HAVE YOUR EVER - walked into a room and said to yourself - why did I come in here? I can't remember why I just walked in here. You are not alone!! BRAIN FOG

No you are not losing your mind. It is called BRAIN FOG! And it is common for many of us especially when we are under stress and as we age. So what can you do about it? Here are some tips:
  • Take a walk outside
  • Exercise
  • Breathe deep -- take 10 deep breaths slowly
  • Smile - go to YouTube and look up funniest videos
  • Music - I relax to Kenny G (love the Sax)
  • Go Shopping - doesn't work for everyone
  • Smell some great oils like lavender, peppermint
  • Take a hot bath in oils

OUCH - THAT HURT! My poor aching joint :(

Have you ever wondered why your joints hurt or why you hurt when you get out of bed? We are getting older! Surprise. And, as we age our cartilage that protects the ends or our bones start to dry up and stiffen. We also make less fluid - synovial - which acts like a lubricant. So what can you do?
  • Keep moving - it helps the fluid
  • Don't sit too long - get up and stretch
  • Exercise - keep the muscles engaged
  • Eat nutrient dense foods - unhealthy foods will increase pain
  • Avoid inflammatory foods - contact me as I have a list of foods to avoid

WHAT'S UP - Doc?
Many of you ask - what's up with me. So here is a quick recap. Life has been full of adventure. I finished my thesis, completed my degree and have been working with clients on peri-operative surgery protocols to expedite and enhance patient recovery through nutrition. I am working with a hospital on a possible research project pertaining to a holistic nutritional regimine for pre and post surgery patients. In my work for IRT, we just launched our new web site pertaining to pet food and pet health - Take a look. I would love your feedback. We are halfway through filming for our upcoming documentary on the pet food industry. Fascinating information which should be released in November. I hope to finish filming in October. Now I have to focus on fundraising and support for our IRT pet program.

Our beloved pets and best friends rely on us to feed them a healthy diet, provide them exercise, medical attention when needed and lots of love. More and more research is linking the ingredients in pet food to diseases being found in our best friends including cancer. I encourage you to view PET FOOLED on Netflix. You will be awakened to the world of Pet Food. I am working on a film pertaining to this! More to come!!