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We have been made aware of an action we need to work on immediately that are very important to our group and your calls and emails are needed. Please remember to be polite and respectful! There are 3 things we need you to do.

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Action Alert: HB1021 - Nullification of Obamacare.
Three ACTIONS to do!
Red Alert

ACTION ALERT UPDATE: HB1021 which will nullify ObamaCare in Oklahoma has been moved out of the Rules Committee thanks to Floor Leader Sen Schulz and Chair Sen Griffin. It has now been moved to the Appropriations Committee, which is the only committee it must now pass through before a full vote on the Senate floor. The Appropriations Chair (Sen Jolley) has indicated that he may hear the bill. The Senate is off this weekend, so phone calls will not be very effective, instead we ask that you email your state senator and ask them to become a co-author for HB1021 and ask that they encourage the Appropriations Chair to hear the bill. REMEMBER that most of the time you will be dealing with the Senator's Executive Assistant, and they may be getting inundated with phone calls and emails, so PLEASE always be respectful and courteous, and know that they are just doing their job. Your voice is powerful, so have it heard!  


At the same time the federal government is applying pressure to stop this bill. We need to ensure that all members of the Senate Appropriations Committee know we want this bill to pass and we will support them. For details on what the federal government is doing go to:


Action - Call and email Sen. Jolley ((405) 521-5622, and ask him to allow HB1021 to come up for a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Ask Sen. Jolley to watch the youtube video for a better alternative for taking care of the poor.  


Action - Email all Senators and ask them to co-author on HB1021. Just put the emails into the BCC of your email and address the email "Dear Senator"


All Senator emails: 

e-mails copy and paste in bcc and send out one e-mail:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  


Action - Email the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee and ask them to support the nullification of Obamacare by supporting HB1021 when it comes up for a vote. Ask all the the Senators in the  to watch the youtube videoto see an alternative for taking care of the poor.  


Senate Appropriations Committee emails:  


e-mails copy and paste in bcc and send out one e-mail:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Reminder also for Tonights Meeting!!!
OKforTEA Class (Legislative Update from Congressman Jim Bridenstine).
Click on R.S.V.P. to signup on meetup and let us know you are coming. If you have Facebook you can R.S.V.P. here. Seating is limited and this is a OKforTEA meeting and not a public Town Hall.

Invite 2 friends and 2 neighbors
to come with you!

Thursday, March 28th @ 6:30 PM 
Where: Tulsa Promenade Mall
             Meeting Room (Upper Level, by 
             Food Court)
             4107 South Yale Avenue
             Tulsa, OK  74135    

Congressman Jim Bridenstine 
Congressman Jim Bridenstine
Starting promptly at 6:30 pm This month is the following:
Legislative Update from Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Congressman Jim Bridenstine has been in office for a couple of months now and he has been working hard doing the right thing. He will be sharing with us what is happening in DC and what we can do to help.

You can find out more about the Congressman at
Also  sign up for his newsletter and follow him on Twitter @RepJBridenstine and on Facebook.  
You know what to do and thanks for your support!



OKforTEA Staff
"Behaved like men who are determined to be free." ~ General Anthony Wayne 

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