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Term: Winter Session 22: March Newsletter

Monthly Meeting
March 9, 2022 OLLI Monthly Meeting

Curtiss Hall Banquet Rooms

Meeting will start at 9:30am

Michigan Sugar

1901, the German-American Sugar Company was built in Bay City. Later known as Monitor Sugar, the factory was eventually acquired by Michigan Sugar, a conglomeration of several sugar refining factories around the country. Both Monitor Sugar and Michigan Sugar are owned and controlled by their growers as a cooperative. Join OLLI's March Monthly meeting on this behind-the-scenes information of this locally grown, locally owned company.
Travel With OLLI
Seats Available!

Experience the diversity of Great Britain as you travel from city to country and back again. You’ll discover London in England, tour Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, and traverse the gentle hills of the English countryside.
* Please note that the pacing of this trip is (6) locations in (16) days.
Travel with SVSU- OLLI
England, Scotland & Wales this May!

Scheduled to travel May 5 - 20, 2022
Registration Deadline is still open. Call the OLLI office for details!
This 16-Day Trip Includes:
■ Fourteen nights lodging
■ (23) Meals included: (14) breakfasts,
(2) lunches & (7) dinners
  (including 1 home-hosted dinner)
■ (11) Included features: (8) guided tours
and (3) Exclusive Discovery Series events:
Apley farm experience • Home hosted
dinner • Beatrix Potter experience
■ Air from Detroit to London and Edinburgh
to Detroit
■ Private motorcoach land travel
■ Grand Circle Program Director from region
■ Ground transportation from SVSU to Detroit
airport and from the airport back to SVSU
on the return trip
■ Pre-trip dinner at SVSU
Sign up for a Day Trip!!
Seats still available for exciting and fun Motor Coach Day Trips!!!
Register Online

Or Call the OLLI Office at
(989) 964-4475
2 Tickets available for
Donna Summer!!!

Saturday, March 12th
The Donna Summer Musical at the Fisher Theatre

Call the OLLI office if you are interested!
Ladies in Lavender
at Meadow Brook Theatre
Performance is Wednesday, March 30th Deadline to Register is March 8th
Cornwall, 1936. When a handsome and talented young Polish violinist bound for America is washed ashore, the Widdington sisters take him under their wing to nurse him back to health. However, the presence of the mysterious young man disrupts their peaceful lives and the community in which they live. This North American Premiere is adapted for the stage by Shaun McKenna, from a screenplay by Charles Dance, based on a short story by William J. Locke.
Prior to the performance we have planned lunch at Red Ox Tavern.This package includes: Tickets to the performance, lunch, and motor coach performance. .
The Pin-Up Girls
at Meadow Brook Theatre
Performance Date is Sunday, April 24
Registration Deadline is March 24th
From The Andrew Sisters to Hip Hop! From World War I to Afghanistan. This Michigan Premiere of The Pin-Up Girls features a cavalcade of hits inspired by letters home from our troops overseas! While singing at their local VFW hall, Leanne and her friends stumble upon a huge stash of letters that go back a hundred years. Inspired by what they find funny, romantic, heartbreaking and ... sexy, the ladies put on a show that celebrates the guys and gals who fight to defend our country. Prior to the performance, lunch will be served at Rochester Hills Brewery. This package includes tickets to the performance, a stop at Trader Joe’s prior to performance, lunch and motor coach transportation.
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine at Purple Rose Theatre
Performance is Thursday, April 28th
Registration Deadline is March 28th
London: November, 1905. England and the world are changing. As civilization edges towards the horrors of World War I, every day brings new tensions in Europe and technological advances that make Victorian England feel like a distant dream. Into the rooms of Sherlock Holmes come Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison with new inventions that will alter the course of human history — only both inventions have gone missing.
Can Holmes, Watson and Irene Adler somehow unravel the latest diabolical scheme of the late Professor Moriarty’s evil daughter, Marie Chartier? Can world peace be achieved by the most powerful weapon ever created? Can death itself be overcome by a scientific genius? And can Sherlock Holmes survive the greatest personal loss of his career? Prior to this world-premiere play by David MacGregor, lunch will be served at Valiant Bar & Grill. This package includes tickets to the performance, lunch and motor coach transportation. 
Hamilton at the Wharton
We still have tickets to this great Performance!! Don't miss your chance to join OLLI on this motor coach trip!

Performance is Sunday, April 3rd. Evening performance at 7:30 p.m.
Deadline to Register is March 30th
The Baxter Sisters
at Tipping Point Theatre
Performance is Wednesday, April 20th
Registration Deadline is March 14th
Set in the mid-20th century, The Baxter Sisters explores family dynamics after a tragedy. The storyline will tug on your heartstrings and put a rhythm in your soul. It is 1937 and the Baxter sisters of Ionia, Michigan, are determined to take the world by storm with their tap-dancing routines. But when tragedy strikes, their attention shifts from fame to supporting their family. The sisters start up a dance studio in their garage and set new goals for themselves as they face the realities of growing up and learning to heal from the past.
Prior to the performance, lunch will be served at Genitti’s Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurant. This package includes tickets to the performance, lunch and motor coach transportation. This show contains simulated drug and alcohol use and references to sexual abuse and suicide.
A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline at Meadow Brook Theatre
Performance Date is Sunday, May 29th
Registration Deadline is April 29th
Little Big Man, a disc jockey from Patsy Cline’s hometown of Winchester, Virginia, traces the late singer’s footsteps from early honky-tonk and radio days through her rise at the Grand Ole Opry, plus her appearances at Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas. A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline chronicles Patsy’s compelling journey and features her greatest hits, including “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “Crazy” and “I Fall To Pieces.” This production will transport you back in time. With great tunes, a great band and country music’s greatest lady, this show will have you singing the whole way home! Prior to the performance, lunch will be served at the Red Ox Tavern. This package includes tickets to the performance, lunch and motor coach transportation. 
Top Ten Reasons to Travel With OLLI
by Motor Coach
  1. Someone else does the driving!
  2. You don't have to worry about directions.
  3. You can take a nap if you want.
  4. Someone else deals with the traffic!
  5. You can socialize with fellow OLLI Members. Chat with friends and meet new people.
  6. You don't need to worry about parking!
  7. Most Motor Coaches have restrooms, no need make bathroom stops!
  8. Comfortable ride. It's not like riding on a school bus!
  9. Great time to watch a movie, play a game or catch up on some reading!
  10. The SVSU OLLI offers a great variety of selections of new and exciting Day Trips!
Stay Curious...
Spring/Summer Catalog is in production!
Stay tuned for more information with dates for registration!
The catalog will be printed in the same format as the Winter 2022 Catalog and will be mailed to members again. Online options will be available too!
Upcoming Events! Register today to save your place.
Downtown Detroit’s Magnificent Movie Palaces
Tuesday, April 5th 1-3pm
Curtiss Hall Banquet Rooms
Michael Hauser is currently Marketing Manager for the Michigan Opera Theatre and the Detroit Opera House. He is co-author of five books on Detroit’s history and will enlighten us on the extravagant movie theatres in Detroit.
Rescheduled Event
The Highgate Lecuture was postponed and reschedueld due to the weather, so we opened up registration for the new day!
(240) Highgate Lecture
To celebrate the contributions of African Americans to our communities, archivist/
historian Tawny Ryan Nelb will share the story of the Aaron and Caroline Highgate
Family who came to Midland in 1882. Caroline’s father was Rev. Lewis Woodson, a
descendant of Sally Hemings and a well-known preacher, abolitionist and educator in
Pittsburgh who had been born a slave in 1806 in Virginia. Caroline and Aaron fled to
Canada after the Fugitive Slave Law was passed in 1850 and raised a family before
coming to Michigan.
Instructor: Tawny Nelb
Date and Time: Wednesday 3/14 • 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Location: Curtiss Hall C 129
Price: $18 for members • $38 for non-members
Pop UP Classes!
Classes not in the Winter 2022 Catalog
(261) March Madness
Millions of casual and diehard college basketball fans watch the annual NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, commonly referred to as March Madness. This class will utilize PowerPoint slides, videos, and handouts to answer at least the following questions:
1.   What is the science of bracketology?
2.    In what manner are the 68 teams selected to make the tournament?
3.    How can you keep track of your favorite teams using cable television, satellite radio, the Internet, and digital streaming?
This very informative class will be facilitated by Kelly Currie, an adjunct mathematics instructor, alumnus of SVSU, published author, and lifelong basketball fan.

March 18th, 25th April 1 and 8th - 1-3pm Curtiss Hall - Classroom C 102
Fee $54 per member and $74 per non member
(265) Tai Chi / Qigong for Everyone
Learn the ancient and advanced relaxation techniques to energize your body, mind and spriti.
Come see and feel why these exercises have stood the test of time. Suitable for beginners and advanced. Remember to wear comfortable clothing!
March 21st, 28th April 4th, 18th 25th and May 2nd - Ryder Center - Auxiliary Gym
Fee $ 54 per member and $74 per non member for the 6 weeks
What's Happening at Your University
FIRST Robotics State Competition
@ SVSU Ryder Center
April 14th, 15th and 16th
Volunteers Needed! Call the OLLI Office if you would like to volunteer
SVSU OLLI Helping SVSU Cardinal Food Pantry

Thank you, OLLI Members for all the donations brought in on the last Monthly Meeting for the Cardinal Pantry! We helped stock the shelves for our SVSU Cardinal Students! The cupboard is still in the OLLI office, if you want to make another donation.
Let's continue to make sure our Cardinals do not go hungry!
Did you know...
  • Saint Patrick didn’t wear green. His color was “Saint Patrick’s blue.” The color green became associated with St. Patrick’s Day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.
  • Despite his Irish notoriety, Saint Patrick was British. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century.
  • According to Irish legend, Saint Patrick used the shamrock as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when he was first introducing Christianity to Ireland.
  • Saint Patrick is credited for driving the snakes out of Ireland, but according to the fossil record, Ireland has never been home to snakes as it was too cold to host reptiles during the Ice Age. The surrounding seas have kept snakes out since.
  • There isn’t any corn in the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef and cabbage. The name is a reference to the large grains of salt historically used to cure meats, which were also known as “corns.”
  • Saint Patrick was born “Maewyn Succat” but changed his name to “Patricius” after becoming a priest.
  • Irish immigrants began observing St. Patrick’s Day in Boston in 1737 and the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in America was held in New York City in 1766.
  • In Chicago, the Plumbers Local 110 union dyes the river Kelly green. The dye lasts for around five hours.
  • On or around St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish taoiseach, or prime minister, presents the U.S. president with a crystal bowl of live shamrocks as a symbol of the close ties between the two countries.
A Note from OLLI Advisory Board Chair Roger Spann
Greetings to all our OLLI members and friends. This month I am asking for your help. I recently picked up a book call "52 Lists" by Stephanie Jones. In it she gives the reader the titles of lists with suggestions as to what to write on the ten blanks she provides. A few of her suggested lists include: list ten things that have made you happy over the past years, list the people who motivate you to be a better person, list ten ways you are going to relax, list ten things about your life that you love right now, list ten things that are done better with friends, list ten ways you can simplify your life, list ten thing you like to do that don't involve technology, make a list of ten things for which you are grateful, make a list of ten acts of kindness and then practice them, and she ends with several blank pages with the heading-- your future looks bright--what will you do? Use the following pages and brainstorm now.  There are many more lists to make, but this gives you the idea. Pick a couple of the suggested lists and see what happens as you compose YOUR list. But how are you going to help me? I came up with the title for a list--Ten reasons I love being a member of SVSU-OLLI. Will you take a few minutes and compose your list including all the reason you love OLLI. Most likely your biggest problem will be stopping at ten, so feel free to make your list longer. And then, will you pick your two or three favorite reasons and email them to me ([email protected]). I am hoping that I will get enough reasons from you to make a list to share with others either in my next newsletter or perhaps at a monthly meeting or on a day trip, or .......... who knows where the list might appear. But I need YOUR help. I will be checking my email daily. Please put OLLI in the subject line. Are think thinking already? What are the reasons you love your SVSU-OLLI?
Thanks for all your support of OLLI. Your volunteer boards, committees, instructors, special interest leaders, as well as the entire office staff appreciate all of you. OLLI is great now. And the future is even going to be better. Join us at our next month meeting.
Roger Spann, Chair, OLLI Advisory Board