CITADEL Newsletter - 20051012 | May - 2020
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“The mission of the OIML is to enable economies to put in place effective legal metrology infrastructures that are mutually compatible and internationally recognized, for all areas for which governments take responsibility, such as those which facilitate trade, establish mutual confidence and harmonize the level of consumer protection worldwide.”
The OIML is only one example of a group of international standards which Citadel Engineering Company adheres to in our Operations.

OK, but why is Metrology important?
Measurements are so much a part of our daily lives that we often take them for granted and possibly don’t even notice them. For example we monitor the speed at which we drive to ensure we travel safely and thus reduce road casualties, undergo medical checks to make sure we remain healthy, use time to be punctual for appointments, and satellite positioning systems to pinpoint our location, fill our cars with fuel by volume, have our vehicles checked to monitor the exhaust emission levels, and so on.
To Clamp or Not To Clamp
Free Webinar!

This webinar will focus on basic clamp-on technology, how it works and the basic principles of ultrasound and transit time. We’ll also review applications and specifics to consider when looking at a new applications, such as:

• Process conditions
• Pipe details
• Installation location

We will also cover some successful clamp-on stories across various industries and answer the question should you clamp or not clamp-on.

Tom Michalowski
Panametrics Global Product Manager
"ePROTECT, Pre-deployment training for Acute Respiratory Infections"
which is prepared by the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and will be hosted by  Citadel   Academy  and it is  FREE  for everyone.
Mr. Sam Hemingway from Citadel Academy will be your presenter during this 2-hour-long course.

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Three Effective Methods to Sanitize N95 Respirators for Reuse
The COVID-91 pandemic has created worldwide shortages of personal protective equipment, in particular, respiratory protection such as N95 respirators.
In general, N95 respirators are designed for single use prior to disposal. A study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has revealed three methods of effectively sanitizing the N95 masks for reuse.
Researchers tested small sections of N95 filter fabric that had been exposed to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 using four decontamination methods:
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide;
  • 70° C dry heat;
  • Ultraviolet light; and
  • 70% ethanol spray.

Source: CDC
by  Colin Fluxman
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