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  • May 2021 The Adventurer goes entirely online. Please create an email address and make sure the OLLI office has it on file.

  • Sunday April 4-Happy Easter!

  • April 12 join the Mid-Mitten Wild Ones for a virtual talk on conserving land and native plants at 6:30 p.m. Email Jeanne Henderson for details.

  • April 22 celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree.

Wednesday, May 12--Monthly Meeting: Know Yourself: The Importance of Cancer Screening & Genetic Testing with Dr. Neal Bhatt
Virtual via Zoom                                                                    
Wednesday, June 9--Monthly Meeting: TBA

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When things get a little out of control and life seems to be crumbling in on me, I tend to find a humorous book to lift my spirits. We have all experienced some of those times in the past year and personally as I have been facing open heart surgery, I have found humor a great source of feeling upbeat in rough times. Most recently I have read the book Laughing at Life by Michigan author Ed Kaiser. At one point in the book he raises the question "If we agreed on everything, wouldn't one of us be unnecessary?" That question which was meant for humor really caused me to do some thinking. Our fantastic SVSU-OLLI program has gone through some rough times, just like the rest of the world. As we go forward, we have a strong base on which to build. With almost 1000 members and an experienced, dedicated staff, the future is bright. But it will be different. We know that classes will continue, but many in different formats. Monthly meetings will continue via zoom for a while. Local adventures will be enhanced and expanded. Scheduling day trips is being worked on to fit into guidelines for bus travel, eating in restaurants, and entertainment venues. Again, OLLI will return in different ways. Hopefully we can all share our thoughts with each other and then allow our leadership to use their expertise in planning the future for our wonderful organization. From a blend of our different ideas will come an even better OLLI here at SVSU. I firmly believe that. Continue to keep informed. Talk to others about the good things OLLI is doing now. Let those who chose not to renew their membership last fall know that they are missed and we are looking forward to our OLLI family growing in the new times ahead.  Everyone is necessary for the success of our program for adults 50 and better. Happy Spring to everyone.

--Roger Span, Advisory Board Chair
Over the past year, OLLI has leaned more and more into email and internet marketing. Now, with the advisory board’s support, we plan to discontinue a print newsletter. You may be asking yourself, “why?”
While common use of the internet and email has been in place since the 1990s (the Clinton Administration was the first to widely use electronic communication), the internet was first invented in the 1960s, with email following in the 1970s. Though primarily for government and private use initially, these modes of information and communication took the world by storm by the nineties.
For OLLI we look at using these platforms, along with social media more specifically, as amazing opportunities for our members. Foremost, electronic communication is instantaneous. The last print copy of the newsletter took upwards of 4 weeks to reach some members! Additionally, it is affordable. While the average newsletter costs around $400 per month to print and send, an email is virtually free. In a year that saw
If you do not currently have internet access at home, but would like to get online, you have a few things to consider:
What device you will be using online? Are you using a smart phone, tablet or laptop, or a desktop computer to get online? The former will all require a wireless (Wi-Fi) setup with a router, while the latter can be plugged in with an ethernet cable. You can discuss these options with your internet service provider.
What speed internet do you need?
For basic web surfing and email checking, a lower speed (or bandwidth) is all that is required (measured in megabits per second), but if you think you may want to “cut the cord” and get rid of cable for an online video or TV streaming system, opt for higher bandwidth. You can discuss these options with your internet service provider.
How do you get internet service? One of the easiest (but not always the most affordable) methods of getting internet service is to go through your cable provider, often with a “bundle” of cable, phone, and internet service. However, there are many options with different speeds. Check out to find out which companies provide internet in your zip code.
For more information, visit Kristen Shaw, “What is a Good Internet Speed?”,, December 14, 2020.
OLLIs across the nation struggle to make ends meet, these savings make sense.
Finally, email marketing and social media affords an opportunity for better content. Electronic communications can be in color, include embedded links (just click and you’re there!), and offer unique inclusions like video and sound that print simply does not include.
For these reasons, OLLI is switching to only electronic newsletters after this edition of The Adventurer. If you need assistance setting up an email or getting started online, please do not hesitate to contact the OLLI office. We have also included some helpful information in the following columns.

Electronic mail, or e-mail, is easy to set up and free to use in most cases. Most free accounts offer plenty of space for the average user, even with the nefarious SPAM (unsolicited bulk email) taking up space.
There are a variety of options to choose from (and you can set up more than one email if you like, or for different purposes), but we recommend Google Mail, or Gmail.
Gmail offers a lot of storage space and access to other Google services, such as Google Drive, Calendar, YouTube, and more by only logging in once. Go to to get started and click “Create an Account.”
For more information on setting up a Gmail account, check out the following instructional video or step-by-step directions from Tech Boomers:
Written Directions:
If you’re anxious to get back on your bike again or interested in meeting fellow cycling enthusiasts, consider joining the OLLI cycling interest group! The first planned group ride of the season is coming up on April 12, 2021. The ride will take place starting at 10 a.m. at the Tridge in Midland for ten miles up the Pere Marquette Rail Trail and back with an optional group lunch (on your own) following (COVID restrictions permitting). For more information on this group and scheduled rides, please contact group leader Linda Ackerman at 989-781-2961.
Of the most significant Founding Fathers, John Jay is the least known today. His resume is the most impressive of those who did not serve as president. Among the positions he held were: president of the Continental Congress, minister plenipotentiary to Spain, secretary for foreign affairs, and first chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Furthermore, Jay was as strong and effective advocate for the ending of slavery. In retirement, a devout Christian, he was president of the American Bible Society.

Instructor: John Pafford
Mondays • 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26
10 a.m.-Noon
Location: Tittabawassee Board Room OR Virtual via Zoom
Member Price: $33
Women have been playing baseball almost as long as men have. Their long connection with the game began in the 1860s and has continued through the efforts of individual pioneers like Amanda Clement, Jackie Mitchell, Toni Stone, Maria Pepe, and Ila Borders. Learn about these history-making women from the Vassar College Resolutes in 1866 through 2006 with the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This virtual tour will help you understand the challenges women overcame in the 19th and 20th centuries to inspire accomplishment and respect in the front office, on the field, and in the press box in Major League baseball.
Wednesday, March 31 • 2-3:30p.m.
Virtual via Zoom
Member Price: $18
This month we say goodbye to the monthly paper copy of The Adventurer. It’s been a good run, but current finances and practicality mean that it’s finally time to move completely online—and with full color, hyperlinks, videos, and music, it will be a great opportunity to expand monthly content. If you have unsubscribed from our online newsletter or other emails in the past you will have to contact our office so that we can send you an email to obtain permission from Constant Contact to re-add you to our email list. If our emails keep going to your junk mail or SPAM folder, make sure you add our individual email addresses to your inbox along with the OLLI email address: