Cheers to Elijah Craig!

It's so nice, we're doing it twice! For the second time this year, we selected single barrel Elijah Craig. This time around, we're sending out six barrels for Ohio bourbon lovers on Sept. 13.

Even if you grabbed a bottle in February, you won't want to miss this release because these barrels are all unique and this is a new selection of single barrel product. Our team and the Heaven Hill distillers chose barrels we know Ohioans will love. They range in age from eight to 11 years, and all have slightly different taste profiles.

As always, we will be sending out surprise cases of this product. Check the scrolling announcement section of on the day of the release.

We hope you enjoy all of our special events for National Bourbon Heritage Month, and hope to see you at our participating OHLQ locations. Be sure to pick up your copy of Forty-Two+ , and 'like' our Facebook page for these announcements and more!

As always, enjoy this special release responsibly.

Jim Canepa
Where to get it...
Agencies listed in alphabetical order by city.
Lofino's Food Store         
3325 Seajay Dr., Beavercreek     
54 Bottles, Barrel 5554649
2905 Whipple Ave., Canton        
114 Bottles, Barrel 5808109
Jungle Jim's         
4450 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati    
102 Bottles, Barrel 5164816
Giant Eagle         
6700 Hayden Run Rd., Hilliard    
90 Bottles, Barrel 5164816
Simone's Beverage & Deli             
18414-26 Detroit Ave., Lakewood            
114 Bottles, Barrel 5808117
Weber's Market               
301 Scammel St., Marietta          
54 Bottles, Barrel 5554649
1501 W. Fifth St., Marysville       
54 Bottles, Barrel 5328470
Pauken Wine & Liquor    
221 Golden Gate Shopping Center, Maumee       
114 Bottles, Barrel 5808117
Giant Eagle         
1700 Norton Rd., Stow  
66 Bottles, Barrel 5808090
The Wine List     
7381 Tylers Corners Dr., West Chester    
66 Bottles, Barrel 5328470
Buehler's Milltown          
3540 Burbank Rd., Wooster        
114 Bottles, Barrel 5808109
A & C Southway Beverage            
45 South Ave., Youngstown        
66 Bottles, Barrel 5808090
The Story of Heaven Hill

Shortly after Prohibition ended in the United States, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., was founded in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Shapira family to produce and market bourbon and premium American whiskeys. At the time, it was as speculative a new business venture as the dot com start-ups of the 1990's - a company founded with no brands, no available stocks of Whiskey, and at the height of the Great Depression. Today, the company is the largest independent, family-owned and operated distilled spirits supplier in the country. According to industry analysts, Heaven Hill is now the sixth-largest spirits supplier in the United States and second largest holder of aging bourbon in the world with an inventory in excess of 1.3 million barrels.

In 2014, the company changed its name to Heaven Hill Brands. The name and logo capture the company’s evolution from a leader in American Whiskey production – a position it continues to hold today – to the nation’s sixth-largest distilled spirits supplier. Over the last three decades, Heaven Hill has built on its foundation of American whiskeys to become a broadly diversified supplier of whiskeys, liqueurs, vodkas, rums and other spirits.

Since 1935, Heaven Hill has retained its commitment to independence and family ownership grounded in a mission and core values suited to building for the long term.
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