Weekly Update 11/13/20
Mass Schedule

Weekday Livestream - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 9:00am

Public Mass - Saturday @ 5:30pm

Livestream - Sunday @ 10:00am
THANKSGIVING DAY MASS will be live streamed at 10:00 am. Join with others as we gather that day to give thanks to God for the many blessings in our lives. Food donations for St. Vincent de Paul can be brought to the parish office anytime. The need is especially great this time of year.
Stewardship of Treasure Is Underway

Every fall parishioners are asked to prayerfully consider their stewardship in support of the many ministries and programs here at Our Lady of Guadalupe through their time, talent and treasure. In the next few days you will receive your stewardship of treasure renewal letter from Fr. Kevin. 2020 has been a most difficult and challenging year for our parishioners, our parish, and our community. Given this, as well as the recent completion of the Annual Catholic Appeal, and Called to Serve as Christ campaign, we are asking your permission to rollover your parish financial support pledge from last year to 2021. If you consent to renew your 2020 pledge for 2021 – you do not need to do anything. If you would like to make changes to your pledge (or you did not make a pledge last year), simply fill out the enclosed pledge card you will receive and mail it to the parish. You can also make your pledge online. We ask that you respond by the end of November as we will begin the rollover process the first of December.   
New! Fireside Chats with Fr. Kevin
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ at OLG,

I write to you not only on behalf of myself, but also on behalf of the Pastoral Council here at OLG, to extend to you our sincerest invitation to participate in one of the upcoming “Fireside Chats” we have planned for the parishioners and households at OLG as we move toward and into Advent and the start of the new Liturgical Year.

As we all know from our experience of the current COVID-19 pandemic, one of the greatest challenges has been to stay in touch with and connected to those we care about and to remain positive in the face of all the constraints, limitations and losses with which the pandemic has confronted us. In addition, while the current trends indicate increases (“surges”) in the numbers of COVID-19 transmissions throughout our nation and our state, we all are still hoping and praying that a vaccine will be developed and made available, at least relatively near future, and that with continued efforts at containment, prevention and care, we can finally begin to make effective progress in overcoming the pandemic, and in restoring some increasing degree of normalcy to our lives, our families, our schools, our businesses and our parish.

With this in mind, I invite and urge you to participate in one of our approaching Fireside Chats at OLG, so that we might check in with you as to how you are doing in the face of all the challenges confronting us, and to begin to dream, discuss and discern how we might continue helping one another to move forward at OLG in as positive and hopeful a manner as possible. How are people doing? What are the challenges and difficulties we are facing? What are the hopes and dreams you have for the near and longer-term future of OLG? What suggestions and ideas do you have for how we might effectively face and respond to all of this as a parish community of faith?

I hope and pray that you will honor and assist us with your participation. Sign up now for one of the upcoming zoom sessions starting December 5th.

Fr. Kevin
Ethical Trade Sale: Get Your Chocolate Advent Calendar, Gifts, and Coffee Today!

OLG's annual Ethical Trade Sale is going online this year! Many of the artisans, farmers, and communities we support through the sale are struggling this year as COVID spreads and sales slow. Through our virtual sale, you'll find a large variety of unique, quality gifts AND 20% of sales come back to us!  Win, win, win! Simply shop through our custom parish link: serrv.org?a=olgfairtrade. Bonus, you can get free shipping on 11/14-11/15 (code: SEHOLIDAY20) and a $10 gift card on 11/21-22 (code: SEGC20).

This year, we are also selling Pura Vida coffee. Pura Vida has been VERY generous every year, donating 100% of sales (sometimes even more!). Their business is struggling with COVID and now we can return the generosity. To order their delicious ground or whole bean coffee, contact Erin at erinpedras@centurylink.net and submit order form by November 30. We’ll have coffee ready to pick up at OLG on December 12!

Interested in products from our other annual vendors? Visit our website for their links!
Eucharistic Ministers are bringing communion to our homebound and senior community! 

We are excited to share that Our Lady of Guadalupe parish has begun providing communion to our homebound and senior members in our community. We have developed a safe protocol for our Eucharistic Ministers and our members to follow during COVD-19 pandemic restrictions. If you know of someone who would want communion bought to them, please call Marion Kari at 206 935-0358 or email at marionk@olgseattle.org  
Election Vigil

This past week on Election Day, over 25 parishioners gathered to mark the day together in prayer and solidarity. They stood vigil on 35th outside the church to offer prayers for our nation and to encourage those driving by. They even made it into the West Seattle Blog. Thank you to Kathleen Sullivan for suggesting the idea and to school/parish staff for helping to implement it. Faithful Citizenship in action!   
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO MOVE GARDEN SOIL FROM PARKING LOT Thank you very much to the Trainor family for volunteering to move the remaining garden soil to our planting areas!! They could use some extra help as many hands make light work. Contact Helen, heleno@olgseattle.org, 206-935-0358
“SHOE BOXES OF JOY” IS HAPPENING THIS YEAR (albeit slightly modified)! It is that time of year where we create “Shoe boxes of Joy” for the variety of people served by CCS’ Volunteer Chore Services. CLICK HERE for more information. Please pay attention to the new information pertaining to COVID precautions. You can drop off the boxes here at the Parish Office or at the school. They are due Wednesday, December 2nd.   Information, Helen Oesterle, 206-935-0358.
PLEASE IGNORE THE EMAILS THAT APPEAR TO COME FROM FR. KEVIN ASKING FOR MONEY OR GIFT CARDS This scam has reemerged again, and it is not only happening here but at with pastors in other parishes. The Archdiocese is aware of the issue and has been trying to address it. Fr. Kevin wants you to know that he would never email parishioners asking for money in this way. Please share this information with others who might have been contacted.