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October 4, 2016
TankerTour guides needed Sunday 10/16 
W e'd love some help giving OHNY  tours on Sunday 10/16. 

I could really use help since I've been on crutches due to a torn meniscus in my right knee, so I'm not getting around the boat as fast. 

We'd all love to reconnect with you during a Volunteer Appreciation party after OHNY TankerTours on Sunday 10/16.

A lot of painting and restoration work has been done on the MARY A. WHALEN this summer. Come check it out!



We've come a long way! MARY A. WHALEN & PortSide branding in 2006

Open House New York (OHNY) Sun 10/16
Event runs 10am-5pm
Work shift 9am-5:30pm 

We seek 10 staff

OHNY is a great event that opens NYC buildings and infrastructure to the public for free. 

OHNY 2006 was the first time the MARY A. WHALEN opened to the public - and she was the most popular site in Brooklyn!

Tightened security in the containerport meant that we never did it again, but we will this year in Atlantic Basin.

Please join us in giving tours to the public. It is a very satisfying experience.

To control crowds, people will reserve in advance. We will take batches of visitors every 15 minutes, the easiest way to run TankerTours.

Want to help but feel uncertain of the tour content? We provide written tour info in advance and train on site before the tours start. You can listen in on the first tours to get more comfortable.

9-10am training and set up
10am-5pm tours.  Tours for 15 people every 15 minutes x 7 hours = 430 visitors.
5-5:30 pick up

2006 OHNY tours of MARY A. WHALEN in Red Hook Container Terminal. Photo by Jenny Kane

2006 OHNY tours of MARY A. WHALEN in Red Hook Container Terminal. 
Volunteer Appreciation Party Sunday 10/16 
This follows the OHNY tours.  All are welcome whether you help during OHNY or not.  

RSVP required so we have enough BBQ food.  

Please RSVP by emailing me at my new address

With appreciation,

Carolina Salguero
Founder & President
PortSide NewYork

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