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Two more live sessions left in this popular series!

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 10:00am-12:00pm

Canadian Women’s Experiences with Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

A look at the problems women have finding appropriately sized and effective personal protective equipment (PPE). With Live Q&A Session!

Speaker: Anya Keefe, MSc. (Occupational Hygiene), Occupational & Public Health Consultant

Review of and New Directions for OHCOW’s PDD Handbook

This session involves a review of OHCOWs current PDD handbook followed by an introduction of upcoming changes to the PDD handbook and PDD. With Live Q&A Session!

Speakers: David Mijatovic (OHCOW – Toronto) and Andrew Flanagan (OHCOW – Sarnia)

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 10:00am-12:00pm

Ergonomic Prevention Tools

Job Demands: Physical and Cognitive

Our work environments and procedures continue to evolve with advances in technology, and so do the methods for evaluating the physical and cognitive demands of jobs. This session will:

  • Review the use of physical demands analysis (PDA)
  • Expand on methods for evaluating manual materials handling (MMH) and posture analysis Discuss emerging ways to tackle cognitive demands analysis

Speakers: Katie Goggins (CROSH) and Alison Goodwin (CROSH)

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View the February 7th and 14th RSI Webinars!

Concussions in the Workplace

This webinar will raise awareness about concussions and promote steps to take action to prevent them in the workplace. It includes:

  • Information about concussions and post-concussion symptom
  • Long term effects
  • Recovery and return to work
  • Underreporting, workplace factors, raising awareness about concussions in the workplace, and prevention of workplace hazards.

Recorded Live Feb. 7th.


Four E’s of Shoulder Injuries

MSDs account for 23% of patient referrals that OHCOW sees. This session will:

  • Explain the anatomy of the shoulder
  • Examine common risk factors for injury
  • Explore the most common shoulder injuries including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Expand upon prevention measures

Recorded Live Feb. 7th.


Implications of Indoor Environment Quality in an Office Setting

This presentation will describe areas of general comfort in an office building. Topics including lighting, noise, and indoor air quality are often overlooked and all compliment an ergonomic workstation set up to ensure workers are comfortable.

Recorded Live Feb. 14th.


Ergonomics and Sleep

Learn how sleep deprivation negatively affects us; how poor sleep can lead to and exacerbate musculoskeletal injuries; and what ergonomic risk factors for injury are present while we sleep.

Decrease the risk factors with sleeping posture; choosing the correct bed, mattress, and pillows; and strategies to improve your overall quality of sleep.

Recorded Live Feb. 14th.



Occ-Covid Conversations

Investigating Deaths & Outbreaks, an underused tool

Apply Incident Cause Analysis Methods, a core OHS principle, to identify contributing process & system factors for Awareness and Prevention!

Join us for a discussion of the fundamentals for an effective incident investigation approach to workplace injuries and illnesses. The presenter will also share learnings on how to apply the process to occupational health including the cause(s) of factors leading to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Join Mary-Jane Vince, an ICAM investigator from SAFETY WISE, hosted by OHCOW's Kevin Hedges.


May 3, 2023, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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