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February 27, 2018
Notable OLLI Dates

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Feb. 27, 6pm: Co-Sponsored Lecture by Matt Phillips in Westlake Hall, Room 116
Mar. 14, 12pm: Kickoff Luncheon for Spring 2018 Classes in Michel Student Center Ballrooms
Apr. 4, 11, 18, & 25: Spring 2018 Classes in the Michel Student Center

Apr. 13 & 27, 9am: Study Group Committee Meetings at Peoria Next Innovation Center
Gain Deeper Knowledge in a Study Group

Join an OLLI study group this spring to delve into a particular topic to gain a deeper understanding.  The following groups have spaces available - register today by clicking here for our online registration site or by calling Bonnie at (309) 677-3900!

Schizophrenia (Discussion-based)
Thursdays, March 8 - March 29
9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Peoria Next Innovation Center
Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that is manifested by hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking, and confusion.  This disease can occur at any age, but the onset is usually in the late teens and early 20s for men, and in the 20s-30s for women.  Join us as we discuss the causes, treatment options, and societal impact of individuals with this disorder.  Facilitator Thomas Ewald will send materials and suggestions for previewing; participants will need internet and email access.
$45 - facilitated by Thomas Ewald, retired college and seminary professor of pastoral care and counseling.

The Hello Girls: America's First Women Soldiers (Discussion-based)
Fridays, April 27 - May 18
9:30 - 11:45 a.m.
Peoria Next Innovation Center
Women have too often been valued solely as homemakers and caregivers, even during times of war.  Yet, The Hello Girls: America's First Women Soldiers, tells a different story.  In this study group, guest speaker Joan Kulpa, associate professor of nursing emerita at Bradley University, will lead a discussion of the importance of women nurses in wartime.  We will read about and discuss additional roles women played and the problems they faced upon returning to their homes.  Participants should obtain the book by Elizabeth Cobbs, available at local or online retailers and libraries. 
$45 - facilitated by Jennifer Bass, retired teacher, OLLI president, and frequent OLLI facilitator.

Scribe to Screen: The Ugly American (Discussion-based)
Tuesdays, May 1 - May 22
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Peoria Next Innovations Center
The Ugly American, written by William Lederer and Eugene Burdick in 1958 and adapted to the screen in 1963, tells the story of the ineptitude of the United States' foreign policy contrasted with individuals' insightful assistance to foreign communism.  President John F. Kennedy cited it as the basis for creating the Peace Corps, and the lessons from the novel are as relevant today as they were when it was written.  Participants will view the film online and read the novel (available are local or online retailers and libraries) prior to the first meeting.  Discussion will focus on the major lessons from the stories and their application to our foreign policy today.  Participants will need internet and email access.
$45 - facilitated by Don Samford, Peoria Area World Affairs education outreach chair and frequent OLLI instructor.

The Great Emergence: A Book Study (Participation-based)
Thursdays, March 6 - April 10
11:30 a.m. - 1:45 p.m.
St. Paul Lutheran Church
According to author Phyllis Tickle, we are experiencing a massive transition in the Christian church that happens about every 500 years, and compares The Great Emergence to other "greats" in the history of Christianity, including the Great Transformation, the Great Schism, and the Great Reformation.  In this study group, we will discuss her book, The Great Emergence, two chapters at a time, to explore Tickle's thinking.  Participants should purchase the book, available at local and online retailers and libraries, before the start of the group to read ahead and share in the discussion each week.  
$45 - facilitated by Bill Dohle, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church and frequent OLLI instructor and facilitator.

Take a Behind-the-Scenes Trip with OLLI

Limited spaces are still available on the following trips next week, so sign up today!  Click here to utilize our online registration system, or call Gwen at (309) 677-3900.

Russell's Cycling and Fitness (Activity Level 2)
Thursday, March 1
11:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Joe and Cheryl Russell, owners of Russell's Cycling and Fitness Center in Washington, enjoy connecting with customers about their passion for bicycles, fitness, and the outdoors.  Join us as we tour the store and learn more about the evolution of the business, established in 1977 out of Joe's father's garage.  Russell's has been listed in the Top 100 Best Bicycle Retailers in the country several times and has strong community presence, including offering bicycle safety courses in partnership with the Children's Hospital of Illinois.
$28 - includes lunch, gratuities, tour, fees, and shuttle transportation

Bradley's 6th Annual Central Time Ceramic Show (Activity Level 2)
Friday, March 2
8:45 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
This spring, Bradley University sponsors the 6th Central Time Ceramic Show, a biennial juried exhibition of ceramic artwork from artists across the Central Time Zone.  Join OLLI as we go behind-the-scenes of this unique exhibit for a pre-show tour of the Hartmann and Heuser galleries.  Our guides will include Randy Carlson, Bradley University professor of ceramics, Erin Bucynski, Bradley University director of galleries, exhibitions, and collections, and OLLI volunteer John Amdall.  This exhibit of ceramic artists who live in the Central Time Zone will provide an opportunity to learn about diverse perspectives of materials, methods, and styles of contemporary ceramic art.
$25 - includes lunch, gratuities, tour, and shuttle transportation.

OLLI Co-Sponsored Lecture:
The 7 Secrets to Successful Innovators

The 7 Secrets to Successful Innovators
A Keynote from Matt Phillips
Tuesday, February 27
6:00 p.m.
Westlake Hall, Room 116, Bradley University
Cost: FREE!

Companies develop new products and services all the time.  The people in those organizations are experts about how to innovate, right?  Think again.  Most turn to consultants to help through the process.

Bradley alumnus Matt Phillips ('95) is president of Phillips & Co., an innovation strategy firm based in Chicago serving clients globally.  Matt is a high-energy innovation strategist, keynote speaker, ideation facilitator, and entrepreneur with extensive experience leading Fortune 500 and mid-sized clients through the process of inventing and developing new products, brands, and growth strategies.  

This presentation is hosted by The Institute Through Collaboration and co-sponsored by OLLI at Bradley and the Intellectual Cultural Activities Council.  For more information, contact Ross Miller at (309) 677-4432 or rmiller@bradley.edu.
AlphaGo: Artificial Intelligence in the 
World of Competitive Gaming

AlphaGo: Artificial Intelligence in the World of Competitive Gaming
Thursday, March 8
6:00 p.m. - Refreshments and opportunity to play or watch game of 'Go'
7:00 p.m. - Presentation by Adam Byerly and AlphaGo screening
Michel Student Center, Executive Suite and Marty Theatre, Bradley University
Cost: FREE!  Registration not required.

Join OLLI for this special event in collaboration with Bradley University's Interactive Media and Computer Science departments.  Bradley students will be invited to join us as we learn and play the ancient Chinese board game of Go, enjoy a presentation on artificial intelligence by  Adam Byerly,  Bradley Lecturer for the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, and view AlphaGo, a documentary that examines the age-old conflict of man vs. machine.  

The ancient Chinese game of 'Go' may seem simple at first -- a lined grid with black and white stones and simple rules -- yet there are more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe.    The complexity of 'Go' has made it an ideal challenge for artificial intelligence (AI) designers like Google's DeepMind, and in 2016, the world's top Go Masters competed against an AI opponent for the first time in history.  AlphaGo follows the AI journey from coding to the intense competition, featuring an original score by Academy Award nominee Hauschka.  

Refreshments brought to you by the generous donations of OLLI members will be available in the Executive Suite from 6:00 - 7:00, along with an opportunity for you to watch a live game of Go or play one for yourself.  Bradley gaming students will run a demonstration game and provide assistance at several smaller, practice boards for anyone wanting to give it a try!

To view a trailer for AlphaGo, click here.  To view this event on Facebook, click here.

Hilltop Happenings
Volunteer to Help Healthcare Research:
Observe a Simulation at JUMP Center

Are you interested in being part of a medical research project with the JUMP Simulation Center and Bradley University right here in Peoria?

Take part in this collaborative research opportunity by observing a simulation and completing surveys beforehand and afterward.   This experience is open to anyone over 18 and should be interesting and eye-opening as you work together with healthcare professionals and social scientists.

The whole process will take roughly 2 hours.  For your time, you will be compensated with a $30 Visa gift card.

Time slots are available on Monday, March 19, or Monday, March 26.  Sign up by clicking here.

Research will take place at the JUMP Simulation Center, 1306 N Berkeley Ave, Peoria.  Free parking is available int he OSF parking deck.   For more information, email simresearch@bradley.edu.  
Beyond the Hilltop

Volunteers Needed for Read Across America Week

Silly volunteers willing to have fun and sing along are needed because United Way's Success By 6 partners are putting on A Soup Opera!

To celebrate the National Education Association's Read Across America, volunteers are invited to read, stage, and participate in a dramatic reading... and singing... of Jim Gill's book A Soup Opera.  
  • The book is a richly illustrated story about a man, a bowl of soup, and the man's comically frustrating quest to eat his soup.
  • Characters in the cast of the opera include a waiter, a police officer, and the President of the United States!
  • Each Success By 6 classroom will have a kit with props, the book, and a fully orchestrated CD that includes the narration, dialogue, and instrumentation.
Time slots are available at multiple locations throughout this week.  To be a classroom/reading volunteer or view available times and locations, click here!

Combating Opioid Addiction with Chemistry

The American Chemical Society will present the following "Program-in-a-Box" at the Peoria Public Library next week.

Opioids: Combating Addiction with Chemistry
Tuesday, February 27
6:00 p.m.
Peoria Public Library Lakeview, 1137 W Lake Ave, Peoria

In the United States, overdose deaths from opioids have nearly tripled in the last 15 years.  In 2016 alone they claimed more than 30,000 lives.

Discover why this problem has become so widespread and how the power of chemistry can be used to fight the rising tide of addiction.

This program is free and open to the public.  For more information, call (309) 497-2000.

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