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March 16, 2020

Dear OLLI members ,

Your OLLI office staff have been working closely with Granite State College (GSC) and OLLI volunteers to make the safest, most appropriate decision regarding the delivery of OLLI courses in light of the impact of the COVID 19 virus. We have been cautiously weeding through the extensive information that seems to change from minute to minute in relation to the individual concerns that some of you have been bringing to our attention.

Recognizing the need for an abundance of caution during this unprecedented pandemic; OLLI courses, social events, special interest groups, and in-person meetings are canceled effective immediately through April 30 th , 2020. This includes all class sessions that are currently in progress. On April 15 th , OLLI will reassess and make a decision about the path to take beyond April 30 th .

A full list of the current cancelled courses can be found below. Please note the start date to determine if your course is cancelled.

OLLI courses will not move to an online format, we apologize for the confusion.

OLLI courses will not be rescheduled to later this term.

Members have three choices 1) opt for full refund 2) opt to donate class fee or 3) a combination of both. please email us with your preference; refund, donation, or a combination of both.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to process your refund and /or donation as quickly as possible.
If you paid online your refund will be made back to your card. If you paid by check, you will receive a check from the University System of NH, and if you registered over the phone we will call you to obtain your credit card information. Please do not send your credit card information through email or leave a message on our voicemail.

OLLI Travelers should watch their email for updated information regarding scheduled trips.

Please note: The OLLI office is closed at our physical location at GSC – Concord .

OLLI staff will be working remotely Please either:
Sylvie, Laurie or Jane will reply.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Be healthy and safe.
Jane Fletcher
Interim Program Director

Hamilton: The Musical - Historically Accurate or Not? 2/24/2020
American Literature: "Attack on the Village" 2/17/2020
Readings for Old Hippies Part Two 2/27/2020
Minor Writers, Major Stories 2/27/2020
Films: The Old West Turns Newly Violent 3/3/2020
Learning the iPhone and iPad 3/5/2020
Tai Chi - Learn the Slow Movement Art 3/5/2020
Learning the iPhone and iPad 3/5/2020
New Yorker (The): The Best Magazine in the World 3/5/2020
Moral Philosophy: The Ethics of Compromise  3/6/2020
Walking the Path of Bravery: Six Transcendent Actions 3/9/2020
Gripping Tale of Art Forgery and Theft - The Last Painting of Sara de Vos 3/10/2020
Made in the Mt. Washington Valley  3/10/2020
Votes for Women: The Long Road to Women's Suffrage 3/11/2020 Kickstart Watercolor  3/11/2020
Supreme Court: The Least Dangerous Branch of Government 3/11/2020
Seed to Cup: Where History, Political Science and Art Intersect in a Cup of Coffee 3/13/2020
Bridge for your Brain: More Techniques for Making your Contract - Part II 3/14/2020
Handbells and Handchimes--You Too Can Play Them! 3/16/2020
I Do Not Know You, God, Because I Am in the Way: Flannery O'Connor 3/16/2020
Mah Jongg for Beginners 3/16/2020
Death and the Meaning of Life 3/17/2020
Beyond Reusable Grocery Bags: Ways to Cut One Time Use Materials 3/18/2020
HikeSafe: Planning Outdoor Hikes in the White Mountains 3/19/2020 iPhone: Basics, Fun Stuff and Updates 3/19/2020
TED Talks to Ponder 3/20/2020
Weaving a Tulip Basket 3/21/2020
Intuitive Eating: A Non Diet Approach to Health and Wellness 3/23/2020 Collecting Weather Data in Your Own Backyard 3/23/2020
Paddling the "Wild" Nahanni River! 3/23/2020
Simplifying Medicare 3/23/2020
Great Decisions Part 2  3/23/2020
Palliative Care: A New Option 3/24/2020
Growing Your Own Food: Organic Gardening for Beginners 3/24/2020 Rediscovering the Magic of Aviation 3/24/2020
Haydn- The Father of the Symphony and String Quartet 3/24/2020 Understanding Musical Terms and Basic Theory 3/24/2020
Antiques: Appreciate, Accumulate and Even Liquidate 3/25/2020
Financial Fraud Detection, Prevention and Protection 3/25/2020
Two Existential Films: "A Thousand Clowns" and "My Dinner With Andre" 3/26/2020
Finance, Taxes and Protection 3/27/2020 New Hampshire Maple Experience   3/28/2020
Decorate a Ukrainian Style Egg: Beginner 3/30/2020
TED Talks to Ponder 3/30/2020
Relationships: Humor and Irony 3/30/2020
Art of the Therapeutic Harp 3/31/2020
RMS Lusitania: Caught in the Crosshairs 4/1/2020
New Communication Strategies for Those with Dementia 4/1/2020
Self-Care Tips for Mind, Body and Soul 4/1/2020
Hemingway: A Twenty-First Century Assessment 4/1/2020
Social Media: A Predator's Playground 4/2/2020
No One Wants your Hummels: How to Mindfully Declutter 4/2/2020 Immigration Reform: Drowning in the Swamp 4/2/2020
Bringing History North: Slavery in Massachusetts Province of Maine 4/382020
Decorate a Ukrainian Style Egg: Intermediate 4/3/2020
Grandparents as Caregivers and Custodians: Is it Good for Your Health? 4/3/2020
Hermit: The Mysterious Life of Jim Whyte 4/7/2020
Dunfey Family - Counter Culture: Clams, Convents and a Circle of Global Citizens 4/7/2020
All About Dogs 4/7/2020
Homer's "The Iliad" 4/7/2020
The Electoral College- Why we have it and can we change it? 4/8/2020 Flight of Remembrance: A World War II Memoir of Love and Survival 4/8/2020
Spies, Lies and Sunken Subs 4/8/2020
Camino de Santiago: Walk With Us on The Way 4/9/2020
Barbershop Harmony - How Do They Do That? 4/9/2020
Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things 4/9/2020
Be Heard: Voice Training for Performance and Public Speaking 4/9/2020 Basic Beginners Quilting, a Step Beyond  4/9/2020
Making The Boyg: Art as Hope 4/13/2020
Make a Bluebird House 4/13/2020
Polls, Powerball, Pythagoras & More 4/13/2020
Electricity: Wind, Gas, Coal or Oil? 4/14/2020
From Bell to Broadband: Over a Century of Telephone History 4/15/2020 Battle of the Bulge: Hitler's Last Gasp 4/16/2020
Life With an Arctic Fox 4/17/2020
Digital Photography is Not Rocket Science 4/17/2020
Learning Facebook 4/17/2020
Weaving a Farmer's Market Basket 4/18/2020
Not Your Mother's Decoupage! 4/20/2020
Mountain Ear: A Newspaper's Unusual Stories 4/20/2020
Tweets, Fuss & Protest: The Art of Political Communication  4/20/2020 Enterprising Shakers - Canterbury Shaker Village Tour 4/21/2020
Fatal Miscalculations: The Hurricanes of 1900 and 1938 4/21/2020 Crumpacker Art Gallery Tour 4/22/2020
Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things 4/22/2020
Learning to Look at Art 4/22/2020
Polls, Powerball, Pythagoras & More 4/22/2020
Living Sustainably at Japan's Asian Rural Institute 4/23/2020
Buddhism - Philosophy, Religion and Science 4/23/2020
Genealogy and Family Trees: Doing it Right the First Time 4/23/2020
Digital Photography is Not Rocket Science 4/24/2020
Hydro-power in a NH Village: 140 years of Wool, Wooden Toys and Electricity in the Lyle Drew Mill 4/24/2020
Climate Change and its Impact on New England 4/27/2020
Hermit: The Mysterious Life of Jim Whyte 4/27/2020
Celebrating Votes For Women! The Women on the Walls and Who Walked the Halls of the NH State House 4/27/2020
Freedom Trail Stories Part 2 4/28/2020
Scream Wounds from the Vietnam War 4/28/2020
Stages of Senior Care 4/29/2020
Aging Eyes: Challenges and Solutions When Diagnosed With Low Vision 4/30/2020
Freedom Trail Stories Part 2 4/30/2020
Art of the Therapeutic Harp 4/30/2020
Revisit Your Favorite Arcade Games at the American Classic Arcade Museum 5/4/2020
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