Weekly Update 4/16/20
Thank you for joining us during the virtual Holy Week celebrations!
Upcoming Live Stream Events
Daily Mass: Tuesday-Friday, 9:00 AM

Sunday Mass: 10:00 AM
The Spirituality of Work
Unemployed Together....
during the COVID-19 Shutdown

Join this six-week small group virtual series for those who are currently unemployed or underemployed. We will focus on how unemployed Christians can come to better see how God is inviting us to be part of building the Kingdom. Facilitated by Helen and Marion.

Even in challenging times, God is still working in our lives.

To register please contact Helen, heleno@olgseattle.org
Caring for God's Creation
50th Anniversary Celebration
April 22nd
To mark the 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day on April 22, the Care for Creation team from Holy Rosary and Our Lady of Guadalupe parishes is urging people all over West Seattle to place an Earth-related photo or illustration in their windows or a sign in their yards to demonstrate solidarity with our planet. There is only one Earth and it needs our attention. While we can’t get together right now, we can still show our hope and love for our common home. As we walk around our neighborhoods, we hope to see lots of pictures celebrating our treasured Earth. 
How the Virus Stole Easter
by Kristi Bothur (with a nod to Dr. Seuss)
Twas late in ‘19 when the virus began
Bringing chaos and fear to all people, each land.

People were sick, hospitals full,
Doctors overwhelmed, no one in school.

As winter gave way to the promise of spring,
The virus raged on, touching peasant and king.

People hid in their homes from the enemy unseen.
They You Tubed and Zoomed, social-distanced, and cleaned.

April approached and churches were closed.
“There won’t be an Easter,” the world supposed.

“There won’t be church services, and egg hunts are out.
No reason for new dresses when we can’t go about.”

Holy Week started, as bleak as the rest.
The world was focused on masks and on tests.

“Easter can’t happen this year,” it proclaimed.
Online and at home, it just won’t be the same.”