise for Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Mark your calendars and join the circle. More details coming soon.
Exploring Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: An Individual Choice with Phyllis
Furumoto, Phyllis
January 31 ~ San Francisco 

Join Phyllis in San Francisco for a day of discussion, introspection, connecting, and community building.

Where: San Francisco LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco
Contact:  Christopher
A Sunday with Phyllis in Denmark
March 22

The program is a conversation between the community and Phyllis. Sharing her stories of her understanding of the history of Reiki, the way of Reiki in a student's life, and answering questions from those who attend will be the main part of the program.

Contact: Anny Petersen
A Weekend for Reiki in Belgorod Russia
with Phyllis
April 11-12
Theme: Oral Tradition: The Power of Story. Phyllis will share her story, the story of Reiki, and listen to stories of participants. This ancient way of learning and teaching is sacred. Our practice is alive through this tradition.

More details to follow.
Contact: Valentina 

Reiki Festival: The Power of the Story with guest speaker
Phyllis Furumoto
April 19 ~ Netherlands 
Phyllis Furumoto, ogm This time is for the celebration of Reiki in the Netherlands! Phyllis will bring her passion for oral tradition and the stories of Reiki; each person's story as well as the story of Reiki itself.

Contact: Lili & Rolf Holm          
The Essence of Our Practice: Tour Japan with Phyllis

October 1 - November 1

To walk the streets of Kyoto, to visit the Palaces of the Emperors and the Tokogawa, to touch the art forms of tea ceremony, artisans, and gardens, is to experience on a cellular level the essential nature of our practice.   


The principles of our practice are reflected in the practices of the indigenous people throughout the world.  The relationship of human beings and nature is reflected in the culture.  The Japanese culture is unique in its expression which permeates the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho.  


Registration will open soon.  
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