• OLLI continues to strive to keep everyone engaged, for a complete list of up-to-date programming and events, please check our website or call the office. For community events, please check online for information.

  • June 14 join the Wild Ones Mid-Mitten Chapter and Martha Holzheuer of Nature Niche, LLC to learn about using native plants for landscape design. Free. Contact for information or to register.

  • June 17 is the Concert for a Cause with blues singer Sharrie Williams. 5-8:30 p.m. Free. Outside Saginaw YMCA.

  • June 18-19 get your fill of gyros at Saginaw's drive-thru Greek Fest! St. Demetrious Church. 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Prices vary.

  • Sunday, June 20-Happy Father's Day and the official start of summer!

Wednesday, July 7--Monthly Meeting: Vintage Baseball with Dr. Thomas Henthorn, U of M Flint
Location TBA
  • Join us for the Saginaw Old Golds Vintage Baseball Game on Sat. July 10 at 1 pm on Ojibway Island too!                                                                    
Wednesday, August 11--Monthly Meeting: Early Fall Kickoff: A Taste of OLLI
Location TBA
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Greetings to all our fantastic OLLI members (and guests who are reading the newsletter). What a difference sunshine can make. These days, even though mixed with some needed rain, that have provided the beautiful sunshine certainly have helped to boost all our spirits. While many of us had hoped for the pandemic situation to be farther along, the positive signs are encouraging and even the small return of events gives us all hope for the future. There is no question that we have lived through times of tremendous challenge, but there are many sources of inspiration all around us. Remember a few months ago when our space program landed the Mars rover in a very exciting event for our country? A 14-year-old young man did some research prior to submitting a name for that vehicle. Alex Mather beat out 28,000 other names from all over the US when his recommended name Perseverance was selected. When I heard that Perseverance was the chosen name, my mind went to many places including our SVSU-OLLI program. We have gone through much in the past 15 months and still aren't sure what is happening, But now is NOT the time to give up but to go forth with Perseverance to insure that our OLLI continues on the comeback trail over the next few months and leads us into a future that will be better than ever. We all need to remain positive. If you know of anyone that might have forgotten to pay this year's dues a gentle reminder might be appropriate. Dues time for the new year will be coming up in a few months. Let's all make plans to submit our dues for the 2021-2022 year and maybe even make an extra contribution. It is going to take all of us with all the Perseverance we can muster to return our OLLI to the great program that it was, is and will be again. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at some of our OLLI events that are being offered. Physical issues slowed me down for a while, but I am back with excitement, optimism, and a whole lot of Perseverance to work with all of you and our great staff. Let's go SVSU-OLLI. The future is now in our hands. What a future this will be.

--Roger Spann, Advisory Board Chair
OLLI members know how educational and fun travel can be, but there are also unique benefits to older people who travel. If you are considering an OLLI day trip or extended excursion, keep reading to learn about all the benefits to your health that time spent traveling lends.

To begin with, vacation time spent traveling lowers stress levels even after the travel ends. Men who travel are 32% less likely to die from heart disease and female travelers are less likely to experience stress or depression.

Additionally, travel creates more active individuals. Those who travel are more likely to move around more than those who stay home. New destinations take people out of their comfort zone and allow them to move more and also gain more confidence as they experience new things and new places.

If you are interested in traveling more, contact the OLLI office for details on upcoming day trips, local adventures, and extended excursions.

For more information, see: "Benefits of Traveling Later in Life,"

Did you or do you know someone who got a dog or puppy during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now fraught with worry over how their pooch will deal with their return to work at the office or new things to do away from home? You're not alone.

Many people looked at this past year as a great opportunity to get a furry friend, with more time spent at home to train a pet or just a companion during long days at home alone. Unfortunately, things are reopening and pet owners will have to adjust their pups to being alone at home more.

The best way to make this adjustment is gradually. Separate the dog from the owner, even while at home, in a pen or separate room for longer and longer periods of time. Next, get the pup used to walking before work, or time apart, first thing in the morning. This is good for the dog and its owner, tiring out the pup so it is less likely to chew, bark, etc. while the owner is away.

If your pet just can't cope, look into dog sitters or reliable neighbors that are home and willing to spend time with your pet, even just checking in. Eventually, everyone will adjust!

For more information see: "When Should you get your Dog Ready for a Return to Normal? Yesterday,"
This year Forbes magazine took the world by storm with the idea that there is no deadline for success for women, featuring 50 successful, entrepreneurial women all over the age of 50 for the first time in their June feature.

For far too long, women especially have been led to believe that the best part of life was the first half and that nothing after mattered. Featuring Vice President Kamala Harris (56), CEO of Citigroup Jane Fraser (53), Founder of Ark Invest Cathie Wood (65), and many more, Forbes hopes to inspire and inform women everywhere, including those who are out of work or forced to retire early due to the pandemic.

"Their stories are important reminders that while we can’t control every circumstance, we can control our actions; failures can make for beautiful opportunities; and experience can fuel a more vibrant career than your younger self could have ever imagined." Writes Forbes Associate Editor Maggie McGrath.

As it turns out, life does not end at 50--for many women, it is just beginning.

For more information see: "Introducing the 50 Over 50: Women Proving Success has No Age Limit,"
Meets the 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month in Science East 119
This OLLI interest group spirals through topics of interest that current scholars in the field consider "rejected" by wider society or the contemporary academy....looking for hidden value and correspondences in what the exoteric realm had thrown to the side of the road, dismissed, or even ridiculed....topics have included, post-materialist science, NDEs, OBEs, ceremonial magic, aspects of psychology/human development (example: the works of Jane Loevinger and integralist, Ken Wilber), unusual or not widely accepted sources of knowledge; channeling, ancient history, legends, ETs, exopoltics, sacred geometry, philosophical problems concerning reality and the new physics.  The full list is extensive.  Please contact group leader Wayne O'Brien at

Since the start of time, people from all cultures have woven plant materials together to make baskets for gathering and transporting goods. Now OLLI participants can learn the timeless craft of basket weaving themselves and create their own utilitarian art. A picture of the basket participants will make appears above. Liberty Basket, 8" X 2" wide with wooden handle 6" high. Supply fee of $25 to be paid to the instructor in class - cash or check only

Instructor: Sue Collins
Thursday • 6/17
12:30-5 p.m.
Location: Mashall M. Fredericks Museum Classroom
Member Price: $15
Non-Member Price: $35
Before joining the group onsite, get a preview of the Harbor Springs area and its history with a virtual session the day before. The following day, participants will get an interesting look into the Oden State Fish Hatchery, originally started in 1921, and get a chance to see both rainbow and brown trout brook stock and fry in production. Participants will have a chance to tour the facility and see incubation along with viewing chambers and ponds. Afterward, we will look at a recreated 1914 Wolverine train car on the property that serves as an exhibit about the transportation conservation employees took while moving fish across the state to stock ponds and lakes. When we leave our fishy friends behind, participants will have lunch at Vernales steak house in nearby Harbor Springs, followed by a step-on guided tour with Beth Wemigwase of the Harbor Springs History Museum. This historical day will conclude with some free time in Harbor Springs. This trip includes virtual session on Harbor Springs (6/23 at 3 p.m.), motorcoach transportation from SVSU, lunch, and tours of the fish hatchery, museum, and Hexagon House.

Thursday, June 24 • 7 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Member Price: $125
Non-Member Price: $150
Spring has finally sprung, and summer is just around the corner! I don't know about you, but I'm excited to hang the winter coat in the back of the closet for a few months. OLLI is excited to be back on campus for classes and back on motorcoaches for day trips! If you have not seen our programming, take a look at is something for everyone! Additionally, we are getting close to renewal time, so please keep an eye out in the mail and online for a renewal packet. We hope you all support OLLI again for another year. If you have friends who did not renew for this year, let them know that we would love to see them again. New members are always welcome, too! Renewing or joining is just a click, phone call, or fifty-five cent stamp away.