“My relationship with Joshua House began a few years ago when my family provided Thanksgiving dinner in the main dining hall. We ate dinner with all the children, played music and talked with them. It was obvious to me then that Joshua House is a very unique and special organization that provides a true “second chance” to children who may otherwise never be able to become emotionally healthy and happy adults. I later joined the Board of Directors of Friends of Joshua House, and have now served there for a few years.    

Joshua House is both an organization and a location where boys and girls who have suffered severe emotional trauma reside when other social services cannot give them the individual attention and care that they need to thrive. The living structure of Joshua House is unique to its purpose and success. There are multiple small houses set in a circle around a large activity field. Each house has a small group of children residing together, which gives them all a sense of home that is key to giving them the feeling of family that they would struggle to have elsewhere. There are also community eating and multi-purpose activity areas. The children receive tutoring in not only school, but in life skills as well. 

Over the last few years, many of the children that reside in Joshua House arrive there after suffering as victims of human trafficking. The severe psychological trauma which they have endured requires much more individualized and specialized attention than the traditional foster care system can provide.  

Joshua House has been extremely successful in achieving its goal of protecting children from repeated future harm, helping them cope with their prior traumatic life experiences and preparing them to enter the adult world with the tools they need to survive and thrive. Joshua House is a place where its residents are nurtured and cared for and gives them not only a house to live in, but a home to rely on.”

One way you can make a difference is by helping Joshua House acquire the resources it needs to help children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected through the Amazon Wish List found at the button below. 

Mother and Child Reunited

I am forever grateful to Ben Older and his team for reuniting me and my child in a very difficult and stressful custody battle. Ben Older did more than just represent me as a client; he listened to me and believed in me, and he zealously represented me as if he were fighting for the custody of his own child.

Finding a lawyer willing to take your custody case is one thing; finding a lawyer that truly cares about the well-being of you and your child is another. Ben Older is that lawyer! There were times when I thought there was no hope but Ben encouraged me to hang in there and I'm so grateful he did! In the end I received more than I ever dreamed possible. I would definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone facing a custody issue.

- Michelle