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Father's Day: A Day to Anticipate
Meet Kambyr:
For 14 year old Kambyr, Father's Day is a day to anticipate. Kambyr wasn't born before her father became incarcerated. It was years before she saw him and heard his voice on a Messages DVD. Since then, Kambyr has eagerly anticipated the arrival of Messages DVDs and books at Christmas and Father's Day. Hear Kambyr share what the years of connecting with her incarcerated dad has meant to her.
To the child, their parent will always be their "Dad," and they will always long for a connection with him, no matter what he may have done to become incarcerated.
OK Messages Dads Share What the Program Means to Them
"Daddy Movies" - "Gives me a voice" - "Brings me home"
My six yr. old twins have had a very hard time with my being gone. Getting the 'Daddy movies' as they call them and getting to read along with me has helped us develop a deep bond.
Thank you truly doesn't cover the effect this program has on us. It gives us a voice. So many still try to silence us. But you all let us know we still have value in our families lives.
'Out of sight, out of mind' is what happens when a father is in prison. But with the DVDs, I'm no longer out of sight. They bring me home to my son and I can tell him how much I love him.
"Son, this is not your fault."
An incarcerated father's message to his son...
This father developed a love for reading while incarcerated. He shares that passion with his son in this heartfelt DVD message. Listen to his encouraging words and hear the love for his boy in this brief clip from his son's Christmas DVD.
OK Department of Corrections prisons will open back up by September--so we will start filming early and will go to two new prisons this year. More kids than ever will get Messages videos and bedtime stories!
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950 kids received books this spring from the Stories & Smiles Campaign!
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