"It has been an honor to be a part of the Inaugural Board of Directors for Autism Inspired Academy. AIA opened its doors to autistic children in Pinellas County to provide them with the education they deserve to have. This unique school for children with autism creates an environment where character development and social skills are at the forefront of education.

Students are consistently held to high expectations that align with their abilities where learning is purposeful and meaningful. The Director and Principal of the school worked tirelessly to make AIA a reality. They opened their doors to children in August of 2020 in the midst of a pandemic.

I have been inspired by their passion to help these children whose needs were not being met in the regular public school setting. I am also inspired by the children they are serving, and their amazing talents and gifts."

- Jaime Girgenti

Join us for the clay shooting fundraiser held on April 23rd to help support the Autism Inspired Academy. Click the button below to get more info!
Guidance Through Adversity

"She and I had a case that seemed very cut and dry but as it went a long, it was more complicated than we thought. Jaime was very good at handling this adversity. Her staff did a great job of keeping me informed of what was going on in the case and what steps were next. My case was settled to my satisfaction. I highly recommend!"

- Erin
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