Anyone can play. No experience needed!
Organizational Meeting

Thursday, May 4
10:00 AM
Good Shepherd Catholic Church
867 Grays Woods Blvd., Port Matilda

IMPORTANT: Do not miss this meeting! Bring your calendar.

We will meet to choose teams, exchange contact info, review rules and procedures, and play some practice games. Captains will schedule the days, times, and locations of the league games at this meeting. If you want to be on the same team as a friend, get to the meeting early. Please bring a set of Bocce balls if you have them. 
League Play

Monday, May 8 through Tuesday, June 13
Locations & Times Vary

You will meet each team once and play 3 games according to the schedule set at the organizational meeting.
End of Season Picnic

Thursday, June 15
10:00 AM
Tudek Park, 400 Herman Drive, State College

All teams will play 1 game with the top 2 teams competing for the championship followed by picnic lunch.
Equipment Needed: One set of Bocce balls is needed for each game. (Usually the home team provides the balls.)  If neither team has a set, OLLI has one available for use. When you register, please indicate if you have a set of Bocce balls. One set of balls is 8 balls and a pallino. They come in a variety of sizes. A tournament size is 107 mm, but 100 mm work well, too. Smaller than 100 mm is not recommended.
Deadline to Register is April 21, 2023
You must register and pay in advance. Register online today using the blue button below or call the Noncredit Registration Office at 814-867-4973
´╗┐with a major credit card.