February 15th, 2014

February 16, 2014:  

Update From Ecuador  


I will start by praising God for public hospitals in Riobamba! That being said, I will also start praying fervently that I will never be a patient at the particular hospital I have visited several times this last week, because it was just not clean. Oh well, the story I am about to share is not about me or conditions at the hospital. Instead, it's ALL about God's unfailing love and glory!     


Recently Mr. Cesar, my landlord, underwent surgery. As soon as I was able, I went to the hospital to visit with him and his family. Th e small area that was his room, was also shared room with 8 patient beds and full of visitors. When I started reading the bible to Mr. Cesar and his family, this small cozy setting provided the advantage that everyone could also hear what I was saying. In fact, as soon as I started to read, everyone stopped talking and the room listened to the Word. After sharing the gospel, Mr. Cesar, his wife, and their 26 year old daughter made the decision to follow Jesus!  


Since then, not a day has passed without my going to visit and teach them. The more I share, the more they want to know! On Sunday we held Home Church, as he was still recuperating from his surgery.



Remember that I told you more people was listening
as I was reading the bible to them? Well, visitors for
a patient whose bed was across from Mr. Cesar's bed, 
  asked if I would come and pray for a man
named Mario. I learned that Mario was in the last stages of cancer and I could tell that he was in a great deal of pain. As soon I got closer to Mario's bed, I asked him if I could read Psalms to him. He agreed
by nodding his head, so I did. Afterwards I shared the gospel with him. With so much affirmation coming from him, he prayed to Jesus.


 I wish I could describe this whole experience better, but I am telling you that as  

he was praying his face, once full of painful expressions, changed to pure peace!
It is a peace that I cannot describe. 
Only moments before, he was grunting from
the pain he was
  enduring, but then suddenly, he was at peace and wore a BIG smile! He has Jesus! I went back to the hospital the next day. Mario was glad to hear more Psalms and I was told that he was feeling better and that he had even started asking for food! :)


Praise be to God! My heart is rejoicing and I have done the happy dance! When I am weak, He is strong; when I say no, He says YES! When I don't feel worthy, He calls me to go. When I cry, He holds me; when lonely, He embraces me. When I see my faults and sins, He sees Jesus --forgiven, loved, and covered daily by His mercy. Worthy of none, but greatly loved!


Join me in prayers, as we are getting lots of ash from Chimborazo volcano! Also please pray for me this week as I will be heading to the other side of the jungle, in the Northern part of Ecuador, where my father lives.  

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