Club OLLI Newsletter
February 9, 2022 | Issue 11
Enjoy our FREE
"Brown Bag Discussion" via Zoom

Sierra College President Willy Duncan Joins Us
Save the Date: Tuesday, February 15th
Time: Noon to 1pm

OLLI at Sierra College is providing this new monthly “Brown Bag Lunch Discussion” free to all members via Zoom. Our February guest is Sierra College President Willy Duncan. Moderator Terry McAteer will focus on OLLI’s relationship with Sierra College, how Sierra has fared during the pandemic, how Sierra plans to “reopen” and recoup students, and update the construction on the campus. Below is the zoom link…. Save this link to gain access into this discussion. Hope to see you there!

Note: Max capacity of zoom meeting is 275 participants, on a first-come first-serve basis.
Tuition-Free OLLI is Back!
OLLI at Sierra College has brought back a series of tuition free in-person classes offered both at Roseville and Grass Valley campus locations. The OLLI homepage hosts Tuition free - OLLI courses, nested under both Spring Terms and OLLI EXTRAS. Now, we will admit, this does require doing a bit more paperwork — but the classes are free for the taking. Check them out below:
  • Mark Twain — From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean | Instructor: Ellen Sanders
  • Five Controversial Artists (Parts 1 and 2) | Instructor: Michael Theodore
  • Optimism and Social Disaffection | Instructor: Ellen Sanders

You can also view these courses in full on our website: CLICK HERE!

Please make sure to complete the entire Application/Registration form (please do not skip sections that are not crossed out in red). Next, make sure to Save As (to your device) before emailing that saved form back to us at: olli@sierracollege.edu
OLLI Returns to In-Person (On-Ground) Courses
Yep; that's right! We are officially back to hosting In-Person (On-Ground) OLLI Courses this Spring. We would love for you to join us while seats are still available!

You can view these On-Ground Courses in full by visiting our website:

  • Spring 2022 Term 1 On-Ground (In-Person) Courses: CLICK HERE!
  • Spring 2022 Term 2 On-Ground (In-Person) Courses: CLICK HERE!

Note: Masks are still required to be worn in order to attend.

Lastly, if attending In-Person OLLI Courses, please don't forget to fill out the Sierra College health screening form prior to your arrival on campus. This will be emailed to you before class or you can access it anytime by clicking this link below:
Pictured in Left Photo: OLLI Class Meeting with Terry McAteer & Alex Yarmolyuk at Roseville Center
Pictured in Right Photo: OLLI Course - Tai Chi: Term 1 with Anney Siegel-Wamsat at Roseville Center
OLLI at Sierra College is always looking to welcome more New Members! If you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining (or re-joining) OLLI but struggle with registering online, hope has not been lost! Of course, you are always welcome to call our office and/or email us for assistance!

Please note that this PDF form is interactive, with page jump ability and active hyperlinks to our website for course descriptions. You can type in your responses and check the box next to your class selections. You can also print this form out and manually write in your selections, scan it, and email it back to us.

  • By Email - If you completed this form electronically, make sure to File > Save As > and save the PDF to your device BEFORE emailing your saved copy to us at: olli@sierracollege.edu (otherwise we receive a blank form)
  • By Scan - If you printed out this form and hand wrote your information and course selections, please scan this form with credit card information and email it to: olli@sierracollege.edu
  • By Mail - Mail this form with payment to:
OLLI at Sierra College, 316 Vernon Street, Suite 257, Roseville, CA 95678