Cheers to Old Forester!

We're kicking off a busy second half of 2019 with our first ever Old Forester barrel release.

We traveled to Louisville to meet with Old Forest Master Taster Jackie Zykan, who helped us select five barrels that are sure to be a hit with Ohio's bourbon lovers when it's released on July 20.

Below you'll find more information about the selection, including the OHLQ locations hosting the release.

Those stores won't be the only ones getting this release, however. We're sending surprise cases across Ohio for you to find! Check at 9 a.m. on the day of the release to find out where else you can grab this selection.

While you're grabbing your Old Forester, don't forget to snag your copy of Forty-Two+ (check out the golden barrel program for your chance to go on a barrel selection with OHLQ!), and 'like' our Facebook page . We have a lot of events planned for you through the end of 2019, so be sure to stay tuned for more announcements!

Please enjoy this special release and all products responsibly.

Jim Canepa
Where to get it...
Agencies listed in alphabetical order by city.
1055 Sugarbush Dr., Ashland
Barrel WR201095
36 Bottles
2630 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls
Barrel WR201095
60 Bottles
Handy One Food Mart   
3105 E Dorothy Lane, Kettering
Barrel WR201309
84 Bottles
Sharonville Liquor & Wine            
11018 Reading Rd., Sharonville
Barrel WR201093
78 Bottles
Giant Eagle         
34310 Aurora Rd., Solon
Barrel WR201096
114 Bottles
Joseph's Beverage Center             
4129 Talmadge Rd., Toledo
Barrel WR201096
108 Bottles
Giant Eagle         
3061 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington
Barrel WR201094
96 Bottles
The Wine List     
7381 Tylers Corners Dr., West Chester
Barrel WR201094
96 Bottles
7345 S.R. 3, Westerville
Barrel WR201309
78 Bottles
Shoregate Beverage & Liquor      
30498 Lake Shore Blvd., Willowick
Barrel WR201095
48 Bottles
Wine Cellar         
105 S. Meridian Rd., Youngstown
Barrel WR201095
54 Bottles
Winerak Market               
2336 Maple Ave., Zanesville
Barrel WR201093
42 Bottles
About Old Forester

In 1870, George Garvin Brown created Old Forester on Louisville's famous Whiskey Row at 322 W. Main Street. Old Forester was America’s First Bottled Bourbon – the first bourbon to be sold in sealed glass bottles instead of barrels, to ensure consistent quality. It took until the U.S. Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 for U.S. government regulations to catch up, when sealed bottles became a requirement. One of America’s founding bourbons, Old Forester continued to thrive until 1920, when Prohibition began.

Many distilleries were closed, but fortunately, Brown-Forman applied for and received a license from the U.S. government to continue producing Old Forester for medicinal purposes. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, Old Forester became the only remaining bourbon continuously sold by the same company before, during, and after Prohibition. Today, the Old Forester brand and its many expressions are prized by bartenders and consumers alike for their authentic bourbon taste.
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